Dorothy Honor Eld

  • General StatsName Dorothy Honor Eld
    Nicknames Dottie
    Age 19
    Gender Female
    Ethnicity Scandinavian
    Hair Color Auburn
    Eye Color Green
    Height 5'2
    Residence Unknown
    RelationshipSexuality Pansexual
    Relationship Status Unknown

    SpeciesSpecies Fairy
    Date Of Change December 1998
    Age of Appearance 18
    Dorothy was born a fairy, her father being of the same species and her mother being human. They were a happy family, living in a secluded cabin far from those who disapprove of Dorothy's mixed blood. Unfortunately, when she was only five years old, the family was discovered by "pure" fairies with dark hearts. They set the house aflame with the family trapped inside and left assuming every soul inside had no chance of survival. In reality, Dorothy was left uncharred while both of her parents suffered fatal burns. Until recently, she has been acting as a normal human at a nearby village with an older couple. She grew sick of the small community and craved something bigger, so after a long hitch-hiking trip and a train trip, she arrived here.

  • Powers
    Immunity to Fire
    Fear of Water
  • Points
    Jul 7, 2017ResidencesPosting1
    1 Total Points
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