Braxton Wayne Redfield

  • General StatsName Braxton Wayne Redfield
    Nicknames None
    Age 270
    Gender Male
    Ethnicity British
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Amber
    Height 5' 11
    Residence Unknown
    RelationshipSexuality Bisexual
    Relationship Status Unknown

    SpeciesSpecies Fairy
    Date Of Change January 1776
    Age of Appearance 28
    Born in the Colonial Time Period in England, Braxton wanted to raise a family in a new world away from people when he became of age. Marrying a young British woman named Ana-May, the couple would have a baby boy together and move to the colonies. Braxton’s dream was coming to life before him, and he was working off the land to provide for his wife and son. Fate had different plans, as England and the Colonies would find themselves at war with one another. King George would start taxing the colonists, and would cause an uprising. Little did Braxton know, he would be caught in the crossfire. Rebel colonists would find him and his small families farm, and attack. Braxton, was forced to watch his wife be raped and killed; His son was also killed by the colonists; This would cause Braxton to return to England and enlist under the Red Coat Army. Exceeding expectations, he was ranked an officer and given his own squadron. But on a day in April of 1776, when Braxton would charged with leading an ambush squadron to stop the French, he and his men would find themselves lured by an exotic beauty with golden locks. She sang a sweet melody for them, but t’would lead to a trap. One by one, his mean were lined up and he once again, was forced to watch... The maiden and her servants sacrificed his men violently. And lastly, Braxton would burn in sacrifice as well... But he would awaken to find he had become something he didn’t understand or knew existed... A fairy. Seething with rage and hatred, instead of being a kindred spirit of sorts, he was a vessel that dripped with evil and darkness. Soon, it twisted his energy, and was now something of out of a horror story. He made people tremble as he passed by. This fairy, was now a sort of “Dark Fairy”.. As he grew in power and maturity as a fae, he started to find he could

  • Powers

    Mental Mimicry

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