Ashes to Ashes50.125.74.154Posted On March 26, 2017 at 5:53 PM by Anna-Marie Belrose

Anna’s frustration at being unable to draw out her dress was thankfully thwarted by Dorian presenting his finished creation. She only too happily snatched it from his hands. That such an action may be frowned upon was hardly a concern for the little vampire. Only her present mattered. Anna hugged it in delight and so declared its name Lyra before her attention on the fae waned. Her attention to her new playmates waned at times and she wished for some solo exploration time now. Anna didn’t think anything of it telling Dorian of her decision to move in to Sebastian’s home. She was already on her way towards the stairs when the fae nearly commanded that she couldn’t do so.

The child vampire’s frame froze immediately, tightening with a ruffle of her feathers at having been told that she couldn’t do something by someone whom in all her knowledge was nothing but a servant. How dare a servant tell her what she could and could not do? Those once innocent blue eyes were now narrowed at the man as she turned about to look back at him. “Then I will stay with him or he will make a room for me. If he’s moving then I’ll move with him.” One slow step was taken towards him. “I don’t have to ask him...he is my-“ And she never got to finish that statement as the sound of Sebastian’s voice suddenly called from the entryway.

Oh good he was back! That narrowed gaze at Dorian lightened in delight once more at Sebastian’s appearance when he joined them in the room. “Sebastian!” She smiled though it faltered slightly into a scowl, noting the way in which Sebastian attempted to place himself in front of the fae. The expression wiped from her features if only to refocus on Sebastian entirely and step closer to him. “It was horrible...this vampire, he tried to steal my food and then...then...he tried to eat me! He was very rude. We must go teach him a lesson. Then when we get back we can play a game.” Anna’s icy gaze briefly glanced to Dorian then back to Sebastian, leaning forward and cupping a hand to the side of her mouth as if it were a secret for only him to hear though she barely whispered. “You need a new servant, that one can’t make tea.”