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He didn't give her an answer on the cheese fries but it didn't take her long to realize that they were AMAZING. She may have found her new favorite least until tomorrow. He seemed thoughtful and broody again though and she nudged his shoulder again, offering him a fry.

"Maybe this will make you feel better. Your face looks all scrunched and ugly when you do that."

She said matter of factly. When she mentioned board games, he got thoughtful again but she didn't say anything this time since she wanted to make sure he thought of a good one for them to play when they got to the room. She didn't want to be bored and she was nowhere near tired. Then she brought up him rubbing on her to make Frost jealous like Tet did and she tilted her head, clearly confused when he said that he wasn't sure he was supposed to hang out with people of another pack. She couldn't help but laugh and shake her head.

"Well, that's just dumb. I'm a pack member, not a slave. He doesn't own me and he can't tell me who I can hang out with. Besides, me and Tet are friends and he's your alpha, so you say, so I think we're good."

She gave him a smug smirk as if to say "yep, that makes perfect sense to me." She could sense some tension in Henry as he told her to stay and jogged over to the other man to buy that white salt stuff. She didn't understand good and bad drugs and all that and really, she didn't want to. She didn't see the motivation. But she could sense that Henry was troubled about it and that made her brows furrow in thought. When she asked about it, he told her that it was called cocaine and she scowled and shrugged before returning to her fries. She had no clue what that was and really, it didn't sound all that interesting anyway.

But the way he chose to "take it" was interesting, indeed. She'd never seen anyone snort something up their nose before. Okay, maybe water as a coyote when they were parched and drinking too fast but then it was just funny and they all ended up choking and yipping in laughter. This was different and he meant to do it. But he still seemed stressed about something. She could smell it on him, like sweat. She asked about it and he shook his head, telling her not to use the stuff, that it's bad for her. She was going to ask more but then he mentioned something called a microwave and she perked up, shaking her head.

"Nope. Want to show me?"

She bounced to her feet, ready to follow him but she had to try something first. She skipped over to him and leaned in then poked his nose and giggled. Clearly she was still intoxicated a little.

"Does that stuff make your nose hurt afterwards? Can you still smell okay?"


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