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He spoke of his role in Tet's pack and he unsure it made him. He wasn't sure what to say or do to make this an easier transition on himself. He wasn't used to taking orders from anyone and certainly wasn't used to being a sort of some sort of hierarchy. She seemed very content that she had guessed correctly that he and Tet were somehow intertwined. He sighed. “Don't rub it in. I'm still not used to it.” Truthfully. He wasn't sure he would ever get used to his new role. But what choice did he have?

She claimed that because he was a big, bad panther, people should be fearful of him. He scoffed. “I feel like a skittish kitten...not some man-eating predator.” Although, he was a man-eating beast, he had nearly killed Sterling with his sharp claws and his pointed teeth. It was not a memory he cared to relive. Once was hell enough for him.

He ignored the rest of the conversation about his were heritage. He just wished it would disappear. It definitely wasn't what he wanted for his own life. He distracted himself with teaching her how to use the. I crown everything, pausing only when she asked what foil was. “Its a thin sheet of silver metal that is often out over food. You'll burn down the house it if you put it in the microwave.” he did not want to show her what would happen. He didn't feel like being responsible for the destruction of this nice establishment.

When the microwave stopped, she asked if the food was done and how she would know. He grinned. “Touch it. If it's warm enough, then it's done. If it's not, hit that button again.” she would get the hang of it eventually...with or without his help.

He decided that they needed to take a break from learning how to use the microwave. It to mention, he needed to feel something..anything. So he pressed his lips too hers, kissing her gently. He felt her hands go to his chest, but they did not push him away. He eventually broke the kiss and stepped back. She asked what it was for and he shrugged. “i just needed to feel something...anything.” He shrugged again before she told him that she had never been kissed before. “You've never been kissed before? I would have thought you would have done all sorts of other things if that nature before.” he didn't find it appropriate to tell her that he had just assumed she'd been kissed and fucked before, it just didn't seem right.


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