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    Anacosta Heights

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    Anacosta Heights

    Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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    Dupont Circle

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    Dupont Circle

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    Hawethorn Village

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    Hawethorn Village

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    River Dale

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    River Dale

    River Dale primarily consists of apartments that, despite their age and industrial appearing interior, still hold true to the victorian history that permeates the town. These apartments are often the cheapest option and sport scuffed, older wooden floors, open floor plans and the occasional brick beams.

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i don't know where i am or where i've been101.180.53.52Posted On May 26, 2017 at 4:19 PM by Dorian Aragona

every king had a story, of ancient glory,sweetly told

That soft reassurance from his lover that he knew how futile their chances had been that fateful night was met with a simple nod, Dorian content in the least that Sebastian would not set about blaming himself eternally for a battle he had surely never been able to win. At least, not within his human body. His boyfriend already held far more regrets then he was sure was healthy for a man, Dorian at least satisfied in the knowledge that this was surely not to be another of them as he asked then after what had become of his companions. It was a futile question perhaps, Dorian so considering it further but moments after the words had left his lips. Surely, if his friends had also been made into vampires then Sebastian would still keep their company? Unless there had been some terrible falling out between the trio, a thing that seemed unlikely to the Monarch given the nature of British politeness in most instances. Dorian never yet being introduced to any other vampire Sebastian deemed his friend and as such Dorian was assured he held the answer to that question already. If they were not vampires then surely they had died that night. The Fae momentarily regretting asking after such a thing only to find himself momentarily surprised by that response. Only one it seemed, had perished that night, the other had been made a Hunter- off all things- his own head tilting slightly in consideration. He himself had known a Hunter named Will once and yet he suspected it was hardly the same man. William, after all, was a terribly common sort of name and as such Dorian afforded it little consideration. Sebastian uttered no more upon that friend all the same, that assurance that he had discovered his friend was still alive followed with no further talk of reacquainting with him. Perhaps Sebastian feared to keep the company of hunters? Dorian assured that was wholly sensible in the least and yet as to whom or what his lover so chose to have as friends was entirely his business alone, Dorian unwilling to pry further on that matter. Sebastian’s friends, it seemed, were gone in one way or another and that was all that truly mattered.

“It means little now I suppose and yet for what it is worth I am sorry for the loss of John- and Will.”

He uttered softly, one hand resting briefly upon his lovers thigh, affording it the softest of squeezes in affection all the same. Dorian unwilling to dwell too much upon those Sebastian had lost if only for the respect of his companion’s feelings. His attention returning to those pieces within his hand, Dorian carefully searching amongst those scattered remains for just the piece he needed before plucking it from the floor and so setting about painting it back together with dutiful care. That offered apology for the night as a whole was met with a simple wave off his hand. Dorian assured that Sebastian was hardly to blame for anything that had gone wrong this evening. That blame so rested firmly upon the shoulders of the child vampire whom had quite literally stormed into their lives and set about creating that disarray. Petulant little beast she was! Dorian so gesturing to the kitchen at large now with its scattered objects and spilled water and general untidiness. Sebastian so seeming to realise the extent of that mess beyond Florence only now, the vampires features frowning more noticeably at the sight of it- that guilt within Dorian for the manner in which he had been unable to prevent it stirring within him once more. They were both, after all, from a time in which mess in any sense was utterly unacceptable. The very sight of it inclined to create discomfort at that disorder. Dorian so inclined to feel disdain for the girl all over again, her intrusion into their lives having aggravated the Monarch far more then he so outwardly showed. Dorian having taken her appearance rather personally and yet for now he so forced those less then genial emotions to remain unacknowledged.

The Fae instead content to comment upon his determination to repair that teapot if only for that look of utter sorrow that had rested upon his lovers features. Dorian assured he simply could not bear it! To see his lover so unhappy and so utterly dejected was beyond his ability to withstand in any sense. Dorian entirely assured he need add that look to the list of ‘looks’ Sebastian was so able to offer him almost wordlessly and so garner a response from each and every time. Dorian so equally unable to ignore the man’s pouting or indeed those ‘puppy-dog’ eyes whenever Sebastian so wanted something from him. Dorian so hopelessly and utterly melting each and every time he was beset with them! That apology from the vampire momentarily saw the man pause in his painting, Dorian glancing back to allow the silver off his gaze to find the blue off his lovers own, his eyes rolling in an entirely playful, good-natured fashion now and entirely within Sebastian’s view. The vampires ability to apologize was truly outstanding! That simper touching his lips once more.

“Bastian, you need not apologize for the way your face looks you perfectly silly creature. Frankly, I rather adore it and I…ah, ah! Don’t say it again, I can see you’re going to. I swear, you cannot help yourself!”

His words remained entirely light and wholly teasing all the same, that soft chuckle parting his lips as he lent back against his lover’s legs once more. Dorian wholly assured Sebastian need not continue to apologize for things outside his control much less apologize for apologizing! The Fae assured this was merely a decidedly British thing to do and yet truly it was a wholly endearing trait. Yet another piece of that teapot was returned to its former glory, Dorian near having repaired one side of it now, the Monarch admiring his work in those few moments before those further questions tugged at his thoughts. It was impolite, surely, to offer so many questions and yet how they played upon his mind! His concern for this vampire child not yet put to rest. Dorian so determined to attempt to understand just what they need contend with should she return. The Fae almost assured that one day she surely would and that she would hardly be overly pleased to see him, the man whom had out rightly told her ‘no’ several times over when it seemed she had spent a veritable eternity having just what she pleased. Not that anyone could truly deny her with such powers at her command. Spoiled little urchin. Dorian inquiring then as to just how much control she was capable of exacting over his lover.

That sudden shift of the vampire behind him momentarily saw the Fae unbalance as Sebastian moved the very leg Dorian had been using as a rest of sorts, Sebastian sitting up then to rest his head upon Dorian’s shoulder. That gesture alone seeing the smile return to his own lips as he uttered his intent to offer him those stories he was surely owed, whatever response Dorian had so been about to offer silenced then by those truly quiet words that followed. Sebastian so asking whether he intended to stay with him in spite of that girl child whom had ruined their evening. Those softly uttered words far more meaningful then they appeared, the weight of them truly heavy in that moment. Dorian wholly aware then of just how much such a query had surely weighed upon his lover as he lent but briefly back against him and into Sebastian’s chest. One arm lifted easily from that teapot he worked on to wrap about the vampire’s neck as his head turned just so as to press his lips to his lover’s cheek with a clear affection. Those words almost whispered against his consort’s skin.

“I have every intention of spending the rest of my life you, Bastian. That has not changed because of her, not even at all. That is one thing you need not worry off.”

His lips pressed a second time to the man’s cheek then, Dorian wholly attempting to reassure him entirely off his devotion to this, to them and their relationship. A mere vampire child, as irritating as she was and as much as he disliked her, was not nearly enough to dissuade him from his affections. Truly Anna-Marie could have summoned the Devil himself to her side and Dorian was wholly assured it would hardly change his resolve. He intended to marry Sebastian one day, to share his very life with the man in its entirety. Those desires utterly unchanged. That warm simper resting upon his lips now as he released his hold from his lover to allow him to stand all the same, those further questions upon his lips before Sebastian declared that need for gin. Dorian as willing to indulge in that liquor as he had been before the destruction of Florence had been discovered. Dorian eased himself then from that floor, placing those bits of teapot upon the counter before leaning back against it, his arms folding lightly over his chest if only to watch as the vampire moved about. Sebastian commenting then on that power to command Anna-Marie seemed to possess. It was, Dorian supposed, entirely logical when so spoken off in that fashion, a way in which to assure the survival of those new vampires and yet a power of sorts the child readily abused either purposely or because she simply lacked the ability to understand its correct use. Dorian frowning slightly in consideration off that which he was learning tonight, this nature of offspring and sire so seeing the man consider vampires perhaps further then he had before. It made sense and yet- it did not all at once. The thirst of a newborn vampire was surely something he had considered, a manner by which to control them, in a way, surely logical if only for their own survival like any parent to child and yet nature….so had a way of ending that relationship too. Dorian contemplative for several more moments.

“This makes sense, I suppose and yet if nature is intelligent enough to create this relationship for survival then I query that it is not intelligent enough to undo it in turn. What I mean to ask I suppose, is that is there no way in which this connection might be broken? Surely it cannot last for eternity? There must be some method of release, is their not? Where is her Maker?”

His hands reached readily then for that tumbler Sebastian moved to hand him. Dorian’s thoughts readily distracted by that glass and the drink he was presented with, inquisitiveness clearly tracing his features now at the assurance it was some combination off both his and Sebastian’s own culture in a sense. The Fae sipping at it almost experimentally before his tongue moved to brush over his lips, that smile adorning his features in clear approval of that taste before his head nodded in satisfaction. How glorious such a drink! Dorian taking another far more serious mouthful this time as Sebastian set about wiping the stove, those notes of stress within his lover’s voice at sharing that tale hardly missed and yet for now Dorian afforded them no comment. Merely leaving the man to speak freely before adding his own voice.

“Samantha told me some of this tale that night after the dinner, she told me of a child you had. I had considered, at first, that perhaps you had a daughter you had never spoken off and yet I was assured that was not something you would have kept from me. I was assured there was other explanation. I understand far more now of what happened, you need not stress yourself over it further Mon Cher, it has passed.”

That soft smile touched his lips once more all the same. That situation in which Samantha had found herself surely not ideal and yet it was surely thanks to Sebastian she had lived at all. Dorian content enough to think upon the relatively positive ending such an encounter had held, the man seeking to reassure his lover all the same that such a night was long since over and perhaps better forgotten. Dorian himself hardly concerned with it and still assured it was Samantha whom had behaved poorly at that dinner. Another sip off that drink was readily taken before Sebastian continued with that tale, Dorian’s features frowning slightly at the idea that Anna-Marie believed Sebastian to be a ‘bad’ vampire. The nerve of her! As if she, a mere child, understood the consequence of life itself and the lives she stole through her own choices.

“I am more ill-inclined to like this child the more I know of her.”

It was, perhaps, one of the few times the Monarch had ever so admitted to a negative emotion in any sense. Unpleasantness, after all, was not the way of things. Neither man raised in any sense to dare utter such things about another and yet here and now Dorian found he was hardly inclined to stop himself. The manner in which Sebastian had fallen silent was hardly unobserved, the Fae sighing softly once more as he shifted just so as to place himself beside the vampire now, one hand reaching out to rest atop the vampires own and still that overzealous wiping. How long had Sebastian so been burdened with this many worries? Dorian hardly faulting the man for it in any sense, after all it was…how they were raised. Dorian himself surely guilty off much the same when it came to that internal fretting.

“I think, perhaps, that one of the benefits of having a boyfriend is that you are quite allowed to share these things. I think that is how this works. You should not fear to share these worries with me, I must remember to do the same.”

His hand pressed firmly upon Sebastian’s own for a moment. Dorian entirely aware of how much…effort it took to speak about those struggles that society so deemed they should keep entirely hidden and yet surely….not from one another? The Monarch shifted then, a soft simper playing upon his lips as he reached for that tumbler once more, offering that last mouthful to Sebastian now.

“I quite think you earned that- and that I should have another too. I liked it.”

dorian aragona