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every king had a story, of ancient glory,sweetly told

It was a truly rare thing indeed for Sebastian to so indulge him in those tales of the past beyond those mere mentions or softly spoken passing comments. The Fae’s gaze remained upon those pieces of tea pot he tinkered with and yet his attention hardly strayed from his lover in any sense. Dorian remaining quiet if only to allow Sebastian to say as much or as little as he liked upon that fateful night in which he had lost his life. Dorian commenting only softly his apologies for the loss of those friends even if he himself hardly understood why it was that people apologised for the deaths of others they held no involvement in. It was simply the done thing as deemed by society and as such- Dorian did it- the man hardly anticipating Sebastian’s further comments upon that fellow whom had deemed the vampire below his station and held friendship with him if only for the sake of William. Such a thing in the modern world, surely, would be seen as overly harsh and yet even within Dorian’s time the matter of taking friends was near as crucial as taking a wife. It mattered as to whom you were seen with. Favour was dreadfully important. Even he, a Prince within his time, was not excused from keeping poor company and as such this notion was hardly unfamiliar to him. Dorian merely nodding in acceptance of that time and place he understood perhaps more readily then he did the modern world. That Sebastian had not been terribly close to this John, in the least, surely lessened that blow, Dorian finding himself almost pleased for that before his features frowned softly at this ‘legless stag’. An English thing, perhaps, the man hardly afforded a moment to query it before that soft admittance so fell from his lovers lips that it was his own fault they had died. That Anna-Marie had chosen them because of him.

“What is it you mean by this? She chose them because of you?”

For how long had Sebastian so believed this? For how long had he felt guilty for this? Dorian quite assured he did. After all, it was within Sebastian’s very nature to feel for others. The man’s sense of empathy so deeply ingrained that it was, oftentimes, almost astounding. His lover was, quite simply, the sort of person whom, for all he might pretend otherwise, was inclined to feel deeply, to dwell on things, to consider them over and over where Dorian himself, while hardly less empathetic, was hardly the sort of person given to have his thoughts turn over and over with what could or might have been. How torturous it might be to save blame oneself for the actions of a child! Dorian entirely sure that Sebastian truly had little to do with her choice that night. After all, surely she could not have been attracted to him in any sense? She was far too young for such thoughts. Children fancied things as fleetingly as the dip of a winter swallow in flight, to blame oneself for that seemed terribly harsh and yet it was so very like his lover to take upon his shoulders those burdens he deemed his own even when they surely belonged to others. Dorian so attempting to offer him some comfort all the same, his hand squeezing softly upon his thigh in that reassurance before returning his focus to that teapot. Sebastian’s mention of the time it would take to repair it was readily dismissed. Dorian quite unable to handle that guilt over its destruction that taunted him and too that sheer look of devastation that had marked his lovers features at seeing her in pieces. He had time- and if it took one night or ten he was wholly determined to restore it one piece at a time.

Sebastian’s attempts to apologise for that evening as a whole were met with the same ready dismissal. Dorian once more convinced that the blame for this surely did not belong to his consort so much as it did to Anna-Marie herself. The Fae unwilling to allow Sebastian to take upon himself yet another worry for an evening so outside his control. The vampires’ lips parting readily to utter what the Monarch was sure was another apology, Dorian working hurriedly to prevent it leaving his lips. These English! They were but unstoppable in their sorrowfulness! How curious it must be to see some truly great cataclysm within England in which each man surely took personal blame for it and apologised to all the others. How such a country ever got anything done when they were busy being sorry for anything and everything he hardly knew and yet- how endearing it was all at once. Such a quirk uniquely Sebastian’s own. Dorian having come to near predict those moments in which such words might leave his consorts lips, a small smile crossing the vampires own in realisation he was surely right. Sebastian admitting it within the next breath as Dorian chuckled softly. Another piece of that tea pot repaired before the Monarch inquired gently upon those other questions off his mind.

The soft shift of Sebastian behind him was hardly anticipated and yet that head that came to rest upon his shoulder saw that simper dance upon his lips all the same at even this muted touch of affection. That mere feel of his lover, the scent of him, the sight of him- wholly enough to draw all of Dorian’s attention as those quiet words left the man’s lips. The importance of them hardly lost on the Monarch, Dorian entirely aware of how much this surely plagued at Sebastian despite that almost subtle approach he afforded the query. Dorian hardly willing to allow him to wonder off it any longer as he lent readily back into the vampire then, his arm looping about the man’s neck with affection before his lips pressed softly to his cheek in that assurance. Anna-Marie hardly enough to dissuade him from that man he loved. She was hardly a welcomed intrusion into their lives and yet he loved Sebastian with a far greater potency then any dislike for a child could every amount too. His words utterly unwavering in that assurance that he was going nowhere. That simple moment readily savoured by the man before he released Sebastian at last to let him stand, that final kiss readily returned before Dorian moved to lift himself from the floor in turn and place that tea pot upon the bench to work on later.

It was that explanation of Maker that so readily enthralled his thoughts then. His ever-curious mind turning about those ideas as they were offered. Dorian assured they made ready sense and yet at the same time- were readily abused by the child. It seemed illogical that the world would not provide some way of escaping that hold once it was no longer needed, a way to wean those new vampires off of that metaphorical parental support as was done in nature. After all, if a newborn vampire was so easily commanded by a Maker then we did not vampires simply create armies of newborn vampires? A faultlessly loyal army that could not easily refuse a command. There had to be…something that allowed a vampire to abandon their maker. Nature was rarely illogical after all. His thoughts were interrupted by that drink handed towards him then, Dorian taking it readily with that murmur of thanks, nursing that tumbler a moment before Sebastian so assured him that there was at least one way to release a child from a Maker and yet it was so rarely done that it hardly bared consideration. The possessive nature of vampires perhaps well known to him, Dorian unable to prevent that touch of a smile that traced his lips all the same, that glass lifted to his mouth then, the man delighting in that taste. How pleasant it was! That smile that adorned his features surely displaying that enjoyment before those words found him once more.

“What is this way a Maker might release the one they created? Is it merely words they need say?”

It was entirely within the nature of the man to attempt to understand these things, his mind would allow nothing else. Dorian already assured there was at least two ways this might be done and yet he hardly dared to voice the other just yet. The Fae so fearing how even a voicing of that notion might distress his lover. Sebastian seeming to hold some connection to that girl all the same, even if one purely outside his control. Dorian…respectful of that, in the least, his mind continuing to consider these ideas all the same as he asked after Anna-Marie’s own Maker. After all, surely she must have one. Could they not find that being and simply have him or her merely occupy the child somehow? Another sip of that drink was taken, his silver gaze lifted to that ardent blue of Sebastian’s own as the man admitted to his unfortunate lack of knowledge upon the girl outside of her origin and an estimate off her age. The idea she had once been different. That she had once led a coven seeing a look of almost disbelief touch the Monarch’s features now. A sound almost derisive humming from within his throat.

“I hardly think she- ah, forgive me, I forget myself.”

It was surely his turn to apologise now, Dorian glancing but briefly away from his lover then. For all his dislike of that child she still held some connection to Sebastian all the same and for that reason alone he held some determination not to insult her character so openly. An ideal he had very near let slide within a matter of moments and yet, ever the gentleman, he moved to recover himself quickly lest Sebastian find those words displeasing somehow. The vampire’s admittance that he had been searching for those answers before he became distracted so seeing Dorian’s gaze return to the man now. The Monarch inclined to look almost sheepish a moment, knowing well as to what that distraction had surely been as that warm simper touched his lips again. How simple such words were and yet how easily they might see his heart flutter all the same and even after all this time! Dorian falling silent a moment more before continuing.

“If you should like, we could ask Matteo? I suspect very much so that he knows the answers to these things or in the least might offer you some direction if you intend to pursue it. He is rarely inclined to give straight answers but he might assist. I can also have AISE assist you if you prefer but- I shan’t interfere if you would rather I did not.”

Anna-Marie had, this very night, so made herself a problem for the both of them and yet if Sebastian so desired these answers of her past and wished for it to be his business alone then Dorian was hardly inclined to interfere. Yet, for all his loathing of that girl it was simply not within him not to at least offer his companion that assistance if he required it. Dorian hardly inclined to abandon the vampire in this task in any sense, not if those answers might be found. It was that understanding of the child’s capabilities, however, that surely prompted his query upon Samantha. Sebastian so at last affording him those missing parts of the tale, affording him the why of that night that Samantha had been unable to offer. His own meeting with Anna-Marie perhaps so defining just that position Sebastian had been in that evening. How fortunate it was, that it had turned out as it had. How close Samantha had surely been that night to her death, that soft sigh drawn from Dorian’s lips all the same before he simply moved to at least attempt to have that evening forgotten altogether. The truth was known, it could hardly be changed and without Samantha here to understand what he now did it seemed a pointless thing to linger upon and yet the Monarch was wholly grateful to his lover for sharing that story all the same. Those idea Anna-Marie held off Sebastian himself, this foolish idea he was not a ‘real’ vampire so sparking within Dorian an agitation he had not anticipated. Any insult upon his lover, it seemed, hardly welcomed by the Monarch. Dorian allowing those thoughts upon the girl to be known in a fashion truly rare for the man, that sad simper upon Sebastian’s features hardly missed as he offered that admittance. Sebastian, perhaps, not truly understanding what Dorian so meant with his own admittance and yet that almost overzealous scrubbing his lover had taken up drew his thoughts from it for the moment as he shifted closer to the vampire now- one hand reaching out to rest upon his own and still that almost frantic motion.

The Monarch made some effort to explain the importance, perhaps, of sharing those worries that seemed to have burdened his lover for so long. The lengths Sebastian had surely gone too in order to keep those concerns from him were almost sinful to think off. Surely the very nature of a relationship was that sharing of worries? That it so provided you with a being to carry those burdens with even if they had both come from a time in which that was simply not done. How difficult such a thing was for the both of them and yet how it pained him to think Sebastian so kept these things within himself to fret over. The vampire looking away then to utter those words that merely saw Dorian scowl once more.


He so never used the man’s full name. One hand lifting then to merely allow his fingertips to catch the vampires chin and so delicately turn his face back towards him and assure he met his Consorts gaze then, his own words holding a thickness of emotion he had perhaps not anticipated and yet could hardly prevent.

“You do not burden me in any sense, nor do I know why you think that you do. If I’ve given you that impression I…”

He paused but briefly, considering as to any time he might have somehow dismissed the other man’s worries, Dorian almost assured he had not and yet still, perhaps he had. That thought pressed aside once more.

“What I mean to say is that you should not fear to share these things with me if you desire to. It concerns me far more that you feel as if you must keep them from me. I think sometimes you do not quite understand your importance to me. Consider perhaps, just how much you love me and then consider that I feel just the same, every bit the same, for you. That is how much I love you.”

That smile returned easily to his features then. Dorian assured that Sebastian may well fail to understand a comparison to anything other than his own emotion. Dorian assured he knew the depth of the man’s affection for him and in turn so attempting to use that to offer him that understanding that he cared to hear those worries because he mattered to him. Dorian sure, sometimes, that Sebastian felt as if he did not deserve that love somehow, that Dorian could surely not love him that much. Such a ridiculous creature he could be! Dorian so pressing that empty tumbler towards him now as his hand moved from his face.

“L'amour n'est pas un fardeau.” (Love is not a burden.)

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