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every king had a story, of ancient glory,sweetly told

There was something distinctly peaceful about their bedroom. That room alone the scene off so very much. The first place they woke together every evening and the last place they retired to before the rise of the sun every day. It was at least one room that was distinctly their own in every sense of the word, one in which all the troubles of the world so seemed unable to penetrate and it was that utter sanctuary Dorian sought now. The kitchen could be tidied later, that teapot repaired the following evening and the house was sure to be ordered by the time they both woke once more. As such, Dorian was wholly content to lead his lover away from it all and- in what remained of the night- so return them to that state of existence they so normally enjoyed. Those problems and worries were hardly forgotten or dismissed, more so, for now, they simply seemed less concerning. The Monarch inclined to find himself almost exhausted in the wake of that plethora of emotions he had felt tonight. If anything had come from this evening Dorian was assured that somehow, impossible though it seemed, he had surely become all the closer to Sebastian tonight in the wake of those newfound understandings the vampire had so struggled to contain for so long and so finally shared with him. While those veritable burdens were far from simplistic to solve in any sense, they had, in the least, been shared. Dorian so inclined to assist in them in whatever way he could and perhaps, between the both of them- those resolutions might yet be found.

No sooner had that bedroom door been closed behind them then Dorian found himself kicking his shoes from his feet and all but toppling onto that neatly made bed. That softness was a welcome embrace, those sheets so holding that scent of them in a way the Monarch found utterly glorious. Dorian the very sort of being that was inclined to find but a speck of brightness in even the darkest of moments. His simple delight in those sheets seeing a simper adorn his features now as he shifted to roll himself near atop his lover the moment Sebastian eased himself onto that bed in turn. That soft sound of rain outside only further seemed to add to the pleasant calm off this room as a whole, their bedroom utterly untouched by that beastly child and as such Dorian found himself all the more content in it. It was a sheer need for closeness however, that drove his actions then. The Fae hardly craving those more sensual touches tonight, rather, he simply desired that most innocent sort of intimacy. He needed Sebastian then. He needed to be close to him. His lips readily finding the vampires own, pressing within that sweet kiss every bit of that affection and love he simply felt compelled to give to him. As if that touch alone might restore them somehow and simply assure him that they had both so survived this utterly wretched night. How ridiculous such a need surely was and yet- Dorian was hardly inclined to fight it.

That arm that settled about his waist was entirely comforting, his head laying upon Sebastian’s chest then as he had done a thousand times before. The simply warmth and feel of the man was a comfort, the smell of him entirely pleasing as the Fae’s limbs so tangled lightly with his Consort’s own in that intimate fashion- as if the Monarch simply required some part of himself touch as much of Sebastian as he could. It was only then, in the wake of that newfound sensation of security that the Monarch so softly uttered his lovers name, offering but that one last question as foolhardy as perhaps it was. Dorian was, perhaps, given to dreams in many things and yet the practicality of this in turn was hardly lost upon him. To gamble upon their very lives with Sebastian’s willpower was perhaps a dangerous thing. Dorian hardly doubting his lover in any sense, rather, he had no true knowledge of just how far his Maker might be capable of pushing him and yet how much he so liked to believe in that power of love. As clichéd and silly as it surely was to think off. He knew, so assuredly, that no part of the man beneath him would ever willingly harm him in any sense. Dorian so choosing to believe if that moment ever came that surely the vampire might be capable of pressing back against it. The man loath to consider bestowing a veritable gift of life upon the girl to halt her tirade and yet nor was he fool enough not to have at least something of a plan if all else should fail. Even if he so hoped it wouldn’t.

Those soft words of reply saw that simper touch his lips if only briefly. Dorian assured his faith was in his lover himself rather then his ability to withstand that girl and yet, though he hardly voiced it. Dorian was assured it would be he himself who broke long before Sebastian did. The Monarch assured he possessed near no ability to see his lover within that sort of physical pain when he might stop it. Some greater level of protectiveness, it seemed, had been pressed to the surface off his being tonight and in the wake off all that had happened. The utter fierceness with which he would defend his lover from anything and everything that might threaten to harm him was a terribly potent thing. One so linked to those other emotions the Monarch hardly wished to indulge himself within and yet he remained distinctly convinced all the same that if Anna-Marie so chose to interfere in their lives again and with intent to bring harm, that it was she whom would suffer the consequence off it. Dorian aware of his ability in this far beyond what he so suspected even Sebastian knew and yet, surely, he might never need to use it. He offered no further reply to his Consort then, Dorian content to simply let that conversation slide away in favour of that far more important one, that declaration of love upon Sebastian’s lips so making his heart flutter! That pleasant warmth so seeming to settle within his chest. The force of that simple love between them nothing short of glorious as he so eagerly returned those words and meant each one. The Fae oblivious to the fashion in which Sebastian teased at that red thread that bound them together for even Fate to see as his own gaze fluttered slightly closed in that newfound contentment.

Those words, however, saw his attention return to his boyfriend in full, his silver gaze meeting the blue of the man’s own as he asked after those chocolates he had brought home. The bag of them still sitting on the hall table downstairs. Dorian momentarily displeased he had not brought the whole bag up and yet, if anything, they might surely enjoy them tomorrow too. That very query as to whether he had tried them saw a grin almost impish dance upon his features. Dorian content to assure him that not only had he tried those delectable treats, but that he had several off them within his pockets. That Sebastian had failed to detect the scent of chocolate until now a surely shocking thing. Amusement so lacing his words then as he reached within his pocket to pluck one from its depths. That treat was readily unwrapped, that paper tossed to the floor, before Dorian leaned so abruptly forward to balance it precariously upon the end of his lover’s nose. That momentary confusion at just what Dorian intended off him seemed to last only so long as it took the vampire to poke his tongue out. Sebastian trying almost valiantly then to reach that tip and falling short each time. Dorian utterly unable to prevent that laughter then- that sound entirely genuine for the first time this evening, that grin back upon his features as the chocolate toppled to roll onto the bed. Sebastian snatching it up to slip between his lips.


That protest surely fell upon deaf ears, that grin upon his lovers lips hardly missed even if the Monarch was sure Sebastian had cheated at that game. Dorian shifted but briefly, reaching to take a sip off his drink before placing it back down and reaching a second time into his pocket. Another chocolate plucked from within as Dorian rolled onto his back beside Sebastian now.

“Would you like to see what I can do? It is very un-royal but if only you see it I think it does not matter.”

He chuckled softly once more, the problems of the world utterly forgotten then as that chocolate was tossed suddenly upwards and caught neatly within his mouth, one eye lifting in clear enjoyment off his little trick- as childish as it was and as distinctly un-kingly. The palace would have had a veritable fit to see him catching food in such a fashion and yet the man hardly found he cared tonight. The man reaching for another chocolate then, holding it teasingly between his fingers as he regarded his Lover. His words entirely playful.

“Do you think you should like to have another, Mon Cher? This one is entirely yours to have- if you can find me to take it.”

The Monarch near abruptly disappeared from view then, that clear sink upon the bed indicating he was quite clearly still there before that too disappeared, a few seconds of silence prevailing before those sheets so suddenly flicked upward, falling back down again a moment later to clearly reveal the Dorian-shaped lump beneath them. His hiding skills, perhaps, leaving much to be desired and yet his fingers so plucked teasingly at that wrapping beneath those sheets- as if threatening to consume that chocolate the longer Sebastian took to find him…..

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