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Sebastian Ellingtonfor pleasure seldom has a cure

It was surely not surprising that Sebastian eternally eager to explore every facet of those more sensual experiences with the fae Monarch. Regardless of if it was some new idea that graced the King, subjecting himself to the man's abilities, putting himself in a place to be so tortuously teased, or simply embracing that distance that distance that so rarely existed between them by resorting to those more explicit text messages and phone calls. It had taken his lover several text messages to truly understand the point to that game and yet, the moment he did, even Sebastian found himself anticipating what teasing words the man might send him next. That exchange of messages alone made the prospect of being apart bearable and yet, Sebastian had made every effort to be good in that time his lover was away. He tried to be as little of a distraction as possible, the man merely resigned to his complete and utter craving of the fae, even if he had spoken little of it. Surely, the Monarch knew, with the way in which he was so inclined to near cling to the man before him, with or without that newfound stubble that so irrevocably aroused him.

That soft chuckle only furthered that warm simper of contentment upon the vampire, his caresses wholly soft and sweet as his thumb brushed against the fae King's in the wake of that simple sound of amusement. It was peculiar that it was in this singular moment that the vampire realized how happy he was. It was with Dorian alone that he found himself feeling almost….alive. His gaze softened as he watched Dorian's head lean back in clear enjoyment of that touch the vampire provided, as light as it was. He was well aware of that shift of his lover's hips into his hand and yet, for now, he was willing to deny the King those firmer strokes. Rather, Sebastian nibbled on his bottom lip, leaning forward just enough to press a fleeting kiss upon his lover's lips before, in turn, announcing that gift he'd purchased for Dorian - one that sat within the drawer of his bedside table. He could hardly help the satisfaction he drew from that clear struggle to take in this simple surprise, the man clearly fighting that want for more beyond those sensations his touches offered.

Sebastian hardly expected that, in those moments after that notion of a present surely toyed with that never ending curiosity of his boyfriend, that his own touches might be turned against him. He had been denied those caresses for so long that even that simple press of Dorian's fingers outlining the fabric of his own desire caused his breath to hitch within his throat. His lips parted, that lust for the man surely increasing in those moments and yet, they were only further compounded by that nibble of Dorian's teeth upon his own lip. God, how he so wanted the man! And how he was so attempting to restrain himself at least somewhat tonight! It would have been so easy to simply toss the Monarch on that bed and take the man in every fashion he could think of till they were both strewn out on those sheets in exhaustion. After going two days without, the temptations were certainly worsened by even the slightest show of physical affection from the man he so adored. Still, it was the man's mention of that gift that redirected his own thoughts as offered Dorian the hiding place for that box.

His own hand gingerly withdrew from his lover's jeans, his fingers fiddling with those buttons and zippers in an effort to give the King some measure of relief from that discomfort that he'd certainly only worsened. That soft sigh of relief brought a small grin to his lips and yet, he hadn't anticipated Dorian might provide him with the same comfort. He shifted ever so slightly as his jeans were loosened from his waist and yet, it was hardly enough. His blue eyes fluttered upward, noticing the way Dorian's gaze so lingered upon him. For a moment, the vampire was simply content enough to watch the Monarch in turn. After all, there was a part of the vampire that was entirely used to being that preened peacock to be so observed. As long as Dorian drew some hint of satisfaction from what the reactions he was capable of near igniting within the vampire's body, Sebastian was inclined to allow that stare to remain. That reaching of Dorian's hand prompted his fingers to thread between the fae's own, letting himself be led towards that welcoming bed. He settled on the edge of the mattress with his boyfriend at his side, those blue eyes entirely content to settle upon that drawer as Dorian pulled it open to reveal that gift within.

Those words that left the fae's lips, followed by that near tinge of pink upon those cheeks caused Sebastian to chuckle as he leaned upon that bed. "There's whole stores you can walk into dedicated to things like that." He commented with a clear hint of amusement at the sheer notion of his usually confident lover hesitating when faced with such blatantly sexual things. Even so, he was content to watch as Dorian turned over that box several times to observe all that was printed on it, only to glance up at him before plucking open one end and slide out the contents within. That inquisitive exclamation caused his head to tilt to the side ever so slightly, the vampire entirely acutely attentive to his lover's reaction to that new found 'idea' of sorts of his own. He hardly interjected as Dorian so eyed the object in his hands curiously, as if feeling it might provide him some indication of what was to come. Sebastian doubted, truly, that his lover was prepared in the slightest for that idea that lingered upon his mind and yet, he was hardly concerned. Not yet.

That grin that tugged at his lover's features had a way of reassuring him of Dorian's willingness, the vampire unable to help that similar simper upon his own face. "I am very willing to show you." He commented, his voice holding a certain hint of huskiness and just the right level of suggestiveness. He watched as Dorian placed the box back on the nightstand, that object placed beside him before the fae King shifted. Sebastian wholly welcomed the Monarch's body against his own, his hands settling upon his lover's legs, pulling him closer towards his own desire for the man. His own lips pressed all too eagerly against Dorian's own, hardly fighting that demanding need to deepen that kiss before the King's fingers toyed with the hem of his shirt. His hands shifted, lifting them above his head to allow the man to pull that cotton fabric up and off, revealing the cold hard flesh of his chiseled chest. That soft brush of Dorian's fingers against those far more sensitive places caused a soft sound to leave the back of his throat, that simple want near instantly returning with an unquenchable desire. Those uttered words prompted a small smile upon his features, and yet, his own returned kiss was fleeting, the man muttering softly against the King's mouth. "I couldn't agree more."

His hands shifted towards the Monarch's jacket, effortlessly pulling the material off the man. In this, the vampire surely required no prompting. Rather, the Englishman was altogether content to turn upon that bed just enough to push his lover down against those sheets, his lips once again pressing against Dorian's own in a kiss he found himself incapable of getting enough of. His hands slid down his lover's side towards those jeans, pushing them steadily down as he went until he couldn't reach them any longer and yet, he refused to leave even a shred of fabric on the man. He pulled away from those kisses, his words softly uttered against the King's skin. "God, I missed you, Ma Bichette." There was nothing quite like that pleasure of having Dorian returned to him and back precisely where he belonged. His lips slowly left a trail of kisses down the King's figure, the vampire continuing to push down those jeans as he moved further down till they were all but deposited upon the floor before he slowly sat up, entirely content to simply eye all that he had uncovered. This was exactly how he'd wanted Dorian - just like this.