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There was no denying that tender sensation of Henry's lips against his skin was wholly arousing. How he had longed for that touch! The man's fingers upon the button of his jeans was hardly ignored, his own body easily beginning to rise to the occasion. That touch of Henry's hand against his skin brought a soft groan to his lips, even as his hips pressed against his lover's hand and equally as prepared physic. He needed this, perhaps as much as Henry did. To connect to one another as a couple after all they had been through. It was more than just the physical act of being pleased. There was a certain emotional element that Sterling found himself desperately desiring, even as he allowed his boyfriend to rid him of those clothes. The sensation of Henry’s lips against his flesh caused his head to tilt backwards ever so slightly, the man entirely capable of enjoying that affection he had gone without for so long. His body was already beginning to anticipate the touch of his lovers mouth in that place he so desired it, those scars certainly the last thing upon his mind. That was, until those lights in his room began to brighten.

A glimpse of confusion touched his features, those blue eyes refocused upon his boyfriend. He hardly anticipated that look of near horror that crossed Henry’s features, even though his fingers brushed delicately against that raised flesh. Sterling shifted almost uncomfortably beneath that touch. He knew well how far those new imperfections upon his skin went, how they littered his frame. He could feel that sudden change within his boyfriend, those taut jeans suddenly falling slack, a sure indication if he had ever seen at Henry's sudden disinterest. His lips parted, those blue eyes watching his lover as Henry so abruptly rose from that bed without even a word. He found himself near reaching out to the man, only for Henry to bend down and fetch his shirt, leaving Sterling alone within that bed...within that room just as he had been for a near month.

A soft, almost choked breath left his lips, the man entirely keen to bury himself and those scars within that clothing once again. He knew they were unsightly, he knew they had marred his appearance and yet, he hadn't expected such a stanch reaction from Henry. Slowly he pushed himself from that bed, trailing down that hallway to almost tentatively peak around the corner and into the kitchen and living room beyond. He could hardly help the way he bit his bottom lip at the sight of his boyfriend and yet, Sterling found himself almost afraid to prompt a conversation with the man, the warlock nearly fearing the worst as he clung to that corner in a more vulnerable gesture. "Um….I guess….we can just….go to bed...if you want." It sounded lame, even to his own ears and yet, he found himself entirely wanting to hide from his boyfriend all the same.



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