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    Anacosta Heights

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    Anacosta Heights

    Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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    Dupont Circle

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    Dupont Circle

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    Hawethorn Village

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    Hawethorn Village

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    River Dale

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    River Dale

    River Dale primarily consists of apartments that, despite their age and industrial appearing interior, still hold true to the victorian history that permeates the town. These apartments are often the cheapest option and sport scuffed, older wooden floors, open floor plans and the occasional brick beams.

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lifted me up when i couldn't reach60.227.81.240Posted On August 31, 2017 at 4:13 PM by Dorian Aragona

It was a curious thing, truly, that simple stirring of emotion that seemed to rise within him at the mere sight of that glorious garden and beautiful gazebo and that altogether exquisite piano that rested beneath it so decorated with those tea candles. The light of those tiny flickering flames seemed to dance upon that crystal piano surface in almost the same way the stars above. The effects of his lover’s affinity readily turning that piano into something positively ethereal. In all his life Dorian was quite near assured no one had ever crafted something so lovely for him. People so often set out to impress him, to give him things, to seek his favour or earn his attention and yet all those things were, at the end of the day, done simply because those whom offered them desired something from him in turn, be it money or favour or some political advantage. Throughout the entirety of his like the Monarch could near count on both hands the times he had been offered something with a genuine good intent or because he simply might enjoy such a gift, near half of them, he was assured, had come from his Consort in turn. Yet this time, Sebastian had so gifted him an entire day. A morning and afternoon spent within that Flower Show, the vampire so allowing himself to be dragged about but all day to every exhibit and flower the Monarch could find knowing simply that he would adore to do such things before offering a night amongst those flowers still and with that clear intent of offering him that combination of music and art he so enjoyed near more than anything else. The very realisation that his lover had so taken that time for him so simply because he loved him was a feeling quite unlike any other. His heart fluttering with that knowledge, his words near seeming thick within his throat, the simple awe and shock of it all seeming to take several moments longer to register within him.

Surely this had been the reason Sebastian had been so wholly obscure all day! So much seeming to make sense to the Fae in that moment. His lover surely anxious to show him of all of this or indeed perhaps fearing he might have discovered it somehow by accident. A small measure of relief so managed to settle within him all the same at the realisation that this surprise had surely been the cause of his lover’s odd behaviour. His hand squeezed Sebastian own then in that touch of affection and simple adoration for what existed before him, that gesture all he could manage for but the single moment it took for his words to find form. Dorian allowing himself to be led that piano now. His very heart near dancing within his chest in simple anticipation and delight and wonder. He could hardly help the fashion in which his fingers reached for that celestial surface of the piano. That gift for reflections was one so rarely utilised by his lover and yet how stunning it was! That surface smooth and polished, his own lip quirking slightly at the chuckle he seemed to draw from his lover before that soft press of hands to his shoulders encouraged the Monarch to seat himself upon that plush white leather chair. How he longed to hear his lover play that beautiful instrument! That entire scene nothing short of magical. That white canvas so suddenly offered towards him as Dorian took it gently into his own hands.

It was near automatic, that manner in which he reached for his back pocket and the white pastel he kept within it. The Monarch no sooner having grasped it then that tube of white paint was offered towards him instead. That look of curiosity so readily found its way to his features then. Dorian staring near blankly at that new paint as his fingers reached out to take it all the same. Sebastian’s gentle assurance that a change of medium would surely be nice only further seeming to puzzle the Monarch. In all the time he had known his lover Sebastian had never yet requested any piece be crafted with any specific material. Dorian’s own lips parting then to comment that he surely required water for this sort of paint- only to have that cup and brush readily handed to him in turn. How much thought his lover had placed into this occasion! That clear surprise lingering still upon his features before that warm simper found his lips all the same, Dorian taking that offered brush and water to arrange them just as he needed. The Monarch, for once, hardly choosing to voice any of that plethora of question that turned within him if only for that simple realisation that Sebastian had so clearly requested that water colour for a reason, one he doubted very much the man intended to reveal to him just yet and- more so- Dorian was wholly determined not to ruin but any of his Consorts planning. The vampire so clearly having gone to such trouble for him that to question it hardly seemed right in that moment. Rather- the Fae King was wholly willing to embrace that notion of water colour if Sebastian desired it, though why he did he hardly knew. Dorian assured he might craft something just as lovely with that paint as he would that pastel. The simple perfection of all that existed around them and too that still fluttering emotion within himself more than enough to inspire that artwork.

Yet- how curious it was that Sebastian seemed almost nervous in that moment. That uneven thrum of his lover’s heart was felt upon his finger, just as he heard that near steadying breath as the vampire seated himself and so prepared to play. Dorian assured he had never once seen his Consort need to steady himself to play a song. That near quizzical look tracing his features then. Did Sebastian fear he would not like it? Did he fear playing it wrong? Dorian entirely assured his lover could near have played nursery rhythms to him upon that piano and he would still have found it exquisite with that canopy of stars above and that night garden in bloom all around them. That soft query as to whether or not he was ready was met with his own gentle nod and warm smile, his hand but briefly lifting to press to Sebastian’s own shoulder in that simple gesture of encouragement and some effort perhaps, to sooth that nervousness that seemed to eclipse his lover. Dorian offering that near wordless assurance before his attention returned to that canvas as it had done a thousand times within their own ballroom at home. The Monarch so often seated beside his lover to allow him to practice that musical affinity upon him while he in turn allowed his own artistic talent to combine with those notes to craft those pieces that decorated their walls.

This song however, was distinctly different to anything the vampire had ever played before. Dorian assured he had never once heard it in all the times Sebastian had played for him. That soft observation leaving his own lips near unbidden. His lover so assuring him that this was the first time it had ever been played as Dorian so allowed those first few brushstrokes to decorate that white canvas. The Fae faltering but slightly as his own gaze lifted from that painting then and towards the man beside him, his eyes watching those fingers near dance upon the keys with that precision Sebastian alone seemed capable off before his attention so rested upon his Consorts features. Those near whisper-soft words parting his lips then.

“Because you wrote it for me.”

It was hardly a question in any true sense, Dorian near utterly assured of that answer all the same. The pair so rarely offering those emotive words or utterances of love and adoration out loud. Rather, it was merely through action they were both often inclined to display that affection for one another. Those gestures, both small and large, so often epitomizing that emotion each surely knew words so often could not afford true justice too. Their love, after all, was so often the way Sebastian tied his tie for him or wrapped his arms about him in bed for that simple closeness or hung every picture he painted so regardless of his own thoughts upon its skill- those wordless actions that so simply meant so very much. Dorian, in near the same way, wholly dedicated to being there each evening Sebastian woke if only because he knew how much the vampire loathed waking alone. The Monarch near tirelessly working to repair that once broken tea pot if only because it had meant something to his lover just as he had spent several days learning to make tea just the way Sebastian liked it. Those uttered ‘I love you’s’ when they came, so simply reinforcing what each surely knew already. That very song, he was sure, Sebastian’s very own way of saying but all those things. That ready wave emotion within him only seeming to further grow at that very realisation. Dorian utterly unable to prevent that glorious smile that found his lips.

Those colours and strokes came almost quickly then. The Fae King aware of the embrace of his lovers affinity and yet it had never quite been like this before. That emotion was near palpable. Emotion that so closely matched his own and yet he knew so innately came from Sebastian in turn. That orange and gold so easily shifted together like that fire and warm and passion of that very first night they had ever spent together before that undercurrent of pink, like lust and desire seemed to interweave itself in those near anxious waves. How easily that initial lust became a crush of sorts. An anticipation, a nervousness that slowly and yet steadily became that rich blue of something more, a veritable depth of emotion that only seemed to increase with each of those precise notes. How effortlessly that brush moved! The simple clarity of that song so assuring his own affinity near eagerly embraced Sebastian’s tonight. That press of emotion so clearly felt within himself in a fashion that wholly reminded him of…..them and near every emotion he had ever felt. That blue shifting to that green of calm and security and safety that came with that changing relationship before that thread of red found its way into that painting to weave about each of those colours and even those white and silver stars. That simple red seeming to spread then, enveloping that entire canvas, touching each and every other colour and pattern. That simple love eclipsing everything until, quite simply, it was everything. The sheer intensity of it encompassing the Monarch in turn. Dorian so hardly noticing those white lines, at first, that had begun to find their way through that painting as he eyed that work. The simple feeling of Sebastian’s emotion upon him, for him, entirely breathtaking. That emotion, this time, near undeniable within his voice.

“Bastian, I….that is…..it is the most beautiful piece you have ever-.”

His own words halted then, the Monarch glancing away from his lover once more to eye that canvas. The King near assured he had never once painted words before in those moments. That eloquent script distinctly not his own hand and yet print he was assured he would know near anywhere. Those singular four words at last seeing fit to show themselves beneath that kaleidoscope of colour. That shock, this time, seeming to render the Monarch utterly motionless as his silver gaze lingered upon those singular words so wholly simple and yet that meant more than any words he had ever been offered before. The man near assured his heart had stopped in that moment and time itself had wholly frozen. His gaze so at last lifting from that canvas within his hands to meet that darker blue of Sebastian’s own. How curious it was that in that singular moment he hardly found he possessed even a singular worry or concern or fear or doubt in any fashion. Those things simply did not exist. That simple assurance far greater than any he was sure he had held within his entirety of his life. The Monarch hardly finding he need consider but anything in that moment. The answer to that question already known with a conviction quite unlike anything else- his voice surely holding that very unwavering assurance then. Dorian never so sure of anything in all his near six hundred years of life.


He could near feel his eyes so threatening to water in that moment, that emotion, it seemed, so finally managing to overwhelm the Fae entirely. That canvas was placed hurriedly atop the piano itself, Dorian quite unable to contain himself but any longer, his arms near thrown around Sebastian’s neck then, drawing his lover into him as his face near buried against his lovers neck in that simple, untainted happiness he was sure might very near explode right along with his heart.

“I waited nearly six hundred years to find you- I was never going to say no. You are my entire world.”

Those words were near uttered against Sebastian’s neck, Dorian assured he could hear them all the same. The Fae assured there were but a thousand things he desired to say and yet here and now those simple ones seemed entirely fitting. Dorian at last leaning away, one hand lifting almost boyishly to wipe at his eyes even if he hardly cared if Sebastian might see that emotion so simply pure in that moment. That grin upon his lips utterly glorious despite the fact Dorian was assured he was positively a mess of happiness all the same

“This….this was why you were so strange all day? How long have you been planning this? I- oh it hardly even matters!”

Nothing mattered in that singular moment he was sure, nothing but this moment, that soft laughter escaping him then, his arms remaining near draped around Sebastian’s neck before he so finally lent forward to press his lips to his lovers own. Dorian so placing every bit of adoration and affection and joy and love into that kiss. The very idea that he would marry that man he adored so eclipsing near everything in that moment. Dorian once so believing that he might never marry at all let alone, somehow, find another he desired to share his life with. That lifetime of waiting so entirely worth that singular perfect moment. Sebastian as his fiancé and then as his husband by far the most glorious thought he had ever had.

His Royal Majesty

Dorian Aragona

The King of Italy


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