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The ever reassurance from Sebastian kept Anna amicable. He seemed pleased about her choice to find a blood donor of sorts- though how she presented her donor with no other option besides to let her feed or die wasn’t one she’d indulge Sebastian with. What truly pleased the little vampire was that they shared the same favorite color. It delighted her perhaps more than someone would probably think necessary but Anna would forever be seeking connection with him.

The moment of being distracted by the women’s shop was brief but enough to slow her steps. The sensual side of them hardly interested her. It was the fact of not being treated like a child all the time. She was stuck in a body that would constantly have adults barring her from joining things and speaking down to her as if she wasn’t more than capable of snuffing them out without any trouble. Sometimes it was something she utilized to get a meal but on those nights where her mood was less than pleasant it angered her more than anything else. Those thoughts drifted away though as Sebastian assured her they would find something that suited her even if it wasn’t tonight.

Anna happily followed Sebastian the remainder of the way into the children’s boutique clothing store. The plethora of dresses distracted Anna from anything else, not hearing the saleswoman until she was practically on top of the pair looking expectantly at them with that customer service smile on. Anna eyed her suspiciously though followed when led towards the appropriate dress section. “We have a few that would work well for a flower girl and more casual ones.” The saleswoman stepped aside to indicate the racks and display along the wall. “Is there a certain style or color that you’re looking for?” The saleswoman glanced between the pair though her eyes settled on Anna when she branched off from Sebastian to pluck about the dresses wrapped up on the racks. “I like blue.” Anna stated matter-of-factly. The saleswoman stepped a few paces away to another rack, “Blue is a lovely color. There’s one over here.” She plucked the chosen dress from the rack, a solid sky blue dress of simple design. Anna glanced over but wrinkled her nose and went back to the dresses she had her own hands on. The woman chuckled softly and replaced the dress. “Ok, what about-“ “This one!” Anna exclaimed excitedly as she tugged at the plastic surrounding her chosen dress.

The saleswoman plucked Anna’s dress from the rack, carefully unwrapping it to read the tag attached to it. “Oh dear.” This time the woman’s attention returned to Sebastian. “It appears this dress is no longer being supplied. This is the last one.” She turned the dress about, inspecting its size. “It’s meant for a girl a bit older…but, I believe we can alter it. It’s easier to bring in and tuck up than to let out and add. I can take your daughter’s measurements and have the seamstresses work on it but the fabric is a bit more delicate so would probably take about two weeks to do. Is that ok?” Both the woman and Anna now were looking at Sebastian expectantly.

“I like that dress the best…it’s a princess dress.” Anna whispered as she glanced longingly at the elegant vintage inspired design with its elegant white and blue lace.



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