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Sebastian Ellington

Crowned Consort of Italy

The glass display of that brightly lit store promised a near plethora of dresses as Sebastian glanced through the fabric display upon the mannequins. It was encouraging to say the very least. There was a strong chance they would be capable of finding something amongst those many racks. The sheer amount gave the vampire reason to hope, as he led his maker into the boutique. His own bright blue eyes glanced over the assortment of dresses and yet, to be frank, he was entirely uncertain as to what he was searching for. It wasn't as if Sebastian had ever had to dress a young child for a wedding before! The man was rather thankful for the sudden presence of the sales woman, over eager though she was. Still, her knowledge of the store and it's inventory might help move the matter of clothing along nicely. Sebastian presented the woman with a warm smile as he accepted that compliment of his faux daughter's appearance, only to inform her of the exact reason they had ventured to this part of town in the first place. Her assurance that she had several dresses that might fit the bill brought a soft breath of relief to his lips, only for his gaze to drift towards Anna-Marie in an effort to provide her a reassuring glance.

That inquiry of style options and color only caused Sebastian's attention to remain steadfast upon the small vampire as she disentangled her hand from him. He watched her as she moved towards the racks to pluck at several of those dresses in an introspective fashion. He was hardly surprised, given his recent discovery, that she would choose a blue dress and yet, somehow the vampire doubted there would be many flower dresses in that color. He was rather surprised when the saleswoman immediately suggested one, plucking a dress from one of the racks only to hold up that simple design. His own hands fit within his pockets as he watched the young woman wrinkle her nose in distaste. Even despite her young age, Anna-Marie was still very much a woman, one who knew exactly what she wanted, even when she didn't. A small glimpse of amusement crossed his features as Anna-Marie abruptly declared that this dress was the one. He watched as that gown was pulled from the rack only for the saleswoman to eye it almost critically.

That 'oh dear' caused a frown to dance across the vampire's features and yet, any tenseness within his figure dissipated at that declaration that the dress was no longer supplied, that this one, was the last one. It wasn't too small for Anna-Marie and Sebastian had enough pieces tailored throughout his life to know the ins and outs of what was possible in the trade. His head bobbed along at the assurance that they could take the dress in, much less that it would only take a mere two weeks to do so, providing the pair plenty of time. That expectant look upon both woman's faces, much less that longing whisper from the youthful appearing vampire prompted a chuckle from his lips. "Yes, darling, if that's the one you want. Two weeks is fine." He gestured towards the dress, entirely willing to pay for something like this if it made Anna-Marie happy.


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