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That singular sound upon Malek's lips drew those chocolate brown eyes upward, a hint of amusement caused the corners of her own mouth to tilt upwards in an almost daring fashion. The young Asian girl was hardly so reckless with his gender, the woman more often of the shy, timid variety and yet, those traits were almost entirely chased away in the wake of that persona of her most recent meal. That woman she had found within that party was far more confident and assured of herself then she could ever hope to be. After all, she was lovely, she had what men wanted. She found those one night stands wholly exhilarating. She was a child of love and such was an emotion that should surely be given freely. Love was wondrous and here, the doll like vampire found herself almost keen to share that very thing with her companion as her clothes fell onto the floor beneath his watchful gaze. Her long ebony locks swayed as she tucked to climb onto that bed only to shift ever so slightly to present him with her hand and a rather open invitation to join her.

She could feel his eyes upon her as they roved her physique and yet, for once, Chizue hardly shied away from that steady gaze. Rather, her back arched ever so slightly, the girl willingly showing off her assets. Her name groaned upon his lips brought a grin to her own. She watched as he stalked closer towards that bed in an almost predatory fashion. A glimpse of surprise crossed her features as his own shirt fell to the floor, revealing that toned figure hidden beneath. For some reason, she had hardly expected the man to be nearly as….well….good looking. He had such a burly beard and those long locks - those aspects more often than not drove her away from considering such men and yet, somehow, Malek was near magnetic to her. A girlish giggle left her lips as Malek's hands reached for her, pulling her off center only to drag her towards the edge of the bed.

That gentle kiss was easily returned, the woman certain she had gotten the handle of exactly how Malek enjoyed to be kiss best, how he reacted with such need. The second kiss and all the ones after were returned with the same feverishness to match the man that stood over her. Her hands raised to rest against the man's bare chest, her fingers easily danced over his skin to feel that tautness of those muscles she had only recently discovered. She was well aware of that hand as he fell upon her thigh with such teasing closeness to the very part of the young woman that felt far more alive then Chizue was certain it ever had, if she really paid attention, that is. Rather, the girl was all too eager to meet each and every kiss offered to her, at least until he pulled away from her. That pant upon his lips was hardly ignored, her own breath hardly as steady as it had been earlier. That inquiry, however, prompted an almost pensive look upon her features, at least until that touch of the man beneath those jeans fully distracted her. That idle comment was met with warm laughter upon her lips as her fingers drifted towards the man's waist band. "Shut up, silly." She uttered with a hint of giddiness, her fingers undoing the buttons on his jeans with a certain sort of ease, only to push them off of his hips and, in turn, let them join her own clothes on the floor. Was she ready for this? Presently, yes. Tomorrow morning, however, was an entirely different matter.


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