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Wake up to your dreams
And watch them come true

Although Nadya did not wish for Frost to see the tears which fell so readily, she could not deny the comfort that his presence brought. It had been a very long time indeed that she felt there was someone truly in her corner. With her fingers interlaced with his she was able to bring herself to spill those worries which weighed heavily on her. It did seem that the treatment towards the twins struck much deeper than those gruff words her brother had directed at her. Nadya sniffed slightly and shook her head at Frost’s attempt at comfort. “I just…thought he was past that. Seems in the face of it all to have just been a lie.” It broke her. The last tie to her parents, that Tetradore bloodline, gone for good and it was a devastating feeling.

Nadya worried that with her brother’s insistence on a meeting with Frost that it would be her brother’s eyes she could be looking into in the heat of a battle. All because of being unable to move on and count their blessings. The young woman wanted desperately to believe in Frost’s reassurance that he would be fine during a meeting. She knew he was plenty capable and strong enough to fight but fretted over the idea of a trap.

She blinked away those tears as Frost lifted her chin to steal that light affectionate kiss from her. “No, you have always delivered.” Nadya managed to whisper through a soft sigh as she leaned her shoulder into his. “I can’t protect everyone…but I can protect this.” Her soft gaze fell on the twin’s still sleeping peacefully. No longer would she care what happened to those in the Nightshade pack. They would have to deal with whatever bed they dig themselves. “Can you help me get them upstairs?” They were getting quite heavy for her to manage on her own.

Nadya slowly peeled up from her spot and scooped Micah up into her arms, waiting for Frost to gather Izzy then heading up to their room. She had hired the same muralist that had done their room in the condo to replicate the forest scene in their new room. Everything she could do to make the transition to the new pack easier for them she did including keeping their bedroom exactly the same. Nadya tucked the small boy into his bed before joining Frost’s side. “Do you think they’ll hate me? When they get older and they are away from their blood?” She frowned deeply at the thought of her children hating her for the decisions she made in concern for their safety.

Nadya Tetradore


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