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It doesn’t take long before Lani is descending the stairs and entering the dining room once more, dressed in the winter attire Ida found for the woman. A small smile plays on the corners of his lips as he watches her carefully, excitement seeming to dance in her eyes. Their lunch encounter seemed to be entirely forgotten, at least for the moment. If Andras admitted to himself, he was rather excited to show Lani his home and perhaps even a bit nervous. An outsider had never set foot in his home; no one other than his court was allowed to. So, the Fae offers her an arm and he’s delighted when she takes it with no hesitancy. As the door swings open, that winter air touches their bare skin and they step out onto that brick path, the door snicking shut behind them. His dark eyes travel down towards Lani as she takes in the snow and covered trees. When her musical voice falls on delicately pointed ears, he meets her gaze with his own dark eyes a quiet chuckle rolling off his tongue, “I was wondering when you were going to start plying me with questions,” he states, amusement glittering in his eyes.

There’a an open air about him now; this placed seemed to relax him, soften him around the edges. Here, he didn’t have to worry about being spied on or found. “We are a very long ways away from Sacrosanct,” he begins, continuing down that brick path, artfully made, “To put it simply, we are in another world,” he pauses, eyes darting down to Lani to gauge her reaction, “I can open doors that lead to other worlds or simple pocket dimensions such as this place. This place used to be a barren and winter wasteland, nothing lived here, nothing existed until I got here. It takes an immense amount of energy to redefine a world and it took me… it took me a very long time to do it. It’s still a work in progress,” he smiles softly down at her, prepared for the rest of the questions she might have. Andras never though in all his life he might be explaining his magic to anyone, let alone a human girl and yet, here he was, strolling arm in arm with her.

As she moves on to another question, he doesn’t hesitate in their walk on that path. He merely is silent in return as he contemplates it. Honestly, he never had a need to contact the outside world unless it was his court. With the way the modern world was perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea, “No, there’s no way to contact the outside world unless you return. However, I’m certain I could create something in order to get in contact with someone if you wanted to,” he nods down at Lani, shifting his arm to better accommodate her small hand in the crook of his elbow. There is a comfortable silence that follows, his hazel eyes dancing with amusement, “I’m honestly surprised Lani, darling, you’ve hardly asked any questions. Are you sure you’re feeling alright?” He teases her casting a wink down at the girl. The path finally slopes upward as they begin to ascend, his well trained frame not winded in the slightest, instead a glimmer of excitement begins to toy in his features, his eyes continuing to dart down at the girl and back up in preparation.

Perhaps the girl who looked at him and didn’t see a monster would also find beauty in this world.

Picking his pace up slightly, careful not to drag Lani he looks down at her once more and boosts a smile, his white teeth shining in the sunlight just as the reach the top of the hill. Pausing at the top, he sweeps his arm out, gesturing to what lay below them in the valley. Smoke from chimneys filled the air, the sound of laughing children could be heard even by human years, people strolling in the street shopping, some flying while others merely sprouted wings and others had none. A sprawling city. A city he had hid from the world for centuries. Turning to look at Lani, there’s a bit of wariness in his eyes though excitement is still the most predominate emotion etched into his features, “You once asked me where my home was,” he murmured quietly, his eyes searching her face for a reaction, “Welcome to my home, Civitas Somnia; The City Of Dreams.”

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