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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Gentle curiosity flickers within those baby blues from beneath those thick lashes as she looks up to the dark fae man, wondering why it was that he would care that the young woman would have spoken of him? The two women had hardly known each other for more than a few days so far and so the opportunity to query about love interests or crushes hadn't made the list of top things they wanted to know about the other. She'd figured that it was only a matter of time before the sweet younger woman with long, flowing hair the hue of pure wild honey would ask about those private matters over some tea or coffee while they sat there on Beylani's black futon for a girl's night indoors. The weather was slowly growing colder, almost gloomy as winter clawed hungrily at the hide of the remaining weeks of fall where the two seemed locked in a battle of wills. Soon, there would be more rain than sunshine and running around the city wouldn't be quite as enjoyable as it was now though the drizzles were becoming ever more frequent with the occasionally drenching downpour. And so, the blue-eyed blonde felt fairly confident that there would be plenty of days the pair would be locked away in the warmth of the small apartment or perhaps the roomier confines of Elain's townhouse a little more northeast of where Riverdale was located. She hadn't wandered through the district of Hawthorne Village, but she had promised the younger woman that she would come over for dinner sometime soon, and as Andras surely knew by now, when she made a promise she would keep it until her dying day. Truthfully, she anticipated having to try and explain that special man in her life without giving too much away, unsure of just how much the younger woman knew of the supernatural world though she couldn't help feeling as though she was much more aware than Beylani was herself, even with the dark fae man opening up that figurative door to a whole other world she didn't know existed those weeks ago. He speaks again, satin smooth tenor tones falling effortlessly from his lips as dark hazels eyes glitter teasingly."Should I have told her about the tall, dark, and handsome fae man in my life?", she speaks softly, daringly, a single arched brow lifting in playful question. She'd nearly said more than she was ready to, almost daring to ask him if she should have spilled out readily how there was a mysterious and oh, so captivating far man in her life that so often consumed every waking moment when she was not able to drown herself in that ever-enduring love of photography, how there was someone that captivated her like no one ever had...

Just like clockwork, midnight tones break that train of thought that has again started to run away with her as he explains exactly what it was his original words had meant. She blinks in surprise, wondering if perhaps there had been something she'd missed about Elain. She looked absolutely and entirely human, baring now lightly pointed ears to suggest that she might be fae or pointed teeth when she smiles as radiantly as she did that might have revealed her to be a vampire - and how very grateful she was that the younger woman wasn't an undead, still haunted by what had happened that night on Halloween - and so she'd figured that she'd appeared ordinary enough that it would be a sage guess to assume that she was as human as Beylani was. Again, she'd been wrong which she seemed determined to make a world record on. A dark hunter.... That just didn't seem like Elain, the young woman being so sweet and so friendly, and she nearly expects Andras to scold her but instead he simply offers her a gentle word of warning, seeming to be far from concerned about the nature of the honey-blonde. If he wasn't worried, then she saw absolutely no reason why she should be and so she simply smiles as he encouraged her to ask Elain more about herself."You certainly don't have to tell me twice on asking questions", she replies confidently in those sterling tones of hers as she reaches for his offered arm, so very content to remember walking like this with him twice before. There was something about him, and the nearness of his strong frame against her own that she found herself comforted by, yet she did her best not to show it too much for fear that he might see what she was still very much trying to figure out herself. She teases him then as they begin to walk to wherever it was he would take her and she can see that familiar delight igniting within those hazels that narrow down to her. She boldly meets them in their look, almost disregarding what had happened last time she'd tempted him too far and his velvet words make her falter, though she is quick to defiantly hold fast to that boldness she knew he desired to break through. It was indeed becoming a game between the two of them, the other determined to out-do the other in the exchange of daring words and for a moment she thinks she's won."I suppose I can forgive you this once", she answers him, that sweet smile shifting into something impish and playful in nature as she pauses only briefly."I am certainly anxious to visit the lodge again, to see Ida and the snow again though I'm afraid my parents might wonder where I've gone if you keep me too long", she continues, baby blues never wavering away from those dark hazels.

Andras grins wickedly down to her now and she feels her heart quicken again after having settled from the initial surprise of finding him there at the bottom of her stairwell, and just when she'd thought she had won at last, again he conquers her and she feels that boldness she'd held shatter as his voice grows dark and low as those words slip from him like silk wrapping in sultry slowness around her mind as it suddenly and unbidden takes her back to the bed and the fireplace that had burned warmly in the background. Her fantasy does not return her to this exact moment in time however when he dares to ask her how she would like to experience him, and for a moment she dared to think of what the lips might feel like on her neck.... As his words always seemed to do so effortlessly, fair-skinned cheeks become warm as that blush colors them."That's not what I meant, you are definitely enough... I just, ummmm", she stammers shyly answer she finds that while she tries to tear her gaze away from his, she can't."I just meant that I'd like to know more about fae things - and not those kinds of fae things. You know, traditions and such", she says as she tries to gather herself again, that boldness struggling to conceal the place that his words had taken her thoughts to. She couldn't lie to herself that she wanted to experience him as he so boldly and daringly implied, but she didn't want to make a fool of herself, didn't want to make real the rejection she would surely receive from such brave and utterly true words. She didn't have a chance... right? She nearly breaths a soft sigh of relief as they come upon the coffee shop and enter, the scents seems to distract him from pursing her words further from the time being and she would happily seize this chance to collect herself again. She was determined to out-do him somehow, she just needed to figure out how. She listens curiously as he places his own order and for one reason or another finds it rather fitting that he would order tea and they move over to the other end of the counter where they wait for their drinks. His next string of words take her almost by surprise, but she is quick to remind herself that he was centuries older than herself and she realizes then that he very well may be honest in not being up to date on the latest things to be done on a human birthday."I never actually thought about that until just now... Do fae folk not celebrate birthdays then? That's an awful lot of birthdays. Are there any fae holidays your kind celebrate?", she asks curiously, finding that this question would buy her just enough time for that flush to vanish from her features.

Before she can pry further, he changes the subject and she is distracted from that curiously as she speaks of the lodge again and she can feel that smile of hers grow with delight. She was eager to return to that place, to return to Somnia. There was so much to explore, and she had undeniably become very fond of the older fae woman there."Perhaps tomorrow we might be able to go, ubess that's too soon of course. I'm sure that Elain would be able to look after Chika from a few days", she replies as he moves away from her to retrieve their drinks, placing a sleeve over her own cup as she hands it to her and she accepts it graciously. She takes a sip and sighs contentedly, this birthday already promising to be better than the one before it. She takes his arm again as he speaks with laughter in his voice and she tilts her head curiously as they exist the coffee shop."So fae folk are extra sensitive to smells? What about sounds?", she asks curiously, taking a other drink of that warm liquid that went straight to her soul be feeling her thoughts falter again. What if he said yes? What would that mean? What if he could hear her heartbeat, or worse yet her thoughts? She inwardly steadies herself, assuring herself that he couldn't hear her thoughts... right? Again his words more or less save the blue-eyed blonde and she simply smiles sweetly up to him. Shopping with Andras... She had to tell herself that they were just friends enjoying the day together and noting more as they now walk in the direction of the northern district where surely she'd find something nice to wear though she finds herself curious as to where he was taking her. They walk past a few department stores as he speaks of how he hadn't gotten her anything for her birthday, again teasing that flush to her cheeks as he offers her five questions if she'd rather not have him. She knew what she would have chosen, but she quickly pushes those rising thoughts away yet again."Starting now? Or do the previous questions count?", she asks with shy laughter in her sterling voice to cover up the bashfulness as she again sidesteps from those... more passionate images that his words awoke. His hazel gaze shifts from her to a particular store and as he announces this as their next destination, he leads them into the store full of brand names and fancy things, Beylani also disposing her cup in the nearby trash bin. Hmmmm. I hope they have a clearance section.... Suddenly they are approached by a woman who could have been the complete crated opposite of the blue-eyed blonde, so very confident in every step as she moves with ease over to them, her gaze only glancing briefly to her before they hone in on what surely had attracted her attention to begin with. She suddenly feels that much more uncertain of what she meant to him as the woman nearly fawns over him and so she decides to distract herself by looking at the rack of dresses not far from them. It was when she asks if he was shopping with his girlfriend that her attention is snatched away from those fine articles but she forces herself not to look to the woman, doesn't even turn to look at Andras for fear she would see wanting in his gaze.

He answers the woman then, and only then does her baby blue gaze snap back to Andras' dark hazels. Did he just... No, he didn't actually say it, he just agreed with her..... That doesn't mean anything... She smiles shyly up to him, feeling that lightness in her heart for a moment before snapping herself out of that idea that he could have actually meant it. Clearly he simply wasn't interested in the woman and had just used Beylani as his way of avoiding conversation... right? She doesn't even hear the woman reply to Andras before she moves away, that wry and wicked grin leaving her speechless for a moment. There he was again, trying to get that flush to rise on her cheeks once more! Just how much did he truly get pleasure from making her melt beneath those ever suggestive looks and wickedly smooth words!? Her smile turns impish again as that boldness returns and she moves to place her hand over his chiseled chest, thick lashing blinking slowly over baby blues."Yes, well, I certainly don't mind the pet name, sweetheart", she answers daringly as she plays his little game though she even surprises herself at the last word to roll effortlessly off her tongue. She steps away from him then before he can see the blush that colors her cheeks only slightly at her own boldness, almost fearful of just how might try and top that because she was nearly entirely certain he would. She wanders by the false models, baby blue eyes distracting her as she eyes each dress. She wanted it to be classy, maybe elegant even... Then, she finds the little black strapless dress among the brighter colors. She pauses, removing it from the rack to admire the silk material and how the floral lace on the sides would show only tantalizing peeks at the skin beneath it. It was certainly elegant, but not overbearingly so to where she couldn't wear it for more than one occasion. It was bold, though it didn't reveal too much, or so she thought anyway. It would make the perfect outfit with the black heels she'd seen upon their entrance into the department store as well. She moves over to a nearby mirror and holds the dress up against her, wondering just what she might look like in it."I wonder if he would like it...", she ponders quietly to herself, certain that Andras might have wandered over to the men's section where the back of her mind now wonders if this was where he purchased most of those dresses slacks and expensive looking jackets he seemed to enjoy wearing, though in the moment she wouldn't expect any less from a High Lord of Faeiries.

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