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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

Excitement bubbles just beneath the surface of those baby blue eyes as they looked up to the overcast sky, not a spot of blue the be seen. While the young woman always enjoyed the crisp cold of winter, there was no denying that she always missed the clear blue skies of spring and summer. It would only be a few more months of rain and snow - at least, here in Sacrosanct, in this world. She finds her mind already carrying her to that beautiful place she would soon be returning to and how it made her feel like a little kid again, waiting for her mother and father to finish getting ready so that the family could make the long road trip to the zoo in Concordia. They had to drive nearly as long as she had when the young woman moved to Sacrosanct all those weeks ago, but Concordia wasn't anywhere near as large as this concrete jungle that the blue-eyed blonde still found herself getting turned around in. One would think that after having lived her this long, all those streets would have become familiar to her. She didn't go adventuring through the city as much compared to when she'd first arrived as a fresh, new face in an ever churning sea of unknown faces. She had managed to secure herself a part time job working at her favorite local café, Inner Sanctum and though her manager Alexander was hardly the warm and friendly type, she still appreciated him for allowing her the opportunity to work for him. But other than going between the café, Hyde Park, her favorite farmer's market that she considered to be not too unlike the many stands that would be found set up on the dirt roads of Willowhaven, and back to her small apartment where Chika eagerly waited for her return, the young woman was establishing a routine that helped make everything feel that much more like home. Yet of all these places that she frequented, there was a very special place in her heart for Somnia, for that townhouse that Andras made his residence that served as the gateway for the world away from this one. Never would there be a place she would rather run to when she needed to escape the crowd and cluster of city life than that winter wonderland that left her breathless and feeling so alive.

Hardly bothering to keep track of the time that ticked slowly by, she looks away from those heavy pewter clouds above that threatened to drench the world below in a life-giving rain when she gets that feeling. It was something she couldn't even begin to explain and it was so very subtle that she'd almost missed that sensation of warmth that brushes against her, chasing away the cold for the most fleeting of moments. It was that feeling she was only ever touched by when the fae man was nearby, and sure enough the handsome man appears around the street corner and she does nothing to try and hide the radiant smile that finds blush-colored lips, baby blue eyes sparkling with delight at the sight of him. He had impeccable timing as always, and like always she could feel her heart leap a little in her chest as he closed the distance between them. She pushes away from the sedan she'd been leaning patiently against when he's standing before her, that ever familiar lazy smile etching itself across those chiseled features that could only belong to him, stir in the young woman those thoughts and feelings she always found herself fighting to control. He dips his head to her as only a fae king of over one thousand years would and she finds herself returning his gesture, elegantly curled blonde locks brushing against her shoulders in the gentle yet cold breeze that brushes against them now. Perhaps I should have gone with an extra layer or two. Midnight tenor tones draw her from the cold that she could almost entirely forget about as he greets her and she offers him that sweet smile that always seemed to find her own features."It's hard not to be when I know where we're going", she says brightly in reply. His next string of smoothly spoken words has her nodding and when he reaches for her hand, she can't help that warmth that seems to wash over her, trying to do what she could to keep that sweet smile from growing. Maybe if he noticed, he would just think it was from excitement. That was what she was hoping for, anyway. She keeps pace with him as they walk towards his townhouse and when he speaks once again, this time bringing up the matter of how she seemed to be void of a hangover, her cheeks grow flush against the cold winter air as she grins almost sheepishly up at the fae man."Ellie left me a text message telling me to take a cool shower. I didn't feel the best, but thankfully that shower did the trick", she went on to explain as she pauses briefly. She certainly hadn't had enough to make her forget what she'd nearly said to him when he'd taken his jacket off to reveal that fitted white shirt beneath it."I didn't make too much of a fool of myself last night, did I?", she asks almost hesitantly now, finding herself dreading anything that she might have said that she didn't remember after dinner. God, I hope I didn't say anything stupid... or about other things.. He frees her from that train of thought as he laughs almost gently in amusements he remarks about her clothes and it encourages a light and airy note of laughter from her own lips."You're probably right. Guess I didn't think about wearing a couple extra layers", she admits easily as she allows for him to take the bag from her. It wasn't that long ago since last she'd been to Somnia and she'd regretted her clothing choice and she was sure she would once again though it always seemed that Ida was ready to accommodate the young woman with extra clothes.

Most of their walk is spent in comfortable silence as she allows her smaller frame to brush ever so lightly against his own as they move easily along the paved sidewalk, her mind already having run far ahead of them as she thinks of the Winter Solstice Festival and all the snow that covered the gently rolling hills and dressed that rustic evergreens. When was the last time she had been so excited about something like this, about something that was like Christmas? She loved the holiday seasons for the family and the laughter that came with it, but this year she would be experiencing something entirely new and in part to that very thought she could say that it was largely responsible for most of her eagerness that nearly had her running towards the townhouse with Andras in tow. The other large factor in consideration to that light that illuminated her baby blues beneath thick lashes that would blink slowly, happily up at the fae man as they drew ever closer to their destination was that she would be sharing this new experience with him... Even if they were nothing more than friends despite the feelings she now understood to be more than that, she was just happy that he'd be there to show her another part of the world that steadily grew more and more familiar to her. They reach the townhouse and he guides her inside, his hand still holding onto hers though she reflexively squeezes his hand ever so slightly in eager anticipation as he moves over to the garage door that she knew would open the portal to Somnia. When he releases his hold of her for a moment to shift that item and the swirling mass of shadow and distantly howling wind roars to life, there is that alight apprehension as baby blues look into the pitch black of it. Andras takes her hand again and she is thankful for it, for those words as he speaks to her and she gives a small nod as they move into it. It felt like gravity was crashing down on her and she closes her eyes tightly against the foreign sensation that made it feel as though she were trekking through walls. She can feel herself becoming disoriented with that spinning sensation, and just before that feeling started to turn into nausea, they are freed and she feels the brisk cold air against her face once more. She opens her eyes then and she again has to tell herself not to give in to that desire to run ahead of him when her baby blues find the lodge, that bright smile returning to her blush-colored lips and almost instantly forgets her slight lightheadedness. It had gone better than the first time where she'd nearly been sick to her stomach but even she had been astonished by her resilience when she didn't hurl into the snow on the side of the path. It is Andras who squeezes her hand lightly and brings her baby blues back to those dark hazels bright with concern that touches her. An affectionate smile finds her lips as her gaze softens gently."I'm okay. A little light-headed but it was definitely easier this time", she answers with softly spoken words as they move along the paved pathway cutting through the snow, nearing the main door to her favorite place away from home.

Not more than a fleeting moment after the front door opens is she greeted by the older fae woman rushing forward to meet them, her sweet voice so reminiscent of her late grandmother's as she sweeps the young woman up into a hug that is returned with just as much love and excitement."Ida! It feels like it's been so long!", she greets the fae woman brightly, just like how she used to as a little girl arriving at her grandmother's house to spend the weekend. Ida then takes the bag from Andras and Beylani is happy to let the woman sweep her away as they move away from the front door with arms locked together. They pause as Andras apologizes, explaining that he still have some business to tend to and the young woman just smiles at him."That's okay, Andras. I understand", she answers sweetly. Sure, she'd been excited about seeing it today, but she would be content to amuse herself with the snow outside and talking with Ida afterwards. All she knew she absolutely needed was to go and play in that white powder that seemed to whisper her name temptingly. She giggles quietly with amusement in her eyes as Ida and Andras exchanged words before Ida is leading her away. How she adored the fae woman like she'd known her since she was a little girl. Andras calls over his shoulder and Beylani turns to glance over her shoulder to give him a gentle smile before he disappears. Suddenly, Ida's gentle touch and bright voice have the blue-eyed blonde swinging her head around as they enter into the living room and she nearly falters, her breath catching as she takes in the large room."Who...", is all she manages to say as her gaze trails over the garland and the lights as they seem to bring every part of the room together, but it was the tree at the heart of it all that has her completely speechless. Adorned with glass ornaments, lights, and glimmering silver garland, it was a sight to behold. I thought fae folk didnt celebrate Christmas... Maybe that is just what they do for the Winter Solstice Festival. The fae woman's words bring shocked baby blues to Ida's own face. He did all this for her?! Was that really true? Surely he had another reason... Still struck speechless, Ida leads Beylani up those familiar stairs and down the hallway where the memory of that day come swarming back and then they move through the doorway and into the very room that she'd found Andras in, the fireplace crackling with life and only intensifying that memory, those fair-skinned cheeks beginning to grow warm as she finds herself unable to push away that moment...

Until it is the bright voice of Ida that is the welcomed distraction the young woman needed to push it away, bringing baby blues to the fae woman and realizing that she was looking down at the festively dressed gift. Offering an almost shy smile to the woman, Beylani picks up the gift and places it on the nightstand beside the bed."Oh, it's a gift that I made for Andras. I was going to give it to him today before we went to the Winter Solstice Festival, but it can wait until tomorrow. I just hope he likes it", she speaks softly as she admires the gift thoughtfully for a moment. Ida's next string of words has the young woman dismissing the gift for now and her eyes light up as the tender and thoughtful smile that had unknowingly danced across blush-colored lips shifts into one that is brighter. She has her own room here? Hadn't Andras mentioned before that the rooms were intended for those of his court? She certainly wasn't a faeiry... It didn't matter, though. If he saw fit to give Beylani her very own room, she would graciously accept - even if those darker thoughts found her preferring Andras' room if only for the fact that it was where he slept when he was here in Somnia, and she always wanted to be near his things if not him."Thank you! I love it just as it is", she says radiantly, those words having so much meaning to them then."Would there be any thicker jackets in the closet by chance? I've been thinking about that snow outside since last night", she asks eagerly though she does her best to not feel compelled to run down those stairs this very moment and out into that wonderland that called to her. She was going to be here for a couple days since she didn't have to return back to Sacrosanct until Thursday which was still four days away, so she would have all the time in the world that visit with the fae woman, especially if Andras was going to be occupied until who knows when. There was already so much she wanted to do, so many things she wanted to see, so much she wanted to know that she felt almost like she would burst with excitement as she stood there with Ida, forcing herself that remain ever patient.

Beylani Rose~
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