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dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat

It had taken time for that darkness of slumber to find her, but oblivious entirely to the restlessness of the fae man as he paced back and forth in that room of his, she’d found herself running to that place in her heart and her mind that was hardly ever far from her anymore. In that place so hidden from the eyes of the one that so had her heart even if he neither knew or wanted it, those fantasies were free to wander as they so desired. There, everything she foolishly hoped to have with him was almost so real that she might try and reach out for them. Almost. She knew they were nothing but empty yearnings that would go unheard and unfulfilled. She knew that dreaming of such things would only prove to be torture to a degree, self-inflicted wounds that were only promising to find her in that awaiting reality when the day would come that she would find him declaring his feelings for another, but it was impossible for the woman to fight them anymore, especially after that night. It could have been the best night of her life, allowing for the one she wanted more than the air she breathed to take her in a way that only he could unless she fell for another after Andras moved on from her and with someone more beautiful, someone immortal that he could share his unending existence with. Perhaps the worst part of all this was that she anticipated that heartbreak to be so devastating that she would never find love anywhere else except in those dark hazel eyes that she’d grown to look for in every waking and sleeping moment. She couldn’t see herself moving on from him like she could see him moving on from her, and it was enough to make her heart ache. She didn’t want to let go of those feelings that he made her feel, and how the blue-eyed blonde desperately wished with every heartbeat that maybe, just maybe, he would love her back if she willed it enough. Yet even then, she knew deep down, beyond those feelings, she would never want to see him unhappy, never want to see him hurting, even if watching him with someone else killed her. Such selfish thoughts for someone that has always been so selfless in all that she said and did for those that she cared for, such a notion surely to have anyone who knew the young woman laughing lightly in amusement.

As she sits there on that couch, her gaze lost in the twinkling lights of that Christmas tree, she wanted to think that he’d done all this for her. She can remember how Ida had told her that the fae king had gone about seeing that the decorations were done by his hands, and it was hard for her not to smile tenderly as she tried to imagine the man hanging up those delicate orbs that seemed to glow beneath the white lights that weaved around the tree. She tries to wonder what it was that he had thought when he’d taken it upon himself to make the lodge so festive, trying to tell herself that perhaps the Winter Solstice Festival wasn’t too unlike the human holiday, and she welcomes the distractions given by those gentle curiosities, turning to look out those large windows to the rolling hills of glittering white beneath the sunlight. She couldn’t see Somnia from here, but as she pondered what the village would look like, what the fae folk did to celebrate this special time of the year for them, she couldn’t help but imagine with sparkling baby blues. Fae children giggling delightedly as they ran through the cobblestone streets, so insistent on helping the elder fae people prepare for the coming festivities. Would the shops be filled to the brim with the delectable aromas of freshly baked treats, accompanied by the sizzling of food being cooked? Would there be lights strung all throughout the lamp posts and buildings much like that quite little rural town of Willowhaven? Her hometown had always been eager for the holiday season, decorating just about every little thing they could. Freshly baked gingerbread would waft into the street from the local bakery. Children made snowmen all throughout the town, dressing them in scarves. Almost every home was dressed in brilliant lights, decorative reindeer and Santa Clause figures in just about every yard. In Willowhaven, Christmas was just another reason to gather together and be thankful for family, friends, and good food. But what of Somnia and its regard for the Winter Solstice Festival? I guess I’ll have to wait and see for myself, she thinks quietly to herself as she sits in quiet excitement.

So very distracted with eager thoughts of what the day would hold for her and the man that had her heart, she doesn’t hardly hear the sound of another moving down the hallway. She assumes that it was just Ida tending to whatever she did in such a bright and blissful manner that it only deepened Beylani’s adoration for the fae woman. It is only when the sound of soft footsteps drawing closer manages to catch her attention that she turns her gaze to find him crossing the room with hand shoved in his pocket and that ever familiar wicked grin etched into his handsome features. Almost on cue, those memories of last night overwhelm her and she feels that flush coloring fair-skinned cheeks as her gaze travels along his frame, remembering with ease the way he’d looked bare in those warm waters, her heart faltering in her breast as it seemed to do so often around him and beneath the images of him, the remembrance of his hands on her skin and his lips pressed against her own. Or even at just the thought of him, really. Those midnight tenor tones that send a subtle shudder through the young woman have her offering him a bright smile as she fights to control those feelings that come rushing forward with a force that nearly has her feeling weak already."Good morning, Andras.”, she greets him warmly. She regards him once more, finding that those messy dark locks only made him that much more handsome, and surprised to see how those magnificent wings seemed to hold themselves a little prouder, seemed to gleam a little more than she remembers. Suddenly, that boldness rises and she can’t help the impish smile that she gives him, thick lashes fluttering over baby blues after she’d appreciated his appearance for their day to be spent together.”I could ask you the same thing”, she purrs back at him then as she lifts a brow teasingly before her expression softens once more. He asks her if she was ready as he helps her from that place where she sat and her gaze glitters in wordless reply.”Very much so”, she answers eagerly, that warmth filling her entirely as he takes her hand in his and they exist the lodge and step out into the winter wonderland that she found herself always yearning to be in. When they begin to walk down that paved path, those satin tenor tones of the fae man draw her gaze back up to his and those memories come flooding back. She remembers how she’d felt under his touch, how his lips tasted… how she’d wanted him then and she had been certain he wanted her… A soft and affectionate smile finds her lips.”I slept well. After I managed to fall asleep, that is. And that was half the battle, really”, she answers shyly, pausing for a moment.”Did you sleep well?”, she asks him then, hesitation finding her voice then as she searches those familiar hazel depths. Would he tell her if his night had been restless at first, just as hers had been, or would he lie? Maybe he hadn’t even had any troubles at all… After all, she was almost entirely certain that he’d been with other women in that sense before, so why would he be restless over such a moment of wanting that might even have been one-sided? She finds she is almost afraid of that answer he would give, but she wanted to know…

Beylani Rose~
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