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sebastian ellington

The vampire more often than not made a point to avoid those more rural parts of the world. For most of his life, he operated under the radar, so to speak. Those more isolated parts of the world tended to have fewer people to hunt, were quicker to notice his presence, and, as he now discovered, lacked those musical instruments that were such a large part of his very being. Places like that tiny town Abigail spoke of were the exact sort of places that Sebastian tended to avoid. Still, he remained politely silent upon his own thoughts of how much he abhorred those very small towns, the Englishman entirely content to allow his guest to eye the decor of that so rarely used dining room. He was hardly surprised by Arlo's clear confusion on the number of forks that rested beside each perfectly symmetrical dish. What he didn't anticipate, however, was the sudden declaration that he would be required to assist Arlo in the acquisition of that cutlery that the man had clearly lacked. It was, surely, that combined encouragement from his fiance and Abigail near immediately prompted Sebastian to give in to their demands, even if he was relatively certain Arlo couldn't care in the slightest about that cutlery.

Thankfully, his assurances seemed enough to satisfy the pair, allowing his own attention to turn towards Arlo at the man's almost sardonic remark. A soft snort left his nose, those blue eyes rolled in the process. "Apparently so." He commented, though even Sebastian's tone was hardly without that distinct adoration for his fiancé. Admittedly, there was distinctly little he would not do for the fae Monarch - asked or not. His gaze slowly drifted from his lover at that certainly softer tone to Arlo's words, that topic at hand certain drew his interest. He had a sneaking suspicion that matters would go this way. After all, it had been clear from the beginning that Arlo had held some affection for his pet, and now that said pet happened to be a rather lovely young woman, to want to explore those very feelings seemed the next logical step. That suggestion to start by simply complimenting the girl prompted a sort of wide-eyed look upon Arlo's features, one that brought a small chuckle to his own lips. It wasn't often that he was given the chance to see Arlo so flustered, admittedly, he always enjoyed watching that very love unfold for the couple. After all, Sebastian remembered well what that dating had been like before Dorian or himself had openly admitted their feelings for one another.

It was, perhaps, an almost dirty move to threaten the man with stealing that very flattery and yet, that scowl well assured him that it had served to actually force his companion's hand. Heaven forbid Abigail heard such praise from their lips before Arlo's own. An almost innocent shrug crossed the vampire's shoulders, at that rather tame warning. It certainly wasn't beyond Sebastian to dare to do just that, if Arlo so failed to inform the woman before the night was through. Even so, he listened with near-infinite patience as Arlo informed him of just where he stood in that relationship with the girl, that 'friend-zone' was one he was near certain Arlo had certainly assisted in placing himself. Still, his own advice as to how to move past it was almost….obvious, though, so was much of his advice to date. That look of defeat upon Arlo's features was painfully clear to the man, his own blue eyes followed Arlo's down the table and towards his own fiancé. That feeling Arlo had spoken of was one he knew decidedly well, after all, Dorian was...nothing short of perfection. He was kind and gracious and poised and dignified and confident...the list, he was sure, could go on for some time. "All the damn time," Sebastian muttered softly in response.

His own thoughts were so tempted to linger in that same mysteriously dark place as Arlo's, the man entirely uncertain exactly how he had gotten so lucky to be afforded such a gift as Dorian at his side for the rest of his immortal life. That sudden sound of Arlo's voice, however, slowly drew his gaze back towards Arlo. His head bobbed ever so slightly in understanding of Arlo's idle comment that, occasionally, these very thoughts had a fashion of so tearing him down. Still, he could hardly help that warm simper that once again crossed his lips at the man's willingness to at least attempt to make a move on that very girl he clearly wanted. It was that which surely contributed to the observation of Abigail's decidedly….innocent nature, on that he was sure came from sexual inexperience. Frankly, he'd thought it had been a rather apparent perception. "Isn't it obvious?" He inquired, his own eyebrows raising ever so slightly. Arlo's admittance that he had suspected it only further helped to confirm his own suspicions - so he had noticed. That question of how he noticed, however, caused yet another snort of amusement to leave his nose. "The girl blushed at our mere existence, Arlo, come on." Such a reaction was...rare on those who had partaken of those activities between the sheets, their thoughts more inclined to venture hungrily to those more sensual places.

It was that inquiry of whether or not he'd been with a virgin, however, that prompted an almost knowing smirk upon the vampire's features. Those sexual conquests had been little more than a checklist in his bachelor days, one he had more than eagerly worked his way down. "Several." He admitted, entirely certain that he had quite near ruined sex for them for an eternity. After all, no mortal man could surely compare to those feelings his venom alone was capable of producing, much less his own abilities in bed. Even after stealing that memorable moment, however, Sebastian had left them all with the same easy as he always had. To bed a virgin and stay afterward, somehow made the affair all the more meaningful. "Tread carefully, Arlo." Sebastian continued with a rather perceptive look in his eye. That conversation, however, near abruptly came to an end as that bowl of salad was placed before them, the Englishman offered an appreciative word to his servant before picking up his own fork. His blue eyes remained steady upon his vampiric companion, however, as he took his own first bite of that dressed lettuce. That inquiry of whether or not he had made it prompted that smug grin upon his features all over again. "Of course not, Elizabeth made it, I merely….assisted." The Englishman responded, entirely pleased to provide his companion with that very delight he had taken in that evening Dorian had arranged for dinner at that restaurant targeted to their kind.

He watched as Arlo near devoured that salad, his blue eyes briefly turned towards Dorian. He could hardly help that small simper that settled upon his features as his gaze met those silver eyes he so adored, as fleeting as that singular glance was. Sebastian's attention fluttered in those moments after towards the couple across the table from him, the man entirely content to watch that small interaction between the two. It was almost painfully clear how such a simple comment so flustered the young Abigail and yet, for tonight, it seemed Dorian was altogether willing to save her from that embarrassment by that mention of that very song they had spoken of several nights ago. "Ah, yes, Dorian and I have...come across a gig for you, if you want it, Arlo. I have to warn you though if you accept it would put your name and face on every magazine cover and tabloid in the world. I reckon even your old bandmates would see it…" A rather pointed glimpse was given towards his companion, the vampire entirely willing to hype up that very event of their wedding before they requested Arlo's presence, even if it surely wasn't warranted. After all, what a better way to get back at that band that had kicked him out than to become even more famous than they could, the Italian Monarch's wedding certainly capable of doing that very thing.


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