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Alexis50.125.75.243Posted On October 22, 2014 at 8:51 PM by CelticBubbles

I'm still catching up on all the different ways humans communicate. Raven is always straight forward with me and so is Tobi. I think we all have about the same understanding when it comes to language so maybe it's a were thing that we are built this way. I don't know. All I know is that he just called me Trixie and that is most definitely not my name. He sighs and I glance up, wondering what that was about. He almost seems frustrated about something. At his flat remark, I scowl and glance up to look at him.

"Why would you want death? Isn't the whole point to survive?"

I tilt my head, genuinely curious of his understanding. I don't run into much sarcasm so usually it is lost on me. I went by the way he stated it and since he didn't smirk or laugh or anything after, he must be serious, right? Submission is natural to me since I've never had the inclination to do anything else when challenged. As he smokes his cigarette, I look down and instantly I see a change in his demeanor. He drops the cigarette and I look back up in surprise, lifting one brow in silent questioning.

"Isn't that a waste?"

The whole bestiality thing hurts for some reason. It's a surprise that I even know what that means, honestly. He pushes, asking what kind of man I think he is. For some reason, the question pulls a small smile to my lips.

"I don't know quite yet."

I answer as I watch him from the corner of my eyes. He offers a smile in return and I find myself relaxing a little more. He goes on, asking for mercy and adds in about the cigarettes. I find my smile growing.

"If you don't already have it."

I add in, but the gleam in my eyes is playful. The moment I hear men's voices behind us though, my whole body does a double take, stiffening and moving closer to his own automatically. My head ducks as if they won't be able to see me, my eyes widening like a deer in the headlights as I glance up at him in puzzlement. Is it the same men? Are they still after me? I'm too scared to look. I can feel his own body reacting, his shoulders straightening and his jaw clenching and I know this must be how a strong person reacts to danger. They widen their stance instead of shriveling in like I do. He runs a hand through his hair, glancing at me before looking over his shoulder and I walk with bated breath, wondering what's going to happen next.

He suddenly tells me to get home and that he won't be long. I hesitate only up until he says that he'll be checking to make sure I'm okay afterwards. For some reason, that assurance makes it all okay as I nod in answer before bolting forward. I don't look back, but I can smell his adrenaline as he gets ready to face the men behind us. I turn a corner and once I know that I'm not being followed, at least for now, I shift, my bones crunching and reforming as a small scarlet fox rushes off into the night, heading for the house and sanctuary.

alexis wilde

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