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For Sunii <370.49.13.16Posted On January 18, 2017 at 9:25 PM by Megs

we stopped checking for monsters under our beds,

when we realized they were inside of us all along.

They touch. He growls, filled with want and need. A broken purr garbles on her lips as she feathers kisses against the marred skin of his cheek. He is perfect to her. Broken and ruined as he is. She thinks him beautiful. Would always think him so. He could never be less in her eyes. Never.

She longs to simply sink beneath the surface of his skin and lose herself within the darkness that consumes him. To comfort the ache. To soothe the sting that Erasi's rejection causes. She loves. Unsure how to portray her emotions. Her thoughts. So the silent girl bleeds into the background. A shimmering halo of moonlight, drowned within the sun.

Isare is torn. Both figuratively and literally. A piece of her breaks off to remain with Fenrir -- her tormented shadow boy. He would always be hers... and never. For Erasi would always be there...and she was ok with that. He was THEIRS. Just like they were his. Simple in their own minds and yet a complex triangle to everyone who could never understand.

Isare was Erasi. Erasi was Isare. Two halves of the same coin. A soul split apart. Never complete unless they were together. They loved...differently. Erasi BELONGED to her. She BELONGED to Erasi. She would move heaven and hell for her sister. Her soul. Her beloved. She would destroy everything should Erasi wish it. Everything and anything.

A scream rips itself free from her pale lips. Silent and haunting in a way few could understand. She feels broken. Less of herself. Damaged in a way she wasn't before. Her glowing eyes lift, grabbing hold of the insanity reflected back at her from a silver face.


She breathes it silently, pressing her pale figure against the damp tarnished skin of her beloved. Teeth break the skin on her face, but Isare only feels pleasure -- acute to the point of pain. She would take it all.

She listens as Erasi screams at Fenrir. Rages against invisible chains that bind her. Isare can see the struggle. The want and need for the connection and solace he could offer her. She watches silently as Erasi denies herself. Her pride and hurt getting in the way.

She moves closer, offering herself to Erasi's rage. A canvas for her soul to paint its rage.

Isare lifts her head and breathes against hollow where Erasi shoulder meets her neck. A silent presence -- a wordless acceptance of whatever her twin craved. She would take it and be grateful. Be glad that she was there to release the burden she had been to blind to notice before.

I'm here. Her mind whispers. Tendrils of darkness and shadow weaving about them in a cocoon of silence. A place where Erasi need not fear. Not anyone. Not anything.

Just let it go. She smiles into the silvery skin beneath her. The red rune in her pupil gleaming bloody light. I shall kill them all. For you. You need not ever fear again. My love. My light. My soul. A kiss between each silent word. A whisper of lips. A caress of darkness. Give it all to me. I will take it. Your rage. Your wrath. Your betrayal. The hurt. The ache. Give it to me. A gentle nip, a swirl of lips and tongue to soothe the pain. A reminder.

What happens to Isare in the darkness, she would never tell. When the darkness fades and Fenrir bleeds back into focus, she smiles. She chuffs, offering him the chance to come closer. To touch. To feel. Her eyes shift from his to Erasi. A garbled, chocked growl slipping from her lips.

Come here Fenrir. A silent plea. She looks to Erasi to tell him what she cannot.

Welcome home.

Iórkæll dværg

WereLion -- Male -- Single -- Played By SuniiDii


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