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Thing On April 21, 2017 at 2:47 PM by Brennan

welcome to the darkest side of the sun

Brennan saw the exotic dark haired woman work from across the room, he could practically feel the magic crackling like a livewire in the air. Witch. His senses never failed him, it was as prominent as the taste of whiskey on his tongue. He never had to go too far to find a supernatural creature abusing their unnatural powers for their own personal gain. Killing the innocent like serial killers, roaming free and doing whatever the fuck they wanted. Why should they be? Not when humans were thrown away in cages whenever they committed a crime. The same should be for these creatures, but they were better off dead. His motives were strong, his resolve unwavering. Perhaps he enjoyed their torment, as if making them pay for their own sins, making him just as the monsters he put down. It was as though every beast he killed would somehow bring her back, or somehow he would avenge her in some way. It never filled the void though but it sure as hell felt good for a second.

Silvery blue eyes never leave her, melting within the hordes of people to keep himself invisible from the creature. He waits, until the man sitting across from her stood up from a reading, his mind in a far off place, lost in his own thoughts. He stood there, arms crossed, a smirk on his face as if amused by a joke no one else knew. He moved quickly, moving the chair to find his seat slipping into the seat across from the woman. “Don’t you dare run, love. Or I will be forced to do something very unpleasant for you.” He flashes a roguish grin, his Irish lilt thick as if he hadn’t wasted a day away from his hometown in Ireland.

“It just isn’t fair that such a pretty little thing could be..” he leans forward, one hand reaching out to caress the edges of her deck of cards. He looks at her dead in the eyes, his eyes glittering with trouble and something unreadable. “A witch.” His voice is darker, harder even as if the very word was a curse. He wasn’t quite expecting her to be so pretty though. “Tell you what. Why don’t you read me my cards.. then read me yours. Then maybe I will let you be. I think that sounds more than fair.” He plays a little game with her, perhaps one could call it a morbid curiosity yanking at him. Impossible to ignore, impossible to ignore her. He slowly pulled out a handheld crossbow, small for moments like these and quiet. It was aimed at her beneath the table. The other hand playing with the first card on the top of her deck, twirling it within his fingers as if he was right at home. “Don’t try anything, love.” His eyebrows raise up, watching and waiting to see where she will go with this. An unspoken thread left his lips but his eyes said it all.

I know you are the only one

brennan o'connell

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