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i'm the hero of my own story, don't need a knight in shining armor

Only one moment, one look, and she'd known then and there as she had watched the bouncers lead him towards the door in some sort of assurance he wouldn't try and start more trouble they likely believed him to be the catalyst of, the French woman she wanted to know the man who had defended her. It didn't matter then that what he had done had been the right or wrong thing, all that mattered in those fleeting moments that followed were what would happen when she stepped after him and out of that burlesque into the cold night air. Compelled to thank him and yet there had been more intent behind the reason she followed him despite not knowing the first thing about him. She hadn't known who he was, what lingered in the shadows of his past, but where he'd been or who he might have been before that fateful night never once weighed in the back of the young dark-haired woman's mind. How unlike herself she had been in that moment, standing there with a strange man when she'd only ever had poor luck around those of the masculine sex, almost entirely driven to believe that good men were not of this world anymore, that in this day and age there was no such thing as the chivalry she'd read of a time or two. But, it was Taylor and Taylor alone who had saved her in a way that she didn't even know she'd needed as they lingered there together before she took that first ride on the Harley. Fierce and independent to her very core, Adelaide had refused to ever think or muse the idea she might ever need anything a man could offer her. She had once been so sure it would only be if she might ever find herself wanting what a man might offer her that she would allow for herself to entertain the thought one last time that there were still men out there with a sense of honor. What even had happened to the world, caused it to shift in such a way that men no longer saw fit to try and court a woman he should find himself fancying but rather they would just think that flashing around their money or fancy things would earn them the love of a woman? Perhaps it wasn't just the fault of men these days that had allowed for the world to so easily forget the value and virtues once so very desired in lifetime partners, but the materialistic wants of women that drove the world into a time where glittering silver and gold, sparkling diamonds and precious stones, fancy cars and extravagant mansions had taken place of valor and the dance two people would partake in as they pursued the other's heart. She had never entirely blamed men so to speak, but it was hard for her not to hold a cold bitterness towards them. In truth, after watching the young women her age practically fawning over those sons of noblemen Adelaide turned away time and time again, she had begun to feel more and more like perhaps her heart and soul were not from this time and place, instead being much older than her slender frame and age. After all, her dear William had told her a time or two that he believed she were wiser beyond her years, so why wouldn't such a thing be possible for other aspects of the young woman? Some would think her expectations were far too outdated anymore, but she failed to see how a carefully chosen red rose given in chaste yearning with softly whispered promises of lobe everlasting could be outdone by pretty things that glittered and gleamed, offered by nothing but arrogant pride and empty words assuring a comfortable life.

Yet here she was, those very definitions of needing and wanting somehow losing their previous meaning and melding into one another as the dark-haired woman found herself overwhelmed with desire, with both a need and a want for the man whose lips so locked with her own in those deep and passionate kisses as those feelings within her heart recently named were held back out of uncertainty on if he felt then as well. Knowing now that he loved her, knowing without question that she loved him, there simply was no holding back any longer. Was love not about giving until there was nothing left to give? Was love not about surrendering one's fears, tearing down what remained of those walls and becoming wholly and entirely vulnerable to the other? Never in her lifetime did Adelaide ever think she would give herself completely and devotedly to anyone, at one time in her life so certain she was destined for a life alone yet still just as bright and full without another's presence beside her. And now, she didn't want that life. No, she wanted him to be there with her every step of the way just as she would be there at his side no matter the challenges that life placed in their path. Let the world try and stand between them, they had been strong alone before they'd found each other and now there was almost nothing in all the universe that could keep them from blazing their own trail. Here in this moment, the rest of the world falls away until it was only them and nothing else, no one else. There was no past and there was no future. There were no wounds left behind by the people that had inflicted them nor were their ghosts that haunted their shadows. Here, wrapped up completely in the touch and taste of the other, there was nothing but this cozy little apartment and the warmth of Taylor's hands on her slender frame, those pulls of desire so working on her as she gave herself entirely to him. And oh, how indescribable the want for her each and every day to be spent like this, in this apartment with him as they plunged into the depths of a new chapter in their lives, one where every word was written with tenderness intricately laced with that excitement only the thoughts of all that they would see and feel together could ever bring forth. For a fleeting moment, her mind finds the Englishman and she knows that she would have a tremendous amount of explaining to do when she found her way home, especially considering that tonight, she refused to even fathom the idea that she would be returning to that large house on Dupont Circle tonight. She wanted to share that bed with Taylor tonight. She wanted to seal this promise of what has only just begun in a stolen night where he would be the last thing her conscious mind and body would feel around her. Gods, how displeased her dear companion would be, and yet she knew deep down and beyond his ever-adamant and stubborn will to keep a watchful eye on her he would understand... once she told him. She had not the slightest of intentions on keeping this away from him. Perhaps he even knew already with how Adelaide and Taylor would look at one another, how she spoke of the roguishly handsome man that captivated her. It didn't matter, though. None of it did. Not here, and certainly not now.

Quickened breaths and quiet moans of lust and pleasure are the only things that fill the otherwise silent room, even the sounds of the city outside that closed front door melt away into nothingness as those articles of clothing are removed and tosses carelessly aside as their bodies craved to feel the hardness of the other. He practically has her entirely drowned in those wild sensations as he caressed her breasts, his lips and wickedly skilled tongue having her head tilt back in delight as she moans softly in wordless delight at his administrations, hips grinding hungrily against his own before Taylor shifts them, laying her down beneath him and she almost pulls him further onto her when he moans in answer to the way her slender hands travel over the muscle of his chest she could never tire of drinking in with eyes of glittering sage, fingertips eagerly moving to memorize the very feel of the hardened muscle beneath smooth skin. He reaches for her dress slacks in this moment, teasing her to the point of torture before finally he sets her free of those constraints that his her skin from him. His name finds her lips as she pleaded for him, begged for his touch even more, his own groan of approval followed by his lips brushing against her bare stomach and leaving behind a trail of desire-filled kisses, setting fire to her slender frame as she gasps softly in wanting. At her lilted words, he presses his pelvis against her, sending her desire for him that much higher before his hand brushes tenderly against her cheek before his lips meet her own. She returns those deep kisses feverishly, the time in which they'd been separated almost unbareable in this moment of wild and unbridled passion, their tongues dancing together once more like two lovers together at last after what felt like years of distance. She could feel his hand trailing softly along her skin and beneath that single lingering piece of clothing where he finds her center and suddenly she is overwhelmed by the static electricity that draws her senses almost entirely to the skin that he touched. She can feel her back bowing ever so slightly as her hips move into his hand as he plays her parts perfectly and by the likes of nothing she'd ever felt. He moves into her then and another string of moans leave herparted lips as sage eyed flutter closed to drink in every ounce of electric pleasure as if she were desperate for water, her core growing taunt as it climbs that peak. Just when she is about to shatter, he slips another finger into her temple and it is only fleeting moments later that he drives her over that edge, womanly parts speaking as those moans escalate to announce the esctacy he gave her. His lips take her own once again, her own eagerly meeting them as tongue dance around one another while his gestures slow to bring her down from that high, her rapid and softly gasping breaths slowly just a touch when she finds that it was now her turn to please him.

Pressing gently against him so that her bare skin guides his perfectly sculpted frame to a vertical state of being, she looks up to him from beneath those dark lashes, sage eyes glittering brightly with sultry intentions before he takes her into another hungry kiss. He pulls away only just long enough to take his fingers between his own lips, hunter green eyes gleaming before he traces those same fingers lightly over her own before he is ravaging her again, the taste of them ushering a soft hum of lust from Adelaide before she almost hesitantly breaks anyway from him as she moves to pull at his jeans, a kittenish smile dancing over her lips as he laughs lightly when he helps her remove those clothes that divided him from her administrations. It is when she takes him into her hand and begins those stroking gestures that have him groaning in pleasure, her is soft moans of desire lost in his skin as she kissed his chest while her other hand roamed those familiar places with hunger. Tenor tones usher her name softly and yet she does not falter, instead daring to further his pleasure as she moves to those other parts, thoroughly enjoying the hiss of esctacy that is pulled from him beneath those administrations. When she gives him that look, he doesn't miss a beat and he leans in to kiss her again as he lays her gently down onto the couch once more. Lingering over her, he makes skilled work of that final piece, his hand brushing against her core and sending a shudder through her before he tossed the black lace aside. Hovering over her, his hunter greens seek out glittering sage that softens beneath his gently spoken words, her smile gentling in kind. How he never ceases to amaze her..."I trust you", she whispers lovingly up to him beneath her wild wanting for him to take her. She waits in anticipation as she watches him slip that covering over his hardened arousal, only now really noticing that his warning was not without fair cause at the size of him. He positions himself there at her entrance. Soft and sudden gasps are pulled from her as, finally, he enters her. The pressure, the feel of him as he delved gently and slowly deeper nearly enough in itself to push her so close to that edge again... it was indescribable! His own deeply groaned words are lost to her thoughts in that moment."Oh, Taylor", she groans in pleasure as he fills her entirely. He pauses when at last she surrounds his arousal fully, hunter greens silently questioning sultry sage that only encourage him on without needing so much as a single word. His hips begin to move and roll, reflexively calling her to move in perfect rhythm with him, a series of moans only becoming louder and thicker with lust and desire than the one before as he moves within her, his lips again feverishly kissing her own that returned the gesture with just as much want and thirst. Unexpectedly, his hand finds her womanly parts again and she can't help the way her back bows slightly, bringing her body to press further into him. He sends her climbing faster than before up that ladder of pleasure, bringing her hands from their explorations to grasp at his shoulders tightly. And then, she shatters entirely at the mercy of him again, those muscles contracting and convulsing in orgasm around his member that ravages her, fingers digging into the muscle of his shoulderblades - though they do not draw blood - as a loud moan leaves her."Oh, Taylor!", lilted lyrics call out him name in esctacy between heated kisses once again as she surrenders to those delicious waves of wild pleasure. She moves her hips faster beneath those divine sensations as she feels him draw closer to his own end, growing firmer within her as she gasps and moans, hands trailing down the sides of his back as she tears her lips away from his to leave a trail of hungry kisses falling down his neck and to his collarbone, sucking at the skin there to leave a small hicky there before tilting her head up so that she nips gently yet lustfully at the base of his neck, lost completely within those throws of passion as they move in harmony together, each feverishly giving to the other in that very first act of making love.

Adelaide Claire LaBelle•*
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