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Killian Carrick

The Call Home ... The Tune In Our Hearts

So many faces he had not seen, but he felt so eager to get to know every single one of them. Abigail had this cheery and infectious aura to her, as did Elain. It brought a smile to Killian’s face as he saw that Adelaide seemingly click with them instantly.
He even kept smiling as he was greeted by Adelaide. His reply was simple, nod his head and get right to work. But before he could even go over to the bar to start polishing the glasses, he spotted another male come in. He had a rugged appearance to him, but seemed to have a soft heart and a calm energy.
Killian could see Adelaide’s eyes light up and a glow come across her skin. It was obvious that her and this man were an item, and Killian couldn’t help but blush a little. Being a hopeless romantic himself, it brought him joy to see love blossom between others.

Of course, he knew he’d meet his own dashing soul mate one day. But that was the least of the things on his mind right now. The male walked up to him and introduced himself with his hand outward. Killian put his hand into Taylor’s and gave it a firm but not too crushing handshake.
“Killian. Pleasure to meet you.”
He greeted him as he would greet Elain and Abigail in the same manner, and then turn to Adelaide with smile.
“I suppose that I should get to polishing those glasses.”
He stated happily as he would walk over to the bar and look over his domain. It seemed like Adelaide had given him everything he could of dreamed of at a Bar.
All the pristine, crystal glassware that was imported, and a cabinet that had all the cleaning supplies adjacent to the bar was also in the perfect spot.

It was like Adelaide knew how Killian had pictured the perfect bar, and it filled him with delight as he would pull a fresh white cloth from the bottom cabinet of the bar and set it on the surface table and start the water from the tap. With great skill and precision, Killian would start to polish the glass with great care. Splashing a little water here and there to keep the cloth at the perfect level of dry and wet.
He learned this polishing technique from his mother, and he was proud to get doing it.
Once the glasses dried enough, he took another cloth and gently wiped them dry.
He held one of the glasses into the sunlight that peeked through the window, and it would shine vibrantly. He let out a sigh and smiled with pride.
“Still never gets old seeing that shine!”

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