Within the Northern vicinity of the city, the wealthy gather behind meticulously trimmed hedges and high-class architecture. The pristine streets are paved with stone and the storefronts are brightly lit and inviting - for the right clientele. In the North, every establishment is eager to cater to the rich and the wealthy. Many such places are used to the sometimes peculiar requests of the otherworldly but here there is little that money cannot buy - whether it happens to be illegal or merely involves looking the other way. Vampires and Dark Hunters are often found upon these Northern streets, their long lives often contributing to their sizable wealth which allows them the luxuries that the North provides.

What You'll Find Here

The VooDoo Room
The Witchery


The newly opened Eternity is an expensive fine dining restaurant nestled high upon the hills of the North - providing it a breathtaking view of the city below. The award-winning chefs at Eternity collaborate directly with local farmers and producers to source the freshest ingredients for its ever-changing menu. The staff at Eternity pride themselves on serving each customer's unique dietary needs - from the vampiric to the mortal races. Reservations are strongly encouraged as Eternity is frequently booked to capacity.

The VooDoo Room

Located in the heart of the North, the Voodoo Room is the spirits lover's destination of choice in Sacrosanct. The Voodoo room is a craft cocktail bar that aims to provide an eclectic and exotic atmosphere. Nestled among the William Morris wallpaper, gold, and wood, you will find a new kind of neighborhood cocktail bar. One where hospitality and skill work in concert. With intoxicating liquors and a voodoo vibe, the Voodoo room will keep you coming back for more. Guided by the mantra of providing a one of a kind, high-end experience, the Voodoo Room's mixologists meet the highest standards with a fantastically themed selection of cocktails and specials.

The Witchery

Dark, Gothic, and thoroughly theatrical, the Witchery is a place to indulge yourself with it's lavish, theatrical suites. Whatever room you choose, you'll find glamor, indulgence, and luxury. From the Vestry to the Library and the Armory, the suites of the Witchery are nothing short of sensually romantic. A stay at the Witchery is not complete without dining in the rich baroque surroundings of the original oak-paneled hotel or among the elegant candle-lit charms of the Secret Garden. Whether you stay or dine, The Witchery is an unforgettably magical experience.

The end might wait right where it all began;

Posted on February 01, 2022 by Adrien Westward

i'll be with you still

you are the angel that I couldn't kill

What if? A dangerous question to be lurking in the depths of his own mind. It was as if the cool, transitory breeze carried it to him as it brushed across his bare face. Or maybe it had been the pretty blonde fae all along. The being who was quite the opposite to him in many ways. Where she exuded a warm light, he exuded shadows. That annoying sentient blob thing certainly did not help making that point quite clear. It had a mind of its own even though they both seemed to share some attraction with the fae woman.. only he hid it better.

However, it was quite possible he had manifested his darkness after the death of his parents as he tried to tackle an impossible mission. How much he had given up in the hopes to set so many wrongs right. Only it was never enough. Shadows, as a result, lurked within him, shadows that were not always there that had crept its way and devoured what light he once had... It was, fitting for him. Made him the kind of being to be able handle what he had set himself to do. To reap those nefarious creatures. To kill a monster, there were times he had to become one.

Yet.. somehow... there she was. The fae. Light in the darkness that encroached him that night when they had met and whenever she lingered close. He couldn't help the way his hand so instinctually reached out to brush away the blonde lock that fell in front of her face from that whisper, toying wind. He could curse the wind.. but it was he who reached for her. It was something inside of him that treated her with a strikingly gentle manner. It was an absent-minded gesture that somehow struck him as natural until he was all at once aware of it. It was like touching something forbidden.

Yet, the whole time, the French fae was oblivious to it and his darkening struggle that was swatted away with a sweet giggle that was set free to met his ears like it was the sweetest sound he had ever heard. It was for the better that she was so unawares. Or maybe it was for the worst. He couldn't quite decide. Yet, he couldn't ignore what she provoked, that allure. It didn't matter how much damn discipline he had over himself. His feet remained firmly planted... he could not move. He didn't want to leave this rooftop when all he could think of was what it could feel like for the brush of her lips against his own. It was gluttonous of him and truly he should have just driven her home and set fire to those forbidden urges. He couldn't blame the look of blatant shock that struck her when he asked. As if counting on her sanity to push him away. How sudden it must have been to her. But he rejection would be exactly what he needed. Only she didn't say no. The hunter could barely explain his own actions let alone his sheer lack of willpower with the fae.

Could she feel that pull too? He was a hunter and she was... not quite what he was used to hunting, but she was a grey area in a world that was once very much black and white to him. That was when she took the first step forward and into him, as if taking matters into her own hands, fearless of him and all that he was capable of. She filled that silence between them with her, the small smile played upon her lips caught the attention of his shadowy purple hued eyes as they lingered there. It was at that very moment that he needed no more prompting. It was like he cut those chains that he had enforced on himself and let himself free. He closed that final distance, a hand found her back swept downward against her spine to rest at the dip of her lower back, his other basked in the feel of her arm until it found her fragile neck that reminded him of a swan. Which was perhaps was a fitting comparison to the graceful ballerina in his arms. His shadows, they could not be helped. They were just as curious at this new development as he was even though they had a mind of their own. The moment that she placed her palm on his chest, they swirled around her with excitement even if she seemed unaware of them. Hell, Adrien gave up trying to stop them as his grip tightened to pull her closer. All reason, all sense had fled.

He didn't hesitate like he had before as if he had abandoned all reservations when his lips finally met hers. The first kiss of their lips was a delicate caress, as if to acquaint himself with her. A taste. It was tentative and curious when he gave into the second one which only built upon the first, drawing her lip between his own. The third deepened into a completely different kiss. It delved into something searching and savouring. It was then that they shared the same breath. Her own hand reached for his jaw; the touch so delicate he felt almost starved for it. The movement should have made him freeze, instead it only made him want more, especially as he felt her body pressed against his own strong frame. He was lost. How did he think one taste would be enough? The hunter could taste the lingering hint of her coffee drink and the undernotes that were simply her.

He gave into that moment before he could feel his own breath deepening. It was he who dared to break that kiss and yet his embrace lingered for a moment. What was it about her that was impossible to ignore? That should have been it... it truly should have. But he could not stop the following words from tumbling out, his breath felt somehow stolen from him even those his lips betrayed him into a small upward quirk of his lips. That look upon his face was all male. "Damn. was all he said... He released her and it was like he could still feel here there.

"Now I will take you take you home, I promise this time." Hadn't he planned on that for the last half an hour? "I'll drive. I think we have done enough walking for one night." Probably a far kinder a fate for her sore feet from that performance.

Once he driven those familiar streets and pulled up to her complex he knew far better than he should of... he paused. Goodbyes... seemed kind of awkward. "Before you go.." He reached into his glove box, procuring a piece of paper and pen. He scribbled down his number on the same piece of paper that they had exchanged notes with, he handed it to her...

The note said: 'Your hunter on speed dial' he gave it with his phone number as he watched her disappear into that apartment, leaving only when the place it up with a glow. Well that was unanticipated and yet... much to Alistair's probable dismay... maybe he did have some game.

That kiss however was not one he'd forget either. In fact, after he returned to his place and fell into the comfort of his own bed he felt... restless. Unable to give into sleep with thoughts of the pretty ballerina fae dancing in his head, he had half a mind to go back out and hunt... but sleep, mercifully found him.

Adrien Westward