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Posted on February 07, 2018 by visitor

Adventure forth into the great unknown, brave the final frontier, discover a new species of coral reef fish, explore the American frontier, found a colony on some previously undiscovered island, hunt for treasure deep underwater, join the sardine run, risk losing it all, scale the Himalayas, see auroras set against the Milky Way, survive the rainforests of South America, try some palolo worms, unearth ancient ruins, or simply sit back and watch while the setting sun turns the lights of a small city.

Explore the Earth as never before!
Revisit history, speculate upon the future, and discover other universes.
Let space unfurl and timelines collide, or uphold the world as we know it.

Earth is a collaborative writing site with a focus on exploration to the ends of the Earth: roam all across the planet at any point in time throughout the world's history, from before recorded history to current events to speculation on alternate histories.
If ever you tire of the boundless bounty that our planet has to offer, you're free to reach for the stars; add your own flair to the site by building a range of creations, events, games, lore, and scenarios, adventure forth into other universes, or allow all the disparate globes of the multiverse to meet.

Here on planet Earth, the world is your oyster.

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