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Posted on February 16, 2019 by CelticBubbles
pass: asdf


It's tough to be a god

Ah, but he had not seen this very betrayal coming! His very efforts to insist Dorian not allow himself to fall down that path of defiance and eye-rolling and back talking so prompting not only another roll of Aiden's own eyes and that insistence he 'shut up' but too- Alexander's ready declaration that such defiance seemed strikingly familiar. The Frenchman's own silvered gaze narrowed readily upon his eldest of companions then. Alexander doing little to support his position in this. Rather, the age-old Hunter seemed to take some ready delight in adding only further justification to Aiden's cause by suggesting Matteo himself had not been so terribly different all those years ago. Surely he had not been quite as difficult as Aiden had he? Matteo content to consider several moments or events in which he supposed he had pushed Dear Alexander to the very brink of sanity and patience with him and yet he was quite assured he had never been so....moody as his own Aiden was (perhaps rightfully) inclined to be over the world at large. Perhaps later tonight he would need query Alexander upon it further. The Frenchman inclined to offer him that ner dubious look all the same before his attention so returned to the kitchen and the sheer wealth of food that required presentation upon the table.


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