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I haven't ever really found a place that I call home

Posted on September 21, 2020 by emerance

The blonde beside her was all too quick to pick up on the unspoken offer, providing the Englishman an 'in' faster than a minx in heat - not that Emerance could terribly blame her. Who wouldn't want that? Still...he had said ladies, hadn't he? As in plural. As in...more than one. "Good evening..." Her soprano voice near cooed as she placed her martini glass upon the counter behind her. Delicately, she slid it away from her, only to turn her gaze near pointedly towards the two foreigners in front of her. "I seemed to have lost my's a shame there isn't someone to get me another..." She commented, her brow raising with a clear hint of an invitation. Really, she was being shameless, even she knew that but...when you can't beat them...why not join them? That was how the phrase went for a reason, wasn't it? And how she would very very much like to join them. Or rather....him.


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