The east side of the city is the very heart of Sacrosanct - it's unique skyline is a clash between modern sky rises and small Victorian-inspired storefronts. In the heart of downtown, the sleek colored glass buildings reign supreme though their old-world roots can be seen in the most peculiar places from the lamp post styled electric street light to the stone sidewalks. The old world architecture slowly returns the further from downtown you travel, however. It's here that magic thrives, it hums in every stone and can be felt in every breath. Often, newcomers to the city may become overwhelmed by such sensations but, eventually, it becomes an ever-present feeling that's hardly noticed.

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City Creek Center

The City Creek Center is an upscale open-air shopping center centered in the heart of downtown Sacrosanct. With its numerous fountains, foliage-lined walkways, and bubbling streams, City Creek Center offers three blocks of chic boutiques, delicious dining, and the newest showrooms.

Dark Hunter Department

The City of Sacrosanct's Dark Hunter Department's primary concern is the safety of all of Sacrosanct's residences. Their public safety responsibilities include code enforcement and supernatural crime prevention. The Sacrosanct Dark Hunter's Department follows the directions of the International Dark Hunter Council and serves as a local point of contact for any Dark Hunters working within the Council's ranks.

Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum is an independently's owned specialty coffee company and cafe with a singular focus: quality. A hidden gem on the side streets of the busy downtown, the Inner Sanctum source's the world's finest beans and local treats. From it's delectable pastries to the exquisite latte art, the Inner Sanctum is dedicated to both its craft and the customer's experience. With beans roasted in house and every cup prepared by the best baristas, you will never be disappointed at the Inner Sanctum.

Owner Alexander Macedonia

Assistant Manager Calliel Alosi
Barista Alexis Wilde

Red on the Water

Nestled in a pleasant alcove that is but a stone's throw away from the dazzling labyrinth of downtown, Red on the Water is a spectacle in its own right. Renovated in the style of a classic Irish pub with a dash of modern flair befitting the city that boasts it, this up-and-coming venue is the perfect place to snag an impeccably prepared home-cooked meal and enjoy the city's most impressive collection of brews from Ireland and beyond. You and your guests are sure to be mesmerized and invigorated by the energetic offerings of the live Celtic band to be found here every weekend.
Home of: Elysium

Owner Isolt Griffin

Co-Owner Damon Marcello
Waitress Yumi Chizue

Starlight Tower

With one hundred floors and a 125-foot spire, the Starlight Tower rises high above the Sacrosanct skyline. More than just a landmark, the Starlight Tower offers a unique mix of restaurants, shops, and offices spaced throughout the building. Organized into nine verticle zones, each of which features a sky lobby and a light-filled garden atrium which merge the upscale interior with a faux landscaped exterior setting.

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Crash Choir Records
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No one is coming, coming to take me home;

Posted on May 28, 2019 by Petra Ambrose
give me a little of your atropine

Petra does not balk like prey beneath that stare, a mortal would have, she was sure of it. She merely allows those odd teal hued eyes to bore into his own, his words that reach her then perhaps make her hesitate. If only for a moment. Petra had no siblings, nothing to truly care for in this world, she lived a solitary existence like a shadow. One barely noticed, spreading darkness like an adamant disease, selfishly taking whatever she needed in order to survive, toying with humans and the weaker beings with a selfish amusement. Yet how different her world has changed since she plagued Sacrosanct itself, a creature without guilt whom could have anything she desired at the tip of her fingers. "You care deeply about this sister of yours, her predicament hurts you. Is she human?" Like it mattered if she was human or not. She almost said those words more for herself, as if tasting something foreign and yet familiar all at once.

"I think I could." She utters as if considering those very words, that mind ever thinking, recognizing, creating. Yet she does not elaborate. But to save help that sister would require persuasive means, one that this warlock hardly had the stomach for. She wasn't even sure what it was that caused it, some sense of moral high ground?

That look that he offers her, she cannot help but stare at, he was truly fascinating with all those emotions conglomerating inside of him. He lit up like a torch, blazing fire before her. How he burns and continues to do so, hardly falters even though she was quite sure that he was driven by fear. Fear had a smell to it, one she could pick apart through the strange smells that clung to this place.

"How little you know." Her lips twitch into what seems like a strange knowing smile, as if amused of a joke entirely of her own making. How she knew the very effects of her own bite, that venom worked like a charm each and every time. She could practically see his mind working, his eyes taking on that familiar haze of something cultivated within his own mind. If only she could see it, understand it. She peers at him strangely as though trying to study something rare and mystifying. Yet even though he claims to not want that bite, she at least had his mind on it, tricking it to obsess over her fangs at his neck. All he needed was time, time to let those thought percolate even without realizing it.

Such a strange word 'humanity' that he spoke with such futile rage. Where it all came from, she hardly knew. A hatred for her kind perhaps?

Although she looked dainty, petite against the opposing man's impressive size she was by no means fragile. Not by a long shot, not when she possessed the power to rip a man in two with her bare hands. It was a gruesome thought she hardly was going to execute today. Yet.. she ponders. Maybe she was hunting him in a way she was hardly privy of, that animalistic brain still lingering beneath the surface, a part that would always see him as a potential meal. Perhaps that peculiar mind of hers that continued to bloom and infect her every single day, it was evolving into something far more human and when it finally took root it would be far too late to stop it. How it should have scared her, but she seemed almost more curious of it. "Perhaps..." How she tries to understand it, to peck it apart until she could truly understand what that actually meant. She wanted to taste the word upon her tongue to question it.. Dissect it so she could understand what was happening to her. Humanity.. What an odd word.

Sebastian had broken her she was sure of it. But perhaps it wasn't broken at all.. Perhaps he simply made her... more.. human. What an interesting notion, one she would need to mull on later. Not now, not with the looming presence of dark hunters that would soon break down the walls of that tattoo parlor.

She asks him about his affinities to see what he would to, poking him with a firm poke square in the middle of his chest, it was quite hard.. She nearly poked it again because she could and fought against that very urge. However, he seemed to possess other plans. She was vaulted into the air abruptly, suspended within it like gravity no longer existed.

How that wicked smile that plays upon his face! It causes a vengeful snarl to ripple free from her chest. Those illusions snapping into place in a retaliatory bid against the man that stole her footing from her. How dare he! How her skin seems to crawl and yet... somehow, she was able to understand when before she was unable to. It was probably why that mortal man is still alive and not obliterated to a puddle of gore painting these very walls. How she knows she could make it happen and yet she refuses to with an adamancy. But it didn't mean she would just allow him to go unscathed, she shouldn't be wasting precious time on these petty games. If only there wasn't any pressure outside.. well. She was quite sure she would be enjoying this far more. How easy it would be to consume the very world that her knew, encase him into a illusion so vivid he would question his own reality and then destroy it. How she considers it... for the briefest of moments, tempted by it. In an instant, as if not trusting her own actions she had him surrounded, with an illusion of more than one her.

His reaction is nothing short of perfection as he bares his teeth at her and she cannot help but that true laugh that escapes her. He is encircled by multiple replicas of her and they prowl in an intimidating stance around him, suddenly that room seems so much smaller, filled with her power.

"Then put me down.. or you will feel how real these illusions truly are." Her voice is like a nightingale's dark melody, possessing a razor's sharpness to it. It flows from all their lips, all at once. Those vibrant teal eyes staring at him, waiting. "I don't want to hurt you, but you keep getting in my way." The less he fought.. the better it would be.. For him. For both of them. It was exasperating he couldn't just simply understand.

Suddenly she is tumbling downward, and with such dexterity she lands crouched and barely a sound, that radiating hatred within her unique teal eyes. Those illusions save for the concealment of the dead body and the block to the outside all but dissipate, as if to lessen some of that building tension that room. Suddenly, there wasn't countless Petra's surrounding the warlock and finally the man could finally have his precious space returned to him. A reward he hardly deserved and yet she offers it to him anyways. Her eyes are drawn toward him as she straightens to a standing position as gracefully as she landed. All while he very ungraciously folds his arms across his chest. That action was one out of defiance and all it truly does was define those already muscular arms. How... distracting of him. Yet it hardly stops her from uttering her demands, that were quite clearly issued. All she needed was to have that irritating, magic infused amulet removed, and that hunter was as good as hers.

She could have made the earth swallow that hunter whole in an instant. But not with that dampener around his neck removed. At least now, finally, the warlock seems to come around and comply albeit reluctantly. This was their mess now, after all. She remained where she stood in that business foyer. It was he who closes that distance between them. What a silly little dance he played, all bravado to maintain that very space between them and yet it is he who walks toward her then, peering down upon her smaller form like he could intimidate her. She should have felt small and yet it only so happened when the strange brusque man attempted to manhandle her. His arms suddenly unfold as though he were going to use them for something she almost braces for in preparation for what she had yet to see. Blinking slowly in a fashion that comment only serving to go against the grain, did he seek to purposely anger the vampire? She was beginning to suspect he was asking for it. Did he wish to be reduced to rubble? How very lucky of him to have met her now instead of before. His words reach her simply and her response is a mirror of that matter of fact tone. "Oh I most definitely can.. I have no doubt." Fact. At least in Petra's mind.

Quickly, he pivots, soon walking away, strutting toward the door, allowing her illusion to fall to let him through that sealed up shop glamour. She could feel the steady power flame to life, she focused on those very words to glamour him. Of course, she could manage that. How his words nearly make the ashen haired woman scoff. Did he doubt this after all he had seen? In but a moment and careful consideration the masculine warlock had suddenly took on the illusions of a curvy platinum blonde bombshell! Of course, the woman had far too much makeup, wearing a skintight mini firetruck red dress that just barely covered that impressive rump of hers... his. At least he looked exactly as he had asked... well sort of. He certainly looked glamoured.

The way he set out to do his job was almost admirable. What a brave little soldier that could and yet, it amuses her the way he had fallen right into her own palms, willing to do her bidding even despite the horrors he witnessed. Even she had to admit it was impressive to watch him wield his powers, putting all that anger to good use, pelting that hunter with a dumpster with ease. Not even an ounce of hesitation she was almost sure he would possess. She could hardly help that smile that formed upon her lips, the comical look to that display of a crazy woman losing her mind in the middle of the road certainly as much a show as it sounded. That hunter was doomed for, unmoving on the sidewalk allowing the man to pluck that enchanted amulet right from his neck. Petra watched and enjoyed every damn minute of it. Which was probably more than he could say.

He struts right back into that establishment, moving wonderfully even in those heels she put him in, the cold clearly affecting him and that woman's illusion. She was ever astute to details with her realistic glamours. She makes no motion to hide that amusement that cradled h Clear amusement floods hear unique teal eyes as she attempts not to laugh. "Stunning." She exclaims near wickedly, amusement lingering in her words. "I have to say I am impressed."

She didn't remove that illusion off the man just yet. "You have proven to be a useful warlock yet.." She plucked the amulet, slipping it away in the jacket pocket, but not before crushing it within her grasp. The amulet all but shattering in her grasp making it nothing short of a useless, broken trinket. She would examine it later. "I have what I need. But before I do my part.. I really think you should look in the mirror. I think it suits you.." At least this way when he frowned, no one noticed because they were too busy staring at the massive boobs attached to his chest.

petra ambrose