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I know you're baying for blood, I wanna turn you around;

Posted on February 10, 2021 by HARLEY WESTWARD

harley westward

No black magic can control me and no curse can let you own me

Arlo didn't miss a beat with his good boy act if it could be even called that. He seemed genuine enough, as much as anyone could be in a world such as this. What mattered was he hardly seemed like the stereotypical vampire she had known. Those tells were easy to pick out with trained eyes and he seemed to possess none of them. She could hear the waitresses pitched squeals still ringing in her ears, almost more than Darcy's memorable ringtone. Each time her phone blasted seemed to signal Darcy's quickly unsurprising fleeting composure, tagged along with an icy reminder why she was here. She suspected that was his intention, along with that desire to make it well known that he was pissed. Such a sharp contrast to the vampire that sat across from her. A man who simply wanted to brighten a waitress's day. Harley eyed the man's warm grin almost curiously before they left the restaurant, paid with her hard earned tip money. The pair walked the dreaded distance into who the fuck knew what shitstorm awaited them both. She could hardly help that tension that crept like poison within her veins. Now was not a time to feel nerves..

Harley conversationally spoke as they traversed the several blocks into the far less travelled distract even though her senses were on high alert. Her nerves were grateful that she had muted her phone during the onslaught of messages that would have annoyingly dinged nonstop was now silenced to a low vibration. "You asked about my feline vision earlier.. It's like the world suddenly becomes sharper, more in focus. Everything is muted.. Subtle. Not quite black and white though but it's kind of nice after you get used to it. Peaceful really.. when everything is usually so loud, like ringtones of people you would rather give the slip to." That iconic sarcasm slipped within her words. Fuck she hated being someone else. A little bit of candidness hardly did any harm. After all, he had been nothing but candid with her. How did he do it? Live like he wasn't jaded? Surely it wasn't all just roses for him. Or worse.. perhaps he was just one of those highly optimistic yolo people. She didn't peg him as a free loving hippy type.

Outwardly she looked calm and cool as a margarita... only way less fruity and mercifully, no brain freeze. The raven-haired spitfire collected herself as she wondered how they were going to get out of this jam that Arlo hadn't realized was nothing short of immenent. Perhaps she should have told him to run and yet how futile that would have been. There was only one way to deal with life when it got a little messy and that was head on. After several turns, the pair paused in front of a candy red vehicle that was not truly her own even though she passed it off as. That fucking heart of hers had a mind of its own, a tattletale of a beat thudding from apprehension of the possibilities that failure could bring even though she outwardly appeared like a one-woman army. Like she wasn't about to face the dreaded toothy cowboy that lurked within the shadows like an ambush predator. Where the fuck was he hiding? Honestly, the place couldn't appear any sketchier than if it had welcome to sketch-town written in graffiti upon the derelict walls and oddly abandoned streets.

It was Arlo's question that earned him her full attention, he heard her heart. Her expression took that sarcastic mask that might as well have been steel.... Fuck of course he could hear her heart, she could hear it like it was like someone banging on bongo drums. Disarmed by his good nature that she forgot that at the end of the night.. he was still a vampire.. even if only a different breed. What was wrong with her? She felt off.. Like this whole evening felt wrong some how. She rolled her tense shoulders as if to rid herself of that strange sensation. "I am fine, it's just that you smelled vampires and I am not really in the mood to be anyone's dinner tonight." She added wryly.

Harley easily allowed that iconic sarcasm to draw forth in jest that he just might get himself a real meal after all. She seemed unable to shake that feeling of her surroundings. That feeling like if someone were to get murdered or mugged this would certainly be the place, abandoned, no prying eyes and the hum of a busted light sung its discordant song as if in approval to the mayhem. Harley idly handed her own bag for him to hold as she... did the only thing she could possibly do.... Improvise. The scene unfolded about as gracefully as a car crash. It was honestly a fucking miracle that she hadn't gotten mauled to death by the end of it. But she needed his attention. Needed him to fully understand the heavy weight of that very moment where shit was about to go all kinds of wrong and she needed him to play along. Like that wasn't a recipe for disaster. Oh no.. what could possibly go wrong?

She hadn't meant to fully hit him with the needle and yet... she needed it to look believable. If that wasn't going to send a vampire into rage mode, she hardly knew what will. At least Arlo's fangs seemed far less daunting than Darcy's. He yelped in such a way that she never thought a vampire could, usually they turned all snarly and feral. No Arlo reacted in a way that... entirely.. Human. He did not even use his own superhuman strength to pull back from her grasp to warn her or flat out attack like most beings alive or dead would have acted.. He strangely remained there.

If anything, Arlo was simply confused. Dumbfounded, as if his mind couldn't comprehend the severity of that moment. She needed his compliance and surely stabbing him with a narcotic wasn't the best way to do it. It was a damn good thing Darcy didn't see any of this, well at least not much of anything from a distance. Who the hell knew what was even in that cocktail, the only thing she was sure of was it smelled like shit.

This was going bad.. Real bad. She was floundering... single handedly and Arlo thought it was some kind of joke part of a prank show. She nearly uttered a sound of complete and utter frustration, her mind reeling with how to salvage any of this. At the very least she wasn't dead... yet. If it were anyone other than this man... she was certain she would be bleeding out in some alley. Fortunately, for whatever reason she could not ever understand. Arlo, regardless of anything he thought... believed in her if nothing else. His blue gaze met her near pleading violet eyes, surprised at the lack of hostility within their depths. She had half a mind to just tell him to run while he still had a moment.. where he still might make it. Sure, it might sign her death certificate in the process but there were very few options in such little time. Time a being that was against them. The words that all but flooded within her mouth and halted only by the man himself as some form of recognition glazed over his blue gaze. What had sealed the deal she would never know.

There was little time for talking, as her fingers allowed the syringe to fall to the ground, her hand dropped to her side as Arlo acted. In the matter of a single breath, Arlo did exactly as she had asked, pushing her back. She stumbled backwards as he teetered and fell to the ground, his eyes sealed. It was convincing as it had to be, even if she knew what was coming. A question barely began to form within her mind as that sharp sound of a whistle she had known belonged to none other than Darcy sounded. Mere seconds later and that spot from where she stood was crawling with Syn's goons like vultures to a corpse. One of the vampires put his hands on her to the point it might leave a bruise as he shoved her to the side, only to breeze by her like she was nothing more than nothing more than in his way. Hadn't he ever heard of moving around her? She cast him one hell of a glare, fighting the words that threatened to leave her, surprised as what could only be described as a low warning growl rose within her throat. "Ouch, fucker." Harley hissed with feeling, that burning glare for her enemies threatening to grow to something reckless. This was one battle she would not win. Certainly not at the expense of Arlo's undead life.

Tweedle dick was what she dubbed Carter, the other new kid, Kit was Tweedle dumbass. She couldn't keep tabs of all the new names that had joined the Syn ranks. Were the ranks growing? It hardly mattered, besides the simple fact that they were all foes. Not that they lasted long. Harley eyed the 'unconscious' Arlo, trying to keep that obvious concern from her features. He didn't move. Darcy hung back what seemed like a safe distance as if making sure it was safe first while his men took all the risk, and fumbled around like a circus act. Their idiotic remarks had her shaking her head before Darcy's snarled orders, as his presence brought a semblance of order to the chaos. There was no mistaking that he was the ringleader to this circus.

They were going to pull Arlo's fangs? A muzzle? Did she hear that right? How fucking barbaric. What fucking freakshow was this? This couldn't be real right? She could only assume that removal of his fangs was from fear of what they could do. Were they really that scared of the sweet, gullible musician? Odds it would seem began to stack further out of her own favour. She should have just tipped him off and told him to lay low. Truly, she hadn't expected a small army to roll up at Darcy's disposal. The only positive was that the attention was completely off of her for the moment as she had a moment to think, Darcy's near perversely fixated upon the motionless heap that was Arlo while the rest of them were hopeless. Maybe she could make that car explode somehow.... Give Arlo a fighting chance at escape? Hmm. She was running out of time. Think Harley, think.

Darcy's voice rose once more above the quiet then, a riot in a peaceful graveyard, once more riddled with impatience. Not that she could blame him this time. His vampires incompetence was.... probably some of the worst she had seen when it came to henchmen, hilariously so. She had wanted nothing more than to tell them such. Yet she was far more interested in Darcy's words prompted by Kit's hesitation. Oh, how she recognized the hint of a trap within Darcy's words. Like Darcy would offer help freely! Only a complete moron would have missed that glaring warning. Kit was fucked if he didn't do what was asked of him. It was like watching someones demise, when Kit nodded and even Harley almost pitied him as she rolled her eyes.

Yup, she chose right. Tweedle dumb was fitting.

Darcy wasted little time as he snatched those pliers and just as quickly suddenly had the young henchman within his hold. Those same pliers were shoved with force into his mouth and out came a bloody vampire fang she could see even in the dim light. Was that flesh attached to it? Oh, fucking gross. Even she couldn't help but flinch at that sudden burst of brutality. Every vampire was near fixated upon the scene, horrorstruck, worried as if they were next in line. The sound of garbled bloody screams ripped from the Kit's throat that matched the level of brutality Darcy seamlessly executed. Harley was damn well certain that any doubt that this was a prank... had fled Arlo now. It was also the perfect distraction if only Arlo could sense it too. The vile scent of undead blood blossomed, causing her own nose to wrinkle before Carter erratically backed up into her as if he could actually distance himself from him becoming next.

This time, Harley could not stop herself a second time. "Now I think you are starting to do that on purpose. You know they have a name for someone like you... the first to die." She goaded purposely.. as if ready to make a scene to give Arlo his moment. She moved away from Carter and the scene so she could get a better view of the whole scene, as if expecting Carter to snap. The perfect reason to cause a scene, a perfect destraction... Only Carter didn't play into her plans. Not even a little. Fuck. She seemed to pace as if she felt like she was in a shrinking cage. Making that car explode... was looking like a better option. Darcy tossed those now bloody pliers to the DJ who seemed equally as clueless. One might think Darcy might be a little bit afraid of one little Cruisnik. With venom like his perhaps he had reason.

But Darcy looked all too perversely satisfied as he eyed the tooth within his pinched fingers, would a fang after removed still hold venom? She wondered and yet was far too aware of Darcy and his new trophy with the backdrop noise of the mewling vampire who lost it, ignored. Harsh instructions were issued to Kit to do it faster next time, but it was probably to deaf ears due to trauma of his mouth, that punishment probably drove that message home all on its own accord.

Chase was the next poor bastard in line, another man she knew probably didn't have the stomach for such a job. What an interesting choice. As if Darcy got enjoyment watching people fail, if only it meant he could make them suffer for it. There wasn't a damn person in this little group that seemed like the kind to get their hands dirty. Harley studied that situation with a near-critical eye breifly, content to not be in the spotlight for once and yet forced to contemplate how she was going to help Arlo's odds. Her powers began to flare.. She needed the right moment to strike. She only had one shot at this..

The tension rose quicker than any tide.. And everyone seemed to watch on, except for Kit who might as well turned into a full blown man baby. Chase went to reach for Arlo's mouth.. it was like... the ball dropping on new years. Now or never...Just as she seized that metal of the car... just as.. She was going to put her all into that very assault that would doom her. Shit went down. One minute Arlo was there and the next he was gone. In an instant. Harley released a loud breath she hadn't known she held.. What the actual fuck? He could teleport??? All of this.... And the man had a means to escape whenever he wanted?

Harley let out both a scoff and a laugh, unable to believe her very eyes... or the best freaking scene in a movie she had watched in a long ass time that played out before her. Darcy was no help to his comrades which was no surprise there. He was far more concerned about saving his own skin, maintaining his distance and wisely reading that situation as it unfolded. Maybe that's why he had the army of vamps at his disposal, for fodder. It was almost like divine intervention and immediate karma for Carter to dramatically pass out, looking hopelessly to Darcy for some kind of answer or reassurance he would never recieve. In fact, he fed him fear, claiming he was going to die from that bite, like Arlo was a black mamba or something. Uhh, weren't they already dead?

Kit was useless, which made him easy prey. Arlo appeared again as if noticing this, using surprise to his advantage. It was brilliant. Like watching a fucking superhero taking out her foes almost effortlessly. Harley didn't expect him to stick around, picking them all off like flies... it was a beautiful thing. But by the third downed vampire it seemed like Arlo might win this. Chase and Ian ran away. Oh this was... brilliant.. Watching full-grown vampire men... run for their lives... She could hardly keep that look of repressed laughter from her lips as she folded her arms casually over her chest. Maybe not all was lost. Ian was next to fall ... followed by Chase who almost made it to the van by an eyelash. If he drove away, he was destined to die if Darcy didn't end him for fleeing in the first place. Who would have thought that all she needed to take out most of Syn was a single Crusnik. What a weapon he was. It was kind of fitting to watch the predator become hunted. Yet... why didn't Darcy seem to mind. In fact he seemed... almost eerily calm... as if biding his time. That was a little worrisome.. Then again, she had yet to see the Jaws ever lose his nerve.

It wasn't until the last vampire that remained was Darcy. The worst for last. He was the true contender... Darcy was forever confident as he calmly plucked a random plank of wood that sat up against a wall near. He had barely given her any notice... since that pretalk... Ignoring her presence mostly after that. Well, until that moment. His mismatched gaze shot to her just as her little smirk wavered just so.

Then there were two. She stood up a little straighter like something slipped an ice cube down the back of her shirt as Darcy's focus remained solely upon her and not the vampire hunting them. Ballsy move. How she hoped Arlo would take that triumph because it was.. but it would all be in vain if Darcy got his hands on him now. Arlo made his message loud and clear, that he was dangerous enough to not be worth the bother, right? He did just take out four of Syn's 'finest' with very little effort.

Harley focused upon Darcy.. Whose entire presence was nothing short of intimidating. Like she would ever cower to her bullying 'handler'. Hell most people would cower. Not her. His voice seemed oddly friendly and yet she could see right through that false veneer that he wore. Even as he rolled that plank within his hand as if suggesting that she was the perfect outlet for his rage. As if he knew she had been the cause for Arlo not truly being knocked out and defenseless. She lowered her hands from that casual folded position on instinct to protect herself.

She could practically taste the concealed venom in his words, and ignored them. How quickly she found that fire that had fueled her before... and long after this... so long as she still lived. "Impressive? That's one thing to call it. I think it was more like watching a sitcom. Funny is more like it." Sarcasm dripped from her words, her gaze hardened the closer his long limbs drew himself closer. She was trapped, not that she intended to run. Not this time.

What she hadn't expected was for a whole monologue to bloom from the cowboy, causing a frown to pinch her dark manicured brows together.. Which only meant he had something planned. How she was already anticipating the violent cowboy. That never prompted anything good. Her lips formed a hard line, that smile fled in spite of everything. Even still... Harley didn't give him an inch as she stood her ground that would have looked way more impressive on a 6ft, well-muscled male warrior. How Darcy's approaching presence seemed to rattle her inner creature's cage. She listened to every last one of his words even though she knew something unpleasant was sure to follow them.

Yet, surprisingly enough there was truth within his words. It felt like a strange place to have this conversation with all the unconscious vampires that littered the grubby alley floor. How that would look to anyone walking by! Age was power in the vampire world Darcy claimed. She didn't know that little tidbit. Interesting. Yet it prompted the beginnings of a theory within her mind.... One that was quickly shoved away for later.

She puffed herself up and yet... next to him.. It was almost a joke. He peered at that wood then as if to distract her, to position her head in a position he could clock her soundly on the sound of her head. Harley fought that urge to not eye it too, as she attempted to predict his movements. She searched his features, near desperately for a twitch, for an inkling of a sign so she could react to his blow. She found nothing. It was finally when his mismatched gaze found her own. It took every ounce of strength not to look away considering she knew damn well what those eyes could do.

Don't show weakness, her mind screamed. She could practically feel the current of his figure being so close, if he was alive, she would surely feel the heat that radiated from him. Instead she almost felt the coldness of death. He was so close he could pick up every breath, swallow, heartbeat, or slight movement. She repeated her own mantra within her head as her jaw set, drawing strength from it.

It was odd, how he contained that anger that all but swam beneath the surface of him like circling sharks. He questioned her but she knew that he was just toying. The oldest vampire here? It was obviously him but it was like the speech was no longer for her.. She had to admit, a number of smart-ass retorts threatened to escape her. That was when he smiled. When Darcy smiled... everything around him suffered. How well she knew that. It was enough to make her mouth grow dry. She didn't dare utter a single word... just yet even though her eyes narrowed to slits.

That was... until he did as she expected, answering himself. The delivery was good. Hell, she got chills and none of them the good kind. She could feel that slithering coil of her own powers at play, she could feel her own beast began to rattle its cage again far more urgently... as though something wrung her from the inside out out... as if it couldn't stand being in close proximity to hellish cowboy. If he hadn't moved, the air that unsettled a few strands as he whirled too terribly fast, she hadn't seen Arlo until it was too late. She cried out in surprise to stifle the 'No!' How she had hoped he had taken his moment. She felt that wooden plank hit him as if it struck her.

That sickening sound of that collision of wood hitting Arlo's head was like a bomb going off. It exploded splintered shards everywhere like confetti. The sheer explosive strike sent Arlo flying, hitting the wall. The poor musician struggling to catch his breath, gasping, unable to find his bearings, all figurative marbles spewed into the streets.

Of course, he fucking stayed. Of course, he tried to play hero one last time. The man who had been lied to... stabbed... and tricked... the same one who worried about where she parked her car... couldn't just turn his damn back like so many people would have gladly done to save their own skin. He didn't owe her a damn thing. Darcy was right... his prediction spot on. How well he could predict his enemies.. Could he predict her the same she wondered? He idly tossed what was left of that shattered wood he had struck Arlo with like it was nothing more than garbage, it echoed off the alley walls.

Darcy, once more seemed far more amused with Arlo... than her, giving his back to her... How her inner feline wished to pounce as though she could take him down. Harley clearly outweighed by brute strength... even though she liked the idea of being far stronger than she was. "Ass." She nearly snarled.. All humour gone. Hardly innovative nor impactful.. but she took a single step forward, hands on her hips in a display of blatant defiance. Poor Arlo.. Darcy then proceeded to call the man a coward..

"Coward?" Harley scoffed. "He took out all your men without even breaking a sweat, I would hardly call that cowardly." The raven-haired woman sniped, knowing it was already far too late to avoid Darcy's ire now. So why not make it count? "He just took out all your men... and he can teleport.. Do you really want that loose cannon in Syn? Is he really worth it?" Logic... at its finest... and yet.. He would likely ignore her... No... the way to get Darcy's attention... was to unfortunately piss him off. Fuuuck. This was going to suck big time. She shook her head... defying the survivalist in her..

The raven haired woman spoke up then. "What I find more fascinating, is how you just...let your men get picked off one by one. Maybe....While you might be the oldest here, you might also be the biggest coward of them all. But hey.. pot meet kettle much?" She took another step, throwing some swagger within those hips as she moved boldly toward Darcy as if in challenge of his very authority. How she knew damn well he would be unwilling to ignore it. She used her powers to find those metal pliers, causing them to float toward her as if to catch his eye... If Arlo could teleport, now would be the time to do so. Far.. far away from here. She refused the urge to look to the musician, her fiery purple gaze fixated on the sadistic devil she was unable to escape. It was quite obvious tonight the woman held very little flight and.. one simple look within those vivacious eyes said she was all fight.