The southern part of the city has a chic family-oriented sort of charm to it. Here, small locally owned shops run rampant, neighbors often know each other by name, and the monthly socials are an event not to be missed. In the South, children can often be seen safely playing in the park or on sidewalks and in the weekends, families often take to the beach to enjoy the warm waters surrounding the city.

What You'll Find Here

Ascension Center of Equitation
Beachside Bar & Bistro
Hyde Park
The Outskirts
The University of Sacrosanct

Ascension Center of Equitation

The Ascension Center of Equitation is the epicenter of the Dark Hunter Cavalry Unit. Originally a high-class facility for show-jumping, Ascension now caters entirely to the Cavalry Unit. Here the Dark Hunters learn how to ride and fight upon the backs of horses - many of which are Were's themselves.
Home of: The Cavalry

Beachside Bar & Bistro

Resting right on the beach near the small, locally owned shops and markets sits a bar and bistro with an elegant yet modern interior. There is seating both indoors and outdoors on the back patio where one can enjoy the melodic sounds of saltwater waves and fresh air. The menu consists of French dishes alongside American and Seafood choices and a wide range of liquors at the bar inside to accommodate the varied tastes and cravings of its customers. It is a charming little establishment that allows for those needing a break from the busy city streets to come and unwind.

Owner Adelaide Labelle

Waitress Abigail Hughes
Hostess Malia Tate

Hyde Park

Hyde Place takes up a large part of the Southern side of the city and includes a large playground, several fountains, and a small garden. The park is open from five in the morning till midnight though many shady characters may visit this place while it's technically "closed". The park has also been a venue for several concerts and hosts many holiday-related events. Under a full moon, witches are often seen here for the sacred ground beneath the iconic Weeping Beech.

The Outskirts

Beyond the city limits and over the bridge lies the deep, dark, and almost impenetrable forest. Often seen as a way to guard this magical city against the world that surrounds it, many are entirely ignorant of the evil that may creep between those tree trunks. Many were-creatures use the forest for the transformations of their newest members and some even take to hunting here. It isn't particularly peculiar for people to go missing within this forest but once you get through, the rest of the world awaits.

The University of Sacrosanct

The University of Sacrosanct offers some of the top programs in the nation with its outstanding campus and specialized faculty. The University places a high focus both upon educating future generations but also on research to help revolutionize the world. The University welcomes the talent of students across the world to enroll and unlock their unlimited potential. With applications from across the nation, classes fill up quickly.

BA in Plant Biology Abigail Hughes

but the truth is that I love her

Posted on March 10, 2019 by Alekai Evero


Only Fools Walk Where Angels Fear To Tread

He had hardly anticipated, in any sense, that Serafina might feel self-conscious over that last name or indeed- the manner in which she had chosen it. That sweet flush of red to her cheeks was so decidedly rare that the Hunter found himself entirely distracted by the hue- so much so that he very near ran that car off the road before the act of driving managed to garner his full attention once more. His girlfriends further insistence that he was not allowed to laugh only further baited his own curiosity for that very tale. The Aston Martin slowly pulled to a stop at the curb and outside Serafina's own townhouse. That home having very near become Azrael's own. The man often spending far more time there then within his own apartment in the West. His golden gaze lingered expectantly upon the woman then and yet that hint of suspicion managed to find its way into those bright irises as he queried exactly what sort of laughter Serafina anticipated from him. History had shown, after all, that they tended to have two entirely different senses of humor- at least over some things. The pair surprisingly united in other ways. The raven-haired young woman's assurance that laughter would be the good kind did little to sooth his doubt and yet he was willing to afford her the benefit of believing otherwise for now. A stray thought seeming to find its way into his mind then as he queried whether or not she had gotten her name from a cereal box.

That comment, apparently, was the wrong one to make. Serafina veritably rounding on him. Azrael entirely inclined to return that veritable open fire with his own defensiveness. She had indicated that the origin of her last name were embarrassing hadn't she? Wasn't a cereal box both embarrassing and funny? Maybe it wasn't exactly funny. It wasn't like he laughed a whole fucking lot anyway. The Hunter content to all but huff in response- at least until her mention of the historical society seemed to prompt his interest. Azrael distinctly familiar with the building and its tell-tale blue awning. His head nodded in response as she continued. A faint frown of sorts managed to find its way to his features then at the revelation that she had simply adopted that name right out of history itself- if only for what that name represented. All those things she had never had and yet desired all at once. That very pang of...something tugging at him once more. There was nothing funny he was sure, in a young woman attempting to feel as if she....mattered. Even if through a borrowed last name. Azrael remained silent for those few moments still before daring to suggest that it was hardly foolish in any sense. Besides, it wasn't as if they had any idea who she really was or who she was related to. Maybe she was French? Maybe she did have noble blood of some kind? Serafina, for her part, hardly appearing impressed with his theory. His name uttered on a veritable sigh as his own eyes lightly rolled. That light scowl offered toward her then.

"Im trying to be bloody supportive Sera just.....accept it for once."

Christ women were hard work. Azrael mostly assured he would never understand them so long as he lived. The Hunter content enough to leave that conversation behind for now as he made his way out of the car to lead the way up those steps and to the front door. His golden gaze glancing sideways and towards Sera then. Regardless of what they knew -or didn't- about Serafina's last name, it was, in the least, a fairly sexy sort of name to say. Azrael unable to deny it appealed to him. His insistence of that very fact earning him little more than a scoff and the comment that he was being patronizing. This was the last damn time he tried to be supportive. Ever.

"I meant it and you know I couldn't say that if it wasn't true."

Whether or not she believed him surely remained to be seen. Serafina quick to see to that alarm system he had insisted she install because he was apparently the only being who ever cared about safety in this entire house- before making his way up those stairs as he shrugged out of his jacket. The blond Hunter easily made his way to that bed then. Azrael all but collapsing onto the mattress upon his back before eyeing his girlfriend as she lingered within the doorway. The man content to remind her of that promise she had made back within the park for that Witch's costume. Serafina meandering her way over to her closet then with that agreement that she had promised. Azrael's arms folded smoothly behind his head then, the Hunter content to watch as Sera moved to fish that costume out before she turned to glance toward him over her shoulder with the comment she owned lingerie. Azrael readily sitting upward.

"You own actual lingerie? How have we been going out more than a year and i've never seen this yet?"

She held that Witches outfit up then. Azrael unable to deny how much he liked that costume even if his thoughts remained distracted by the idea of lingerie he had apparently never seen. Where was she keeping it? His gaze eyeing that closet surreptitiously before returning to that costume. Sera content to tease him over his veritable 'kink' for that very look. His eyes rolling lightly.

"Do you have to call it a kink? It's not like I want to tie you up in it or something...kinky."

Sera, he was mostly sure, was not actually listening. The argument of what was and was not kinky one they had argued about several times before. Was it really considered kinky if he thought she looked hot in that outfit? Maybe it was...considering his species and her own. The woman making her way over to the bathroom then instead, her words almost an afterthought as she insisted that lingerie might have to wait for when he took her some place nice. That scowl on his features only deepening at that mischievous smirk he was offered before she disappeared into the bathroom.

"Hey! I'm taking you to Dubai! You better bring that lingerie with you. Dubai is fancy enough you're going to need it every night!"

That simper found its way to his own lips all the same. Azrael shaking his head lightly before laying back on that bed once more. The hunter pausing to kick off his shoes. Those boots falling to fall with a heavy thud. Azrael hearing his own name through that bathroom door- the man cutting Sera off before she could finish that sentence as he sat up again.

"I know, I know- I'm moving my giant bloody boots."

That rush of speed saw those boots placed, neatly, in the corner of the room before Azrael returned to the bed a final time. His golden gaze returned to stare at the bathroom door then in clear anticipation. He'd seen Serafina in that outfit before and yet it never ceased to appeal to him. That black material so having a habit of highlighting her slender figure. She just looked so fucking good in it. That very desire already having stirred within him. His gaze lingering expectantly on that bathroom door. Azrael attempting to wait patiently.

"You're killing me out here, just so you know."