The southern part of the city has a chic family-oriented sort of charm to it. Here, small locally owned shops run rampant, neighbors often know each other by name, and the monthly socials are an event not to be missed. In the South, children can often be seen safely playing in the park or on sidewalks and in the weekends, families often take to the beach to enjoy the warm waters surrounding the city.

What You'll Find Here

Ascension Center of Equitation
Beachside Bar & Bistro
Hyde Park
The Outskirts
The University of Sacrosanct

Ascension Center of Equitation

The Ascension Center of Equitation is the epicenter of the Dark Hunter Cavalry Unit. Originally a high-class facility for show-jumping, Ascension now caters entirely to the Cavalry Unit. Here the Dark Hunters learn how to ride and fight upon the backs of horses - many of which are Were's themselves.
Home of: The Cavalry

Beachside Bar & Bistro

Resting right on the beach near the small, locally owned shops and markets sits a bar and bistro with an elegant yet modern interior. There is seating both indoors and outdoors on the back patio where one can enjoy the melodic sounds of saltwater waves and fresh air. The menu consists of French dishes alongside American and Seafood choices and a wide range of liquors at the bar inside to accommodate the varied tastes and cravings of its customers. It is a charming little establishment that allows for those needing a break from the busy city streets to come and unwind.

Owner Adelaide Labelle

Waitress Abigail Hughes
Hostess Malia Tate

Hyde Park

Hyde Place takes up a large part of the Southern side of the city and includes a large playground, several fountains, and a small garden. The park is open from five in the morning till midnight though many shady characters may visit this place while it's technically "closed". The park has also been a venue for several concerts and hosts many holiday-related events. Under a full moon, witches are often seen here for the sacred ground beneath the iconic Weeping Beech.

The Outskirts

Beyond the city limits and over the bridge lies the deep, dark, and almost impenetrable forest. Often seen as a way to guard this magical city against the world that surrounds it, many are entirely ignorant of the evil that may creep between those tree trunks. Many were-creatures use the forest for the transformations of their newest members and some even take to hunting here. It isn't particularly peculiar for people to go missing within this forest but once you get through, the rest of the world awaits.

The University of Sacrosanct

The University of Sacrosanct offers some of the top programs in the nation with its outstanding campus and specialized faculty. The University places a high focus both upon educating future generations but also on research to help revolutionize the world. The University welcomes the talent of students across the world to enroll and unlock their unlimited potential. With applications from across the nation, classes fill up quickly.

BA in Plant Biology Abigail Hughes

The past has lost but time's not won

Posted on May 19, 2019 by CLEOPATRA

The ageless exotic fae woman, entered that dank dark cave with an elegance that she had not lost over the milenia. She moved like a queen, commanding charisma and yet supple as that massive serpent that rose above the hunter, doing as what cornered animals often do when they felt threatened and strike. How even she could see that!

Those very powers are but a whisper in the stagnant sewers, a sweet seductive pull toward that titan-snake. She hardly had no problem allowing those decreeing words hurled toward the hunter himself to flow freely as though she somehow could influence that able warrior. She could sense that power, it echoed off the wet concrete like nothing she had ever felt before. He glowed with an ethereal vibrancy that didn't cease, as though he harboured the power of the very sun itself, it nearly hurt to look directly into that light he so exuded. That very brightness seemed to only further agitate the very snake even whom seemed spellbound within Cleopatra's seductive thrall. That very hunter did not twitch a muscle, daring to ignore the woman who was a veritable golden rose surrounded by a sea of filth. The Egyptian queen felt that small black snake move through that oily inky black darkness toward the glowing hunter, relying on that insurance plan should that blade be drawn in her own direction. Regardless of that danger she walked into, she hardly seemed perturbed by it. His response is short and jagged, a sharpness along those offered words. It hardly hindered her approach, her foot falls soft upon the ground as she be that divine intervention in attempts to save that snake. Yet she could hardly help the way she studied the luminous warrior.

Still, the very sight of such a massive snake seemed to amaze her.. in all her years she had never seen one so magnificent, let alone.. one so strong. It was not lost upon her that she could gain a powerful protector if she lulled the beast. It seemed to fight against the gentle magical sway of her affinity. Yet the very man that remained poised to murder such a beast was also impressive in his own right, even if she entirely disagreed with his very actions. She would need to tread with caution and perception.

His stance hardly faltered, that very way seemed to remind her of the invincible air of males of her very time. Yet she seemed to brush that behind her, it was him she needed to put her focus on if she were to spare the serpent of the fate of death that surely would find him at the end of that blade. With each commanding step, she felt more than one set of eyes upon her, how used she was to that very attention she was afforded. It came with natural ease, one she silently demanded anywhere she went. Both past and present. She needed to speak, there was no time for silent staring trying to piece together an impossible puzzle she would surely need time to determine. How aware she was of that softness that seemed to overtake the snakes slitted eyes. Even if that look was brief.

She needed to garner the hunter's attention, she felt it wavering, felt his irritation almost turn to impatience. How easy it was to manipulate a man with an ego, only needing to stroke it in the way that mattered most to the man. Perhaps calling him a coward was hardly the way to go and yet she was not one to ever show regret. That very act seemed to cause that irritation to shift into something else entirely. That very ego had been confirmed, especially as he seemed twirl that blade like he knew how to use it, she hardly doubted that. He was not the only man she had been known to be good with a sword. Her every action was methodical, as were those carefully plotted words. She now stood near that massive snake as though he were her guardian to control as he drew that step forward, closing that sensible distance she wished to maintain until she was sure. The glint in his eye should have prompted a sliver of worry and yet she refused to budge or cower, that blasé expression cradling her beautiful face, like she was goddess made flesh, a velvet paradise. Yet his gaze remained focused intently upon that very snake.

The hunters voice cut through that space between them and she listens to his very words. There was something that he said that brought a look of surprise to her feminine features. It was not the fact that he killed... but that he claimed the snake mauled. "Snakes do not maul not by instinct alone.. How peculiar." Her mind raked over this very knowledge. Her face transformed into a slight version of a frown, but she would not be unhinged. Not by a hunter. That face smoothed just as quickly as it appeared, her skin once more delicate and softer, considering his knowledge of her heritage. "You are correct.. snakes were once revered.. reptilian beings were once worshipped as gods. We would cull the ones that were too unruly, that did not pacify with studious care. But they were at least given a chance... There is nothing childish about a methodical thought out choice after gathering enough proof." To simply slaughter it would be an injustice, she was so sure of it! How she felt that about every snake she so wielded.

"How do you know that for sure? There are ways to tell. How do you know if this creature does not act upon fear alone? I've known humans who have done far worse at the whisper of deception."

She uses her powers to cause the snakes head to lower to gently butt his nose into the waiting palm of her hand. Cleo could see her reflection within the shiny surface of the snake's slit eyes, witnessing the flecks of yellow within their dangerous depths. That brusque snort escaped the hunter, shattering that moment. He was hardly convinced that this impressive creature could be tamed.

She clicked her tongue, hissing inward a breath. "You know nothing in the manner of me. I do not have any use for mindless slaves. I offer a choice, warrior. Why do you not ask me if you wish to know." she allowed her hand to brush against the smooth scales of that large creature arrow-shaped head tenderly.

How she hardly liked the way he said... he would allow her to do anything. She was queen risen to the likes of the old gods. She was certainly worshipped as one. There was something about the way he spoke that reminded her of the men of old. Perhaps even a brush of Cesear's arrogance. She would need to approach him as such. "And I am the woman who would look passed mere appearances." She adds, just as swiftly as a viper's strike.

"If he is a danger, I will not put my people at risk. But shouldn't a rare creature like this one be given a chance? Or should everything misunderstood die. There would be nothing living if that was the case. Tell me.. Have you not killed?" Surely not all of those kills were truly just? Surely a reasonable man could see that. Those beasts, were simple enough to understand when their base needs were met most were quite compliant. Humans on the other hand. Now that was a far more complex creature to understand, the mind was a corrosive and crippling thing.

"If I release this beast and he moves to attack, I will drive a blade through his skull myself." She was certainly no fool to allow a beast like that to harm her people, her creatures, her home. But she was also not a woman who would pass an opportunity to work with something so... legendary.

"Give him a choice to prove himself... If he fails. Then he may join the afterlife and perhaps then he will finally know peace. I implore you to at least humour me this, hunter." How she would never truly beg to any man.. but judging the hunter before her, she wished to scent out his weak spot. She took a step toward him, fearless, her dark earthen eyes seek his own. "Will you renew my faith in mankind?" Her voice rich and exotic. She rose her hand, showing him that she was unarmed, the illusion of a helpless fae. She, drew her hand to her chest, in a show that said she spoke from the 'heart'... it then trails knowingly down her enticing bodice as the same hand placed upon her protruding hip, drawing his gaze that body that seemed shaped by Aphrodite herself. How that very action had been practiced over all the years to make it look entirely natural. How that pale dress hardly left much to the imagination even as it draped like a waterfall to kiss the floor with nothing more than the elegance she exudes.