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PhD in Plant Biology Abigail Hughes

Welcome to the devil's playground;

Posted on July 29, 2020 by Risque

out for blood

she's somethin' so cold-blooded with

a deep killer instinct

It was a wondrous thing that the pair made it in one piece to that party, hosted at a barn of all places. A place intended for all kinds of barnyard filthy animals. It was bad enough she had to trudge through the grime in the middle of nowhere at Darcy's ranch. His recently unburdened ranch, to be precise. The last line that connected him to the south and most of all, his past. Good riddance. He was at least right in that, it was useless. There wasn't a suitable place to rest, let alone charge a phone. She was sure, after obliterating that graveyard it was well and truly where it should be.. Buried with his family's bones beneath the parched earth.

One thing was for certain... That moonshine had taken its toll on them both. How her empty stomach made her even more susceptible to it, even despite her age. How much of that bottle did she drink? What did Mary Beth put in it to make it... so strong? All sober thoughts and none of them she was capable of having especially when she could focus on none other than the oddly familiar french accented voice they had passed. She should have gone after it. Yet... she had whipped around her head so fast she nearly caused herself to tip over, relying on Darcy to keep her from making a damn fool of herself. Yet still, she remained unconvinced that moonshine worked at all! Moon juice.. It sounded like a gimmick, like a children's beverage. It tasted so far from juice.

Yet.... she wanted more as much as she hated to admit. She was certain, if she was going to survive this. She was going to need a lot more than blood to aid in her survival of this night so help her. While the fairy twinkling lights certainly made it look more... dreamy. It did little to help the assaulting barnyard scents that emanated from it. Nor the fact that their animals and humans were running around free, to shit in the same place where people ate. What was that smell that pemated through the stench.. Not much better if it were.... Hotdogs? Gross. She wrinkled her nose in distaste. Why anyone would eat garbage meat she hardly knew. The people in the south were baffling creatures. It was hard to believe that these were the people that Darcy had once rubbed elbows with. Had once called this place his domain. How small he would have been, not in size but in true power... how weak he would have been if his sights remained so low, like a horse wearing blinders to prevent it from seeing beyond what's in front of them.

The crowd was boisterous, unruly... the music blaring while the scent of a bonfire only added to the wide array of scents that would cling to her hair, her clothing. She was certain they would reject her from entering the 5-star hotel. At least she was not wearing her other shoes.. Or dress that was worth probably more than the cost of that barn itself. At least that world seemed nothing short of hazy at the edges, it made it almost palatable. almost... It was like she waded through a dream. More like a nightmare. Yes. There were children roaming free... it was most certainly a nightmare. How she loathed the smell of children. Not to mention the flea ridden mutts that all but ran around free. This place was full of savages. That's what they were. To think she was desperate enough to eat one... was telling enough.

Human and vampires were carrying on like equals. This place was backwards. Every last thing about it. She truly hoped they need not stay for long... How long did one have to linger in a place like this in order to not be deemed a wuss. She would not be called that. Not in the south.. Not in the west. Not anywhere on this planet would Risque Voth be deemed a wuss. Why she cared what simple minded fools thought at this very moment was beyond reason. It must be that drink. Why that word seemed to strike her strangely, she hardly knew. Yet she was certain she would not be called that. Not that these simple minded people with their simple minded lives opinions ever mattered.

Darcy lingered close, closer than deemed necessary and yet she hardly seemed to mind even as she could feel the brush of his arm against her own as he attempted to avoid the all too oblivious and crowd. Even drunk he was her attack shadow. She could see their eyes, their judgement.. And yet it did not linger long before her attention fluttered elsewhere.. Her mind far too busy with her own tangent of children. Filthy, stinky human children. To think she could have once had her own... at one point in time horrified her. The fact she almost did. Why anyone wanted one she would never understand. People called vampire's leaches but the true leaches were children, she knew it. They sucked away your life, your beauty, your resources. She was hardly aware of the level of Darcy's territorialism that assaulted him... unaware of the looks he shot the men that hungrily watched the meandering Risque... who still somehow walked with more grace than anyone in this barn. It was very clear, everything about her screamed different. She might have worn the boots and the outfit. But her very presence even here seemed to command attention. Her curves, her unbound blue-black hair akin to the midnight sky fell nearly to the swell of her ass when straightened, which looked phenomenal in jeans. She knew it... she never questioned her superiority amongst the rest of them. Let them stare. Let them revel in her beauty and power they couldn't dream of possessing. The whispers of sheep never bothered her. She'd heard it all....the mere knowledge that she could level every single being here certainly gave her all the power.

What a blood bath. How exhausting. She hadn't even had a proper meal yet. Yet it was certainly more interesting than what occurred.... Now.

Two children chased a chicken, ran in front of them as they were spotted by Clay. He looked different out of his uniform, in this casual setting he clearly belonged in. He thrived here, did not want more than his existence, or so it seemed. Clay did not seem perturbed in the slightest to step over one of the children as if it were commonplace. Were they not supervised!?? They were like animals... they should have been leashed at the very least. Or housed with the animals somewhere far away from her. She could not help that look of sheer distaste, she would have not hesitated to pluck one from its little legs and remove it from her way. Next thing she knew, if not dealt with... they would bite. That question why they did not contain them left her lips.. Darcy prompted to answer before Clay appeared. "Perhaps they should eat those too.. " She muttered out loud to Darcy, just as the unsuspecting, eager Clay appeared much too close. Her mind still focused on children's blood, she had heard their blood was second in taste in comparison to... a fae. But she could not bear the scent of them... or their high pitched squealing cries. Perhaps she would dare Darcy to pick one up and smell it. The temptation was so very clear. Later, when they rid themselves of this business.

If only Clay... wasn't so excited to lead them to this Roscoe, the man just as excited to see them. As if... Somehow Risque and Darcy were somehow.. His best friends. What exactly he was so thrilled about had Risque immediately questioning the man. As they approached the furthest table in back she hardly.... Anticipated the man deemed Roscoe to be so large. He was imposing like the table he sat at was far too small. Everything looked small next to him. He commanded the presence like any leader should have. She could spot him a mile away with no introductions whatsoever. His muscles were so hard he looked to be carved from metal, that very shirt he wore looked even to tiny for him, as though his arms alone would bust out of the seams. Risque could have easily missed the tiny woman who remained next to him if it were not Darcy's acknowledgement of her that drew her gaze toward the redhead. She was plain in comparison to Risque or so she thought. She was weaker... younger... Risque could crush her with her mere pinky.. Yet... she knew there was a story there. A tie between what was hers and this strumpet. This Kacey even had the nerve to meet Risque's gaze even if it were more out of judgement than mere assault. As though she intended to size up the feline queen. This one needed to learn her manners. How easy she would be to break. Vampire or no. There was far too much unspoken that transpired in that moment. Ah.. she had never met another lover of Darcys. She was cute.... In the 'I rolled around in the hay and never had a manicure in my life sort of way'. How far beneath her she was in so many ways. Yet. There was some flash territorialism that struck her. Was it merely the booze or was it those mated bonds?

Kasey made quick work to serve them that blood. How she would have preferred it to be from the vein and yet... at this point it hardly mattered as long as it was blood. How parched she was.

Every tight stitch of displeasure that Kacey possessed from Risque herself seemed to bring a smug satisfaction to her. But that blood was far better. It was enough to feel that familiar hum in her veins. How she baited the woman as if daring her to lose her composure, hardly considering the ramifications of her actions. To watch the hippy cowgirl lash out would only show just how much Risque possessed power over her. She was hardly worthy of her true attention which soon shifted to obscure Roscoe.

His booming voice matched his imposing physique. She could not recall the last time she saw a man so large, she wondered if he was agile.. Or if he tired easily. Risque seemed cool, collected as she drank the remaining contents of that blood. Risque remained all together pleasant, at least outwardly. Perhaps even entirely unRisque-like with strangers. How rare it was when she needed to introduce herself. Her reputation out here... did not reach. At least not in this circle. Risque offered her hand across that table so the man across it could kiss it. Darcy's irritation all but palpable. How she toyed with Darcy then, as her closest hand found Darcy's leg, allowing her fingers to draw so very close to his groin, she could feel him almost tense as she toyed with him. Conflicting his very emotions as she seemed to do so naturally. The motives behind it, incomprehensible to the feline queen.

It was Roscoe who asked how Darcy and Kacey seemed to know each other. Risque quick to hone upon that very opportunity to all but air out that dirty laundry before everyone at that table. Risque toyed with her own glass in the similar manner in which she toyed with Darcy's thigh. Risque's expression was unreadable and yet the tone in her voice was nothing short of pleasant, alluring. It was clear that Kacey seemed to shift nervously with all that attention thrust upon her. How she enjoyed watching that little woman squirm. After all, she was merely just a worm with hair. How curious it would be to see Roscoe react to such a tale as well as satisfy her own curiosity. How quickly it would bode poorly for anyone at this table. If she hadn't been feeling the effects of that moonshine, she was certain it would have been a matter best discussed alone.. And yet here and now, Risque was content to be nothing short of public about it. How easy it was to find out the truth... and read others when their true emotions were on display.. Especially when caught unawares. Risque enjoyed that element of surprise, thrust upon them all.

Darcy, obedient in her command, began speaking. At that moment, the vampire queen was mostly curious of Roscoe's demenour and perhaps Kasey too. How much she could tell.. In that moment. They were all pretty little puppets. That story was offered without a single emotion staining his words. Darcy nothing but controlled even with the weight of all their eyes upon him, even with the alcohol that clung to him. Kacey lost it.. Oh how amusing it was to see her reaction. She made a fool of her own mate simply by throwing a temper tantrum and interrupting him. How that was means enough to be reprimanded. How that very action alone only made Kacey nothing more than a child that needed a firm hand. Risque allowed a vague amusement to flicker across her usual apathetic stare, at least for a passing moment it seemed she wished to observe her lover's reaction. Darcy all but equally getting irritated by the woman's outburst.

The nerve to call her mate a liar. Like he would dare lie to her! It was then that insult was thrust to Risque which caused that amused glance to shift to a narrowed stare of warning. Her lip curled beneath that judgemental stare, as though her opinion meant anything at all in the pitiful little town and even less in this world. As if that little cowgirl's opinion held any standing at all with her, a queen. That look might have looked but a mere twitch of her features, like a cat unsettling and resettling its fur... and yet it was that minute gesture that saw the energy around them shift. Another vampire's territory or not.

Any amused passing pity was gone for the rage filled Kacey. Wait a minute.. Pity? As if she could feel such a thing for such a pathetic creature. She had fallen right into one of Risque's traps... without even knowing it. But didn't they all? Risque sighed almost dramatically outloud removing her hand from Darcy's thigh to toy with the rough surface of wood, the action alone revealing her boredom. That look Kacey then shot Risque... How impolite she was, she had no clue who she trifled with, the woman risking her ire. How little she seemed to know about Darcy at all. The man he'd become since being a weak little human. How furious she was.. All that emotion clear as day itself upon her feminine features, she didn't even try to hide it. She even seeked the approval of her own mate before she continued. What a weak little woman. That look of clear judgement written across Kacey's face, as though she very nearly condemned Risque.

Risque leaned in. Go on little girl, tie that noose even tighter. Do something she seemed to dare. How she would make quick work of her. Even singled handedly and intoxicated.

Risque shot a glance to Roscoe, her pale narrowed eyes sliced toward him then. Did he not care for the mockery she made in his name? How easy it would have been to unfurl her powers in that very room... How in that moment under the sway of alcohol she would hardly possess much control of it. Something intended for one might hemorrhage out to everyone her gift touched. She never thought... how it would affect... babies, what tormented their minds? She seemed to find amusement in the thought, her lips curled into a slight grin. Oh perhaps she should pay attention to this. Darcy hardly seemed impressed. Meeting the woman to her baiting in an attempt to correct the trigger happy woman.

That argument itself only seemed to show that there was far more to the story, perhaps more than Darcy wished to reveal. Oh the fury of a lover scorned had never ceased to amuse her. She acted like she had a claim to have these answers, to be apart of this conversation. She even had the nerve to flick her hair at her like a sassy little.. Teenager. Immortality had been wasted upon her. How Risque could have put her in her place, could have had her crumpled in a heap upon the floor with barely a bat of her own long sultry lashes. Yet she seemed so keen on tightening her own noose around her little throat, why not allow her to hang before them all? Why Rosoe would permit her to make a fool of herself while it only represented himself in such a poor light. Perhaps he was curious... to know. Or perhaps he wished to let it all play out before him before reacting. Regardless, it was clear he had little control over his woman. Perhaps he possessed far more muscles than balls. That thought seemed to equally amuse Risque then.

Kacey mentioned they were engaged.. Her Darcy, engaged? Oh, that was a new one. It all but earned Risque's flippant attention toward her mate. Oh, the little details he seemed content to conceal. She would need to remember to address that. Oh, that did not sound like... nothing as Darcy seemed keen on dismissing. He was quick to claim the 5th. It was like watching a predictable 'reality' show. Oh goodie. How she enjoyed the drama... she had instigated! How terribly cliche though.. Yet in that conversation it was clear Kacey knew Darcy far better than he seemed content to share, Darcy confirmed that much with his words if he intended to or not. Darcy wouldn't dare lie to her, would he?? Yet even despite it all... her undead cowboy left, regardless of any ties he held with her. Small town boy, with big dreams of getting out of the life he had known. If he had stayed.. Perhaps this would have been his world. His reality. His dead end life. Perhaps it would have been him sitting in Roscoe's place. As if a woman like Kasey could fulfil any of those darker appetites the feline queen knew he possessed well before he met her. How easy it was for her to see the potential behind just the face. Kasey seemed... so... vanilla. It was clear that this woman was still so very upset. Like he was her greatest regret. It made her think less of her. As if her predicament wasn't embarrassing enough, she had to demean herself further because of a man. How human of her.

She was clearly not enough to convince the man to stay and judging by her outrage, he hardly seemed to say goodbye without a second thought. That final question hung in the air, as if she was too foolish to not connect the dots herself. That back and forth bickering silenced with the weight of that true question hung in the balance. It was clear Darcy did a number on her. One that was clearly one sided. Silence minus the background noise seemed to hang in the balance for a precious second before Darcy responded without hesitation. The music even halted at the end of its twang filled tune before it picked up again, but not before it framed that singular word. No. That one word like a dagger thrust toward the other girl. Oh, this was an amusing sport after all. Risque almost wished she had something else to drink. More blood..... Or maybe even more moonshine. Oh that sounded enjoyable. Risque's gaze seemed to peruse the wooden table, lost on her own quest for a heartbeat of a second before Roscoe's interrupting laughter erupted over the party noise. It was a commanding sound that Risque found entirely abrasive. She slid her attention back toward Kacey whom he manhandled, in an all too macho display of possession, like she was nothing more than his own property. That he was glad for Darcy to have left in order for this Kacey to become his. What a strange way of thinking. How terribly good natured of him. Gracious and...forgiving. Oh give her a break. She knew men like him. Had times not changed here at all? Did it not bother him knowing that his mate made such a fuss over another man. It should have. It probably did even if he refused to show it.

Yet Risque had to add that final comment to Kacey all the same. Did she have to? No. But the loudmouthed brat deserved every ounce of discomfort.. "Ouch. That had to sting a little, no? Roscoe seems pleased with you. Are you two married?" Oh certain she was that they probably married with the goat and chickens within this very barn! She looked to the fuming woman on the muscular coven leader's lap, knowing all too well her words sounded innocuous, that melodious sound of her voice possessed a sickly sweet honied poison.

Risque once more encircled that attention upon herself, her finger playing upon the rim of her now empty glass. Simply because there was nothing else for her to do. Did they not possess moonshine here? "Although I hear it is not healthy to live in the past. Have you tried yoga?" How rich that was coming from Risque who had a long list of grudges that only grew by the day. How few existed on the good side of her. It almost seemed like casual conversation and how Roscoe replied could surely light the fuse of the dynamite upon his lap who was clearly still fuming over her once.. beau. To know. Where was she going with this? It was like Risque didn't even know herself.

Risque's gaze shifted to the woman who remained in her place upon his lap. It was no throne. It was a prison, her prison she fashioned for herself. For all that feisty attitude she was nothing more than a clipped bird in a gilded cage. She might have looked like a bomb ready to explode, but clearly no one was intimidated by it. Her state was ignored entirely then by that act of possession he seemed so keen on displaying before them. As if Darcy would have any interest in anything from his past. A symbolism of his weakness. One that little trollop Kasey here seemed forever stuck within. Especially with Risque in the room. Risque was nothing but sweet ambrosia to... Kasey's cheap booze.

Between the mate he refused to keep on a short leash, allowing her to blatantly disrespect both Darcy and Risque with Kasey's emotional outburst. To the way he seemed to look to Darcy to speak for Risque.. Like she was nothing more than a prize on his own arm. Oh, how that venomous irritation seemed to flick inside of her like a nagging scratch. Dislike for both seemed to rattle within her mind, a reminder of who she was. Was there not an amicable creature within the south? Were they extinct here? Risque's eyes narrowed as that careful composure slipped far too easily. That moonshine was likely the cause of it or maybe she simply had a sore spot for misogyny. His words were like sandpaper. It was fortunate for Darcy he did not answer.

"This woman can speak for herself." Risque interjected, quick to correct him in a near haughty tone, offering but a single warning even despite whose territory they tred. It also served to be another jab was cast indirectly toward Kacey herself, implying she could not. How for an impossible moment her resolve slipped... from amicable to commanding she-devil that truly lived beneath her usual impenetrable resolve. The hellish queen still lurked even beneath the haze of alcohol even if it made the entirety of this situation like some twisted social experiment. She pushed onward, whether Roscoe wanted it or not. Risque looked at the other vampire within the eye. "Do I hunt? But of course. What vampire would I be if I could not catch my prey, whatever it might be. Nothing has escaped me yet..." There was an ominous hint to her tone, a vagueness that could apply to just about anything. Did he truly think they would want to stay here of all places? Oh but... she supposed she lied. Oh well. There was that one who had escaped her. But Roscoe with the rolled r's surely didn't need to know about the one being that escaped her. Nor did Darcy, especially not tonight. Oh she was too drunk for that conversation. Plus, the liked of that cursed French fae would certainly never come here. He was probably as good as dead. How she blamed that man with the shoes... his accent reminding her.... Of a time... that.. Wait. Did Roscoe just invite them to stay with them for a few days? Her expression shifted to one of surprise.

Kasey's expression did not match Roscoe's words at all! That invitation to stay at this point was almost laughable. "Time is of the essence, Roscoe. We have no plans of staying. Your Kasey seems less than pleased." Risque possessed no inkling of a desire to stay here in this barn longer than she needed to, nor did she wish to flirt with any of his secret wants. "We have seen all there is to see in your Jankin... Your Boot Barn has given me a great deal of fantastique ideas." Although, she supposed there was always room for one more. She added in an almost casual tone, her gaze cut toward her lover once more. Now perhaps Roscoe would quit wasting their time and perhaps get to what he wanted. There was always something, she knew it. "If only your Moonshine worked as potently as it tasted. Right, Dar?" She idly waved her hand as if dismissing the notion entirely. It was a pity there was none to try. Her glass was looking far too dry for her liking. Whatever happened to that southern hospitality?

you better run

the full moon's rising.