The southern part of the city has a chic family-oriented sort of charm to it. Here, small locally owned shops run rampant, neighbors often know each other by name, and the monthly socials are an event not to be missed. In the South, children can often be seen safely playing in the park or on sidewalks and in the weekends, families often take to the beach to enjoy the warm waters surrounding the city.

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Ascension Center of Equitation

The Ascension Center of Equitation is the epicenter of the Dark Hunter Cavalry Unit. Originally a high-class facility for show-jumping, Ascension now caters entirely to the Cavalry Unit. Here the Dark Hunters learn how to ride and fight upon the backs of horses - many of which are Were's themselves.
Home of: The Cavalry

Hyde Park

Hyde Place takes up a large part of the Southern side of the city and includes a large playground, several fountains, and a small garden. The park is open from five in the morning till midnight though many shady characters may visit this place while it's technically "closed". The park has also been a venue for several concerts and hosts many holiday-related events. Under a full moon, witches are often seen here for the sacred ground beneath the iconic Weeping Beech.

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (PDZA) is an award-winning combined zoo and aquarium located within the Southern Part of Sacrosanct. Situated on 92 acres in Sacrosanct's Hyde Park, the zoo and aquarium are home to over 9,000 specimens representing 367 animal species. Point Defiance is also widely known for its conversation efforts regarding the breed and release program of Red Wolves.

The Outskirts

Beyond the city limits and over the bridge lies the deep, dark, and almost impenetrable forest. Often seen as a way to guard this magical city against the world that surrounds it, many are entirely ignorant of the evil that may creep between those tree trunks. Many were-creatures use the forest for the transformations of their newest members and some even take to hunting here. It isn't particularly peculiar for people to go missing within this forest but once you get through, the rest of the world awaits.

The University of Sacrosanct

The University of Sacrosanct offers some of the top programs in the nation with its outstanding campus and specialized faculty. The University places a high focus both upon educating future generations but also on research to help revolutionize the world. The University welcomes the talent of students across the world to enroll and unlock their unlimited potential. With applications from across the nation, classes fill up quickly.

PhD in Plant Biology Abigail Hughes

Dead man walking;

Posted on December 24, 2020 by Brennan O'Connell

I've sailed a thousand oceans to be here in your arms.

Liar. That wasn't exactly the first time he had heard such a comment from another woman's lips. However, he was not a liar in the conventional sense. Or so he'd like to think, he was merely... crafty in the way that he spoke. There was a damn good reason why parents didn't like him, like he wore a label with the words bad news printed in bold across his forehead. Maybe it was the scar. Although chicks seemed to dig it all the same.

That roguish grin spread across his lips even though she seemed so intent to call him a heartbreaker. Who him? Is that what she thought of him? He rose a singular dark brow and offered her a look that was all too suggestive. "Only sometimes." He could recall his own heart being broken more than once, that went against the man people perceived him to be. Yet his mind doesn't even consider that for a moment, weakness creeps up through her in a dangerous way even though she jests. It was a pity they were having such a conversation under such pressing circumstances, there were many things he might have liked to press in that very moment. But not with Raylin was fading ike a flickering flame lacking oxygen. Yet it wasn't enough to halt the scoff that escaped him. She was bleeding half to death and of course she was worried about the mess. He raked his hang through his already messy mahogany locks. "Let me worry about my wood little lass." Yes, he was all too aware how it sounded.

He'd tried to keep her with him in those moments. Coaxing the wildfire of a girl before him with the simple act of suggestive was a relief to hear that final break of laughter even as the pink haired woman fought a battle he could only attempt to fight with her. He needed to keep her with him.. The warlock barely missing a beat, remaining his overly confident and smug self. Brennan was if not nothing short of sure of his strengths and far more vague upon weaknesses.

That, it would seem was a topic that would need to wait as his singular mission at hand was to patch up his wounded mermaid so she could swim again. But not without a little alcohol to numb the pain. She nursed his booze fiercely and he could hardly help that single flash of pride as she drank well... like man. He could not help but be distracted by the glisten of that stray dribble of the alcohol that escaped her lips. His fingers move with a deft swiftness which was surprising considering how much he drank before he found the beached siren on his dock. His thumb wiped away that wasted booze, lingering probably a moment or two longer than he should have. However, he was broken from that simple reverie as she confirmed her findings she so colourfully dubbed him. Heartbreaker.

Brennan listed off his demands. Moving with haste to collect the suplies needed, she looked rough. Barney, that black beast seemed to watch over her as a pitiful whine of worry escaped his black muzzle. Even with the beads of sweat from strain that mingled with the blood that stained her forehead. That blood was everywhere.. It was alarming. If it wasn't for that he had suffered from far worse he would have probably rushed her to some obscure witch doctor from the wrong side of town. But it was the sound of pain that escaped her, nearly gut him for a moment even though he remained utterly focused on the task at hand.

Even still, the young woman softly cooed to the dog.. The sounds of it seemed to fill that space as he worked.. While Barney simple stared.. Doing nothing but offering her the comfort of his presence.. If anything the beast was in the way! But maybe.. Brennan was just a tad bitter.

Was it wrong to be jealous because damn he was. The warlock was doing ALL the damn work. It was that promise that caught the warlock's attention. No, not that fact that she called him out on being jealous. It was the last bit that added that devious twinke to his silvery blue eyes. When a woman, told you they would make it up to you.. Oh, he paid attention. Of course, even now it went straight to his head. Which one was... up for debate. Especially when she admitted she owed him. How he hoped it wasn't merely delirium that fueled those very words! "Oh? You should know. I take my debts very seriously. Even when they belong to pretty mermaids." He rose a brow as he flashed her crooked grin that gleamed devilishly in the low light. "I charge interest." He added easily.. No intent to allow her to forget those very words.

How she possessed the energy to was a feat to the girl's strength, it was admirable. There was no mistaking that she was a fighter even as she ran her mouth. He refused to admit that she might have been right that he had allowed a woman boss him around a time or two before.. And liked it... He refused to allow her to know that she might have found a chink in his armour... His weakness for a pretty face... especially when they took to bossing him around. As difficult as he was.. He liked those women confident creatures. There was something so undeniably sexy when someone knew exactly what they wanted and took it. How those strong women would be the death of him one day... but damn did they do it for him all the same. Brennan choosing not to comment, but misdirect to the grossness and yet... unique ability of his hellhounds saliva. It was the bleakness of her comment that drew out a rare vow from the warlock. "You will surf again." he assured, his words softer and smoother almost, almost like a promise.

He'd seen far worse but damn seeing her in this state just seemed wrong.

One look at the alcohol he was about to use to disinfect the wound and the woman seemed to lose her nerve... claiming she would prefer Barney's tongue. How he knew she didn't mean that. If she psyched herself up, he was going to have a hell of a time. "You don't want to know where I saw him licking earlier... lass." That in itself should be a telling thing. Ointment with hellhound saliva. Had healing properties far better especially when you didn't know whats inside of it. Something to do with the enzymes in their spit or some scientific mambo jumbo.. He could care less about. He just knew it worked.. But a wound like this, that had time to set.. It needed a little more. He refused to take chances of her catching infection.. Hence the alcohol.

However, the fact that she asked... about his ability to make women scream meant she might have thought about it, at least a little. Most girls rolled their eyes.. Until he made those eyes roll back later that night and it wasn't by being sassy either. "Wouldn't you like to know.." He stated a matter of fact, smugly even, giving her a teasing look. He said nothing more. Maybe he wasn't one to kiss and tell.. Or maybe he just wanted her pretty little mind to think of all the ways he could.

However, he did not stop.. The warlock swiftly took the lead, bossing her around in a way he knew damn well she wouldn't like as he removed the clothing and hair within his way.. It got her eye off that bottle of alcohol and the stinging bite that she all but anticipated.. Raylin all but huffed at him denying him, as he knew she would.... He merely took that oppertunity before he doused her cleaned wound with disinfectant. It had probably felt like fire upon her skin! Yet he knew how that was SO much worse than this... but one could not tell by the way that woman shrieked! Like a banshee. A sound so shrill he could feel it ringing in his bloody ears and caused him to wince. Was that really that necessary? It was the kind of sound one might think a girl would give who was petrified of mice or worse, a spider... or perhaps even possessed by a demon! She attempted to smack his arm away with little effect considering how weak she was.. He was already done.. but that alcohol sloppily sloshed all over her already ruined blood soaked clothing.

Barney hardly seemed to like that sound either. The hellhound practically ready to turn on Brennan, his master... for causing Raylin pain! Brennan cursed at the beast... before exhausted Raylin retaliated with venom in her words. Asshole! She called him. He was here, tending to her wounds and she called HIM the asshole. Of course, he had been called much worse and quite honestly he would allow her to call him anything she'd like after the night she had. He was hadly phased by the mud she slung at him.That comment that followed, however, confused... him. Did she think he directed his comment to Barney.... at her? More reason to give that hound a piece of his mind! Instead of correcting her... in fact, he kind of liked it when a woman got all pissy at him. He found it cute. "You will thank me when you dont die of infection, sunshine." He paused before adding. "Plus, I doubt landsharks practice good hygiene."

With that pain from the abrupt application of alcohol subsided, as he knew it would, besides a remaing throb that would only go down with time and keeping that wound meticulously clean. Judging by the looks of the pink haired woman, he'd noted that she used up the last reserves of her energy. Her limbs were heavy as her head that fell back upon the blood tinged cushion heavier than before. She'd left behind one hell of a blood mess and how little he seemed to care at that very moment. It was overridden by a prickle of concern that flickered within his eyes as his lips.. Pursed into a firm line.

She wanted sleep.. But he needed her awake just a little longer..

"You wont need stitches.. But quit your squirming.. I have one last thing to do." He uttered as he made sure that wound and area around it were pristine.. Almost to the point of being OCD before undoing the cap of a jar of unmarked salve. He moved quickly and gently, slathering on a generous amount of the cream that stunk to high heavens.. But it was effective. He anticipated a hiss from her lips.. But the salve was meant to heal, soothe and numb. Gotta love magic even if it wasn't perfect. It was something he had concocted himself, for the most part. The healing cream from Serafina's shop along with another ingredient he'd rather not disclose. Ignorance was bliss. He bandaged her up.. Probably more so than utterly necessary as though that would somehow help her heal faster. "I will repack it in the morning." He said more to himself than her, his markedly irish brogue rumbled from deep within his throat.

"I am not letting you in my bed like that. The clothes need to come off.. Whether you wear one of my shirts or not.. Is optional." The irish warlock offered with a sly expression to match. Hey, can't blame a man for trying.

Brennan O'Connell

a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor