The western part of the city is often home to the poorer residents. Here there is a grunginess that permeates the town from the graffiti on the once cleaned brick buildings to the broken and unmaintained architecture. Crime runs high within the western half of town, making it the home of supernatural gangs of illicit activities. Such activities are rarely reported, however, and most residents are distrustful of individual's of authorities, and often let the powerful supernatural beings sort things out amongst themselves. Be careful wandering the Western streets after the sun falls.

What You'll Find Here

Black Market
Cull & Pistol
Noah's Ark

Black Market

Just like any city - Sacrosanct is not without it's deep, dark underbelly. Hidden in the graffiti-ridden streets of the West, behind closed warehouse doors, lies the Black Market. Forever moving, it's nearly impossible to find without knowing someone who knows someone. Anything you desire can be brought for a hefty price within the Black Market - be it drugs, weapons, or lives.

What You'll Find Here

Edge of the Circle

Cull & Pistol

Hidden within the dark alleyways of the Western Ward, Cull & Pistol is a dim, often smoky bar. With a small variety of bottled and craft beers, Cull & Pistol is a quaint little neighborhood joint. With its no-frills moto, the dingy bar offers little more than liquor, music from an old jukebox, and a few frequently occupied pool tables.

Bartender Raylin Chike

Noah's Ark

Resting upon the harbor, Noah's Ark (known simply as The Ark) is a sleek superyacht known both for its fight rings and recent...renovations, of sorts. Accessible from an entrance hidden in the shadows, The Ark is a veritable Were-playground that specializes in fighting tournaments for all creatures great and small. With both singles and doubles tournaments to compete in, the title of Ark Champion is hotly contested amongst the Were population. If anything illegal is going on in the city it's sure to be happening within the back rooms or behind the ring-side bar. Note: This is a Were only establishment. All other species will be swiftly escorted out.
Home of: Nightshade

Owner Aiden Tetradore

Co-owner Tobias Cain
Manager Raven Cain
Bar Manager Mira Ramos
Bartender Henry Tudor
Waitress Carolina Bedford


Within the turbulent industrial district lies this club. The warehouse doesn't look like much on the outside but it provides a memorable experience from the state of the art lighting, offbeat Victorian-inspired artwork, comfortable black leather lounges, and the infamous 'black light' room. There is a wide variety of alcohol that lines the shelves of both of the magical and ordinary variety. It is a common stomping ground for the supernatural who want to let loose and dance the night away to the music that floods the establishment. Humans are most welcome if they dare.

Owner Risque Voth

Manager Darcy Blackjack
Cats Aiden Tetradore
Cats Harlequin Westward

I'll have you begging for mercy;

Posted on February 15, 2020 by Risque

Risque left the confines of her office, having felt the desire to abandoned her post in exchange for something more. She kept a watchful eye upon her club, the faces and routine goings-on all but melded together like a blurred smear of a finger through paint. While her powerful presence always seemed to command attention she moved amongst the worshipping shadows that clung to her sinful figure in attempts to remain unseen as she picked it all apart. Every detail, nuance all but tasted with those prying eyes. She remained tucked to the side like a predator in wait, a tiger pressed against her exposed leg that mirrored the she-devil's stance. Her feline seemed content to linger by her side, even without the sway of her intrusive powers that could force him there. Risque sipped her drink, her other hand buried within the thick fur of the tiger's head who looked more like a house cat than a creature that could tear a man's throat out in just a heartbeat. Risque, in her boredom almost considered the notion of setting him out to do just that and yet she hardly wished to chase away the money. She had a war that loomed like a stain she couldn't rid herself of. It perhaps made her entirely more vigilant, a calloused queen surveying her subjects.

Her pale gaze seemed to draw over the crowd in mild interest as if considering a tasty morsel amongst them that would serve her hunger well. Yet, even with that near cloying hungry it hardly stopped her possessive attention to draw toward her lover. He was in the midst of the heat of anger, as he all but slammed the gavel down upon one of Syn's newest employees that made the grave mistake of wronging him in some way. She could already see the tightness in his jaw from where he stood, his muscular form taut as though he might spring to violence. He was wound up tonight, how easy it would be pluck his very strings. Perhaps, after she had fed she would summon him, willing to put all that hostile energy to good use to serve her. Hm. Perhaps... That was when the unappealing scent of canine assaulted her nose. It was strong, wafting right to her as the canine strut toward the bar obvious as the sun itself. The fool hadn't even bothered to conceal himself. That and he looked equally suspicious peering about the bar as if searching for something. Another attack perhaps?

Risque felt the prickle of ruthless vengeance curl around her, that feline by her side seemed to shift and stare with the intent of his mistress. Like a cat with a mouse, she set up her very trap upon her unsuspecting foe. Wordless, she cast out her powers, unfurling them as if deliciously stretching out a tired limb. Her hidden felines drew to her call, placed strategically around the bronze haired mischief at her bar. They kept their distance, cautious and still, blocking those exits he would likely seek to flee. All it took was one command and they would descend and yet that would be far too easy to be considered remotely interesting. She didn't call upon her cowboy, no, this was one toy she desired for herself.

She knew Cade would slip up, but she hardly imagined it so soon and plainly in sight. That anticipation crackled around her, within her, with a nonchalance she drew that drink to her lips as she tasted that bloody martini upon her tongue a final time before placing it upon the bar. The force of it nearly caused the glass to shatter, the only slip of her masked composure. The interloper hardly seemed privy to the devil that had him upon her radar. Oblivious little creature wasn't he? Very well, she always enjoyed the element of surprise.

Risque made a wide semi-circle around him, she slunk like the tiger that trailed closely behind her like a deadly shadow with claws. Her movements are smooth as silk, a femme fatale dressed within that clinging fabric in a scantily dress that demanded attention as much as she did. She sauntered with silent purpose, honed in like a predator locked onto her prey from behind him. Each languid, graceful step drew her closer while keeping that watchful eye for others. How easy would it be to draw his fear to the surface? It would soon sing within his bloodstream she was assured. She drew a breath in which to speak, directly behind him, that large tiger slid to just pin him between the bar and her. How precarious for him.

"Now... what do we have here? A lost little stray who found his way in the lion's den." That dark melodious voice rang out so dreadfully close to his ear before she drew back in that anticipatory whirl around. The tiger by her side offered a rough growl, a deep and resonating sound much like the rumbling bass from the speakers.

She waited barely long enough for him to face her. That vengeful goddess in all her glory faced that small creature she could have obliterated with a twitch of her hand. This was who Cade sent? "Did you not think I would notice?" How dangerously cryptic those words were, like they were nothing but restrictive barbed wire ensnaring him. The tiger at her side seemed to flash his ivory teeth in an agitated snarl, its nose wrinkled in its shared distaste for canine.

She made no move to attack him even as those felines seemed to close in on him. "Tell me... what is it you seek, le chien? Use your words wisely. Death has a name and you've found her." How she already had multiple scenarios including him already played behind her very hypnotic pale eyes that narrowed upon him. He seemed to be searching for something. But what? His scent assaults her more prominently now given their proximity. How she loathed the smell of dogs, her expression a vague brush of disgust and that iconic fathomless look. Surely Cade wouldn't send someone this oblivious to do his bidding. Then on the other hand perhaps that is precisely why he did just that, a test of vigilance they were about to obliterate out of the waters.