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All the choices!

Posted on October 15, 2018 by CelticBubbles
Oooooo, all the ideas!

Okay so Alexis and Tet - I like a great many of these. Tet also has a weird connection with fire so they could totally have like an omg scared together bonding sort of moment and get caught in some burning....building thing they gotta get out of? And then maybe he could ask her about some of the stuffs. He actually knows Alex, they're kinda sort of like fake not real family so that could be an interesting thing for them to explore because I don't know if he knows what her relationship is with Alex besides like...maybe smelling him on her. I think Alex would be a way more effective teacher with her bow but since Alexis' shield is induced by fear and Tet controls fear we could probably do something with that - I am not sure what yet but I'm sure there's something there! XD He would be kinda curious to hear Alexis' side of things about the Frost thing andddd I think I actually have a good idea of something Alexis can do besides border patrol too that he can bring up. Whatcha think, where ya feel like starting with all of these lol?

Damon and Chizue I would totally be down to do again! Maybe Damon could come by and check on her? I assume Isolt lives with Damon now and chizue's kinda holed herself up in her house because she's a scardy cat and feels guilty about leaving Isolt so...Damon could always come by to help her get a handle on that?

Hmm, maybe Malia and Seb could meet then, since you said Malia hadn't met a vampire before. They're such like huge opposites that I have no idea what might happen there lol.

As for Troy, I know Zombie also mentioned wanting to redo the dinner thread with Seb, Troy, Dorian and Amelia so maybe we can get together with her and start that. Kite already knows about it and is on board too ^^

Let's seeee....Erik....if you want help with his hunter plot he could always run into Alex. I mean, Alex would need a good reason to help but he can be persuaded, though I suspect an interrogation wouldn't work too well lol.


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