Within the Northern vicinity of the city, the wealthy gather behind meticulously trimmed hedges and high-class architecture. The pristine streets are paved with stone and the storefronts are brightly lit and inviting - for the right clientele. In the North, every establishment is eager to cater to the rich and the wealthy. Many such places are used to the sometimes peculiar requests of the otherworldly but here there is little that money cannot buy - whether it happens to be illegal or merely involves looking the other way. Vampires and Dark Hunters are often found upon these Northern streets, their long lives often contributing to their sizable wealth which allows them the luxuries that the North provides.

What You'll Find Here

The VooDoo Room
The Witchery


The newly opened Eternity is an expensive fine dining restaurant nestled high upon the hills of the North - providing it a breathtaking view of the city below. The award-winning chefs at Eternity collaborate directly with local farmers and producers to source the freshest ingredients for its ever-changing menu. The staff at Eternity pride themselves on serving each customer's unique dietary needs - from the vampiric to the mortal races. Reservations are strongly encouraged as Eternity is frequently booked to capacity.

The VooDoo Room

Located in the heart of the North, the Voodoo Room is the spirits lover's destination of choice in Sacrosanct. The Voodoo room is a craft cocktail bar that aims to provide an eclectic and exotic atmosphere. Nestled among the William Morris wallpaper, gold, and wood, you will find a new kind of neighborhood cocktail bar. One where hospitality and skill work in concert. With intoxicating liquors and a voodoo vibe, the Voodoo room will keep you coming back for more. Guided by the mantra of providing a one of a kind, high-end experience, the Voodoo Room's mixologists meet the highest standards with a fantastically themed selection of cocktails and specials.

The Witchery

Dark, Gothic, and thoroughly theatrical, the Witchery is a place to indulge yourself with it's lavish, theatrical suites. Whatever room you choose, you'll find glamor, indulgence, and luxury. From the Vestry to the Library and the Armory, the suites of the Witchery are nothing short of sensually romantic. A stay at the Witchery is not complete without dining in the rich baroque surroundings of the original oak-paneled hotel or among the elegant candle-lit charms of the Secret Garden. Whether you stay or dine, The Witchery is an unforgettably magical experience.

A one-ton heart never breaks all the way;

Posted on July 25, 2020 by Adrien Westward

i'll be with you still

you are the angel that I couldn't kill

So she claimed to be a brave girl huh? It would seem that the city either had that effect or quite the opposite. Adrien was pleased she hadn't lost her spirit, even amidst... the stories she had yet to speak of. He was incredibly curious as to what happened to her. A slight grin tugged at the corners of her lips, hell he imagined it being a goofy grin...boyish and so far removed from the hunter he was. "We will need to put that to the test then." Yet wasn't she not brave to invite a hunter to her performance and then join him for a meal? A date. She had been so terrified of him not that long ago. When he had hunted her, or so he thought. How she could be so carefree and eager within his presence he hardly knew and yet he finds himself so terribly intrigued.

Choosing those dishes had been relatively easy, some already stood prominently within his mind and yet how hard it was to think when his stomach was probably far larger than all the dishes he picked out. Yet, he was certain little of it would be wasted regardless.

She exclaimed that it would be parfait. What? The man looked entirely puzzled for a moment, the confusion flickered behind his shadowy purple eyes. "Oh... I don't think they had parfait on the menu. I uhh... can ask?" How he was so unaccustomed to that very accent she spoke in, how fluently she shifted from english to french. Yet, he knew some words, some obviously similar to their english counterparts. Yet some words he had picked up on when he hadn't lived in the USA. But it was one thing listening to someone from France speak the language with such a thick accent and another... listening to english speaking people speak french. He pondered this for a moment, the thought fleeting.

That was when the baffling woman continued to giggle. Why? Adrien hadn't the faintest clue. It was like she was an entirely.... Difference species.. Well. She was... But the fairer sex had always been equally baffling to him. Perhaps it was why his previous relationships had failed, or perhaps it was... his complete focus on his job. Vampires didn't stop with their victims, so why should he? How spectacularly bad he was at anything other than hunting, he was sure. Yet... here he was, sitting across from a fairy. He was sure he made no damn sense. There was not an ounce of intimidation that clung to her at all. Not the hunter himself nor the food seemed to cause her worry. She was unlike anything else he had experienced before. How was she fae?

What even was fae? How little he knew... Whatever she was, Audi could not be the least bit evil. In fact, she seemed near... angelic. How he seemed to mull over the shadowy thoughts inside of his mind. She seemed caught off guard and yet that laughter soon escaped her and yet again he was confused as to what she found so damn funny! He was quite certain that his question held no humour and yet she acted as if it was the funniest thing she had heard! Women. Or maybe it was just this one in particular. How adorable he found her when she laughed... He must look away. How ever single dark thought that surfaced, she seemed to combat it with something irrefutable. It was like she was winning an argument she didn't even know she was in!

Audi exclaimed that fae apparently didn't need to eat... But even vampires needed to eat, even though that substance was blood! It was still food for them. How bizarre! The blonde ballerina then claimed she had never not eaten food. Hmm. Such a strange race fae's were. At the very least they were nothing short of... flexible. They seemed to defy all things logical. So many varying contrasts which left his mind whirling with thought. If anything it only made it more apparent how little he knew. Perhaps there was someone he could ask. Perhaps he should have already, it would have been the logical thing and yet none of his actions were logical. "I would make a terrible Fae, eating might be one of my favourite things." he admitted as the woman soon spoke of home. The very thing seemed to make her accent impossibly thicker!

"You must miss your home." Adrien observed, as the hunter considered the leap of faith it took to venture out into a foriegn country on her own. It took great strength he was sure of it. Hell, he wanted to do the same thing before his life path altered so abruptly even if it was by his own choice. Did he truly have a choice? He was not one to sit idly by.

"What was home like for you? I realize now that I like the quietness of the country. I like to retreat outside the city. It's where I live most of the time." How having that place to retreat to, so vastly different from the city seemed to offer the hunter clarity. One that hunting and city.... Seemed unable to provide him. "I do sometimes crash in the city.. When its too late to head back.." A place every hunter needed, a place to lay their weary head after a long days work.

The waitress was suddenly back with drinks first and shortly after with all of the food, the hunter offering a courteous nod his attention wholly lost of the display that was placed down before them. One could not tell the appetizer from the rest of the dishes! It was clear he had over did it this time and yet, all he could do was feel his stomach growl as the scents did nothing than taunt him so!

His gaze soon rose once more from the feast sprawled out before them. "So... brave ballerina,what do you intend to try first?" There was a playfulness within his words. But he wanted to start her off with a good experience first. He plucked croquettes from the plate, curious if she would take his lead or choose something entirely different. Let the feast begin. There was no reason to wait. "Just try whatever looks good to you.. And let.... Your senses be your guide." He jested, a stray laugh escaped him before he allowed his teeth to sink into the delicious morsel pinched between his two fingers. How hungry he was... and better yet.. It was just as he remembered. "Croquetas de Jamon... one of my favourites." He savoured it, a curious glance to see her face when she took the first bite of her choice.

Adrien Westward