The western part of the city is often home to the poorer residents. Here there is a grunginess that permeates the town from the graffiti on the once cleaned brick buildings to the broken and unmaintained architecture. Crime runs high within the western half of town, making it the home of supernatural gangs of illicit activities. Such activities are rarely reported, however, and most residents are distrustful of individual's of authorities, and often let the powerful supernatural beings sort things out amongst themselves. Be careful wandering the Western streets after the sun falls.

What You'll Find Here

Black Market
Cull & Pistol
Noah's Ark

Black Market

Just like any city - Sacrosanct is not without it's deep, dark underbelly. Hidden in the graffiti-ridden streets of the West, behind closed warehouse doors, lies the Black Market. Forever moving, it's nearly impossible to find without knowing someone who knows someone. Anything you desire can be brought for a hefty price within the Black Market - be it drugs, weapons, or lives.

What You'll Find Here

Edge of the Circle

Cull & Pistol

Hidden within the dark alleyways of the Western Ward, Cull & Pistol is a dim, often smoky bar. With a small variety of bottled and craft beers, Cull & Pistol is a quaint little neighborhood joint. With its no-frills moto, the dingy bar offers little more than liquor, music from an old jukebox, and a few frequently occupied pool tables.

Noah's Ark

Resting upon the harbor, Noah's Ark appears to be little more than an abandoned cargo ship. Accessible from an entrance hidden in the shadows, The Ark is a veritable Were-playground that specializes in fighting tournaments for all creatures great and small. With both singles and doubles tournaments to compete in, the title of Ark Champion is hotly contested amongst the Were population. If anything illegal is going on in the city it's sure to be happening within the back rooms or behind the ring-side bar. Note: This is a Were only establishment. All other species will be swiftly escorted out.
Home of: Nightshade

Owner Aiden Tetradore

Co-owner Tobias Cain
Manager Raven Cain
Bar Manager Mira Ramos
Bartender Henry Tudor
Waitress Carolina Bedford


Within the turbulent industrial district lies this club. The warehouse doesn't look like much on the outside but it provides a memorable experience from the state of the art lighting, offbeat Victorian-inspired artwork, comfortable black leather lounges, and the infamous 'black light' room. There is a wide variety of alcohol that lines the shelves of both of the magical and ordinary variety. It is a common stomping ground for the supernatural who want to let loose and dance the night away to the music that floods the establishment. Humans are most welcome if they dare.

Owner Risque Voth

Manager Darcy Blackjack
Vampires Cobain Dalca
Cats Aiden Tetradore
Cats Harlequin Westward

the sharpest lives are the deadliest to lead

Posted on February 14, 2019 by AIDEN TETRADORE

years I've walked in the coldest winds
from sorrow and pain I find my strength
the more I hurt, the clearer I see.

The notion of funnel cakes was wholly baffling to the Were-King, those two words repeated in a bewildered manner. He watched as Calliel pulled her cellphone from her pocket, her fingers moving confidently across the small screen as she pulled up a photo of the fried treat. His eyebrows rose as Tetradore took in the sight of the sugary food. He could hardly deny that it certainly looked delectable enough. His head tilted to the side as he considered that food, only to admit his interest in it. "I....would try that. It's like...a crispy donut?" Well, it certainly looked like one. Unfortunately, Tetradore was hardly given the opportunity to further consider the carnival food before he was smacked in the head with his own pillow! That curse word abruptly fell from his lips as she continued to attack him with gusto, the man quite abruptly shoving her away from him as he pulled himself from the comfortable depth of those sheets. His hand ran through those dark curly locks, a yawn still on his lips as he regrettably moved towards his own dresser. He pilfered through the contents of those drawers, snatching several items from its depths before the man disappeared into the comfortable silence of his bathroom. A soft sigh left his lips as Tetradore eyed himself within the mirror, the man easily sliding off those few undergarments in favor of those clothes he'd plucked from the depths of the drawer.

It hardly took him long, admittedly, to find himself in a proper state of dress. After all, he'd never been one to care terribly much on his own appearances. It was only once he emerged from the bathroom that Tetradore left his own bedroom, only to discover Raven desiring his attention. It was only once the young woman was reassured he was coming back and not overly upset of Calliel's continual invasion within the confines of his room that he was allowed to leave the Ark, only to be met with the features of an overly enthusiastic Calliel. Slowly, he reached out towards the phone offered to him, his emerald gaze traced over the pictures on the screen as he trailed behind her towards the front of the Ark. The last thing he anticipated to see upon the very edge of his gangplank, however, was that silver coup. His eyebrow rose at the presence of the vehicle, his gaze briefly shifted towards Calliel in a subtle glimpse of inquisitiveness. He didn't take Calliel for being particularly wealthy, at least, not to afford this vehicle, nor did he think she was particularly interested in luxury sedans. He hardly said a word of it, however, simply sluggishly following in her footsteps towards the passenger side door. The Were-King settled wordlessly into the passenger seat, entirely disinterested in that main panel as he continued to flick over the list of rides, certain that if he was forced to pay attention to Calliel's driving, he'd find some fault in it somehow.

Fortunately, it was hardly long before the pair had made it to the amusement park, the car quickly placed in park before Calliel all but jumped out with far more ecstasy then he could ever muster. Tetradore was far more sluggish to follow suit, the man effortlessly handing Calliel's phone back towards her as he followed her towards that large line. It hardly took long, however, before the pair were ushered into the park with a rubber red band upon his wrist. The sheer amount of people was almost overwhelming to the Were-King, the man simply doing his best to avoid that touch of other bodies as Calliel busied herself with a map, trying to draw his attention to the brightly illustrated park upon it. He was silent as she pointed out the areas of the park from the water section to the rides and the games - only to give him the option of choosing where to start. "Start here and work that way?" Tetradore inquired, his finger lightly tapping at those old-timey roller coasters only to trail towards the futuristic-themed rides, the water park, and finally the games. It seemed a sound plan to him, at least in theory, and with the occasional stop for food the Were-King almost found himself looking forward to that altogether curious adventure. After all...he did quite like fast.

aiden tetradore