Harper Thomson

Harper  Thomson
Face Claim: Madison Paige

General Stats

Name: Harper Thomson
Birthdate: November 17, 1996 A.D.
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Light Brunette
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'9
Residence: River Dale


Species: Were
Animal: Ringtail
Date of Change: November 17, 2011 A.D.

Relationship Status

Sexuality: Homosexual
Status: Single


Flushing out the Power a bit Lock Manipulation – Harper has the ability to create, alter or manipulate locks, whether mechanical or electronic. While mechanical locks are the easiest for her, Harper usually requires some additional knowledge before she can readily manipulate electronic locks, such as the type of device, and no matter the lock she must have physical contact with it. She’s not a Bluetooth device – no remote unlocking/locking. Does not extend to password-protected websites, accounts, etc. Only physical locks such as door locks, RFID keycard scanners, and the like. So just enough she can get into all the fun places she's not supposed to. Harper is friendly (nearly overly so) and a bit of a thrill seeker, her attention flighty and always searching for the next thing. She likes to have fun, willing to sacrifice nearly any form of responsibility in effort to achieve that fun and laws mean nothing. Trespassing is her favorite past time and really, can you blame her with her talent? Anything to not be bored, especially if it means she doesn't have to be alone. She has a bit of natural charm and a quick laugh, quicker grin. So, on first appearances, she has a carefully cultivated mask of the carefree-go-lucky persona that is the life of any party (even if she needs to make it). Just don’t scratch the veneer too much or you’ll get to the parts she’s desperately trying to hide, such as the fact she probably doesn’t have much of any real relationships and her self-worth is less a void and more of a blackhole. While Harper craves intimacy, she hasn’t a clue how to go about forming a real relationship so instead fills it with any scrap of anything that could remotely resemble intimacy until the moment it begins to feel overwhelming, then she’s setting bridges ablaze. You can’t be abandoned if you’re the one leaving first, right? That’s how it works right? No? Liar. Harper has sectoral heterochromia in her left eye - while the majority of the iris is green, there is a large splash of dark brown that covers about a quarter of it.


Lock Manipulation


Intense Abandonment Issues


18 Total Points

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