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Later is better than never

Posted on October 14, 2018 by DarQ
Yes they do need a thread together! Hmm well she has a big fear of fire so keep that in mind if you ever want drama xD umm he hasn't asked about her family pack before so if he wants to have that story, or he can pick up on her hanging out with a Hunter a lot and wonder what that's about lol. He hasn't asked what she was doing with Frost all that time ago on the dock so if he finally wanted answers, he could hear her side. Oh, and she wants something more to do than border patrol, more practice with her bow and other powers so if anything comes to mind for that. Just some ideas ^_^

Daww I love Chizue! Her and Damon need to talk again soon after their last awkward talk, if you want to call it that. She could also run into Malia any time cause Malia never says no to friends and she doesn't know any vampires yet xD

Hmm well we know Damon doesn't like Seb so I won't mention him, lol. Malia would be okay to meet him. She's curious of anything supernatural. I've also got Erik, my Viking vampire. He needs to talk to others of his kind. Of course, there's always Troy too. He likes Seb and he still owes them a dinner now that Tenley's born lol.

Anyone is welcome to Erik. The only ones he's biased against is Hunters but he wants information so he might run into one just to see if he can interrogate them, lol. He's looking for a particular Hunter that killed his prodigy and made it personal. Anyone wants to help with that is welcome (:


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