The southern part of the city has a chic family-oriented sort of charm to it. Here, small locally owned shops run rampant, neighbors often know each other by name, and the monthly socials are an event not to be missed. In the South, children can often be seen safely playing in the park or on sidewalks and in the weekends, families often take to the beach to enjoy the warm waters surrounding the city.

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Ascension Center of Equitation

The Ascension Center of Equitation is the epicenter of the Dark Hunter Cavalry Unit. Originally a high-class facility for show-jumping, Ascension now caters entirely to the Cavalry Unit. Here the Dark Hunters learn how to ride and fight upon the backs of horses - many of which are Were's themselves.
Home of: The Cavalry

Hyde Park

Hyde Place takes up a large part of the Southern side of the city and includes a large playground, several fountains, and a small garden. The park is open from five in the morning till midnight though many shady characters may visit this place while it's technically "closed". The park has also been a venue for several concerts and hosts many holiday-related events. Under a full moon, witches are often seen here for the sacred ground beneath the iconic Weeping Beech.

Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium (PDZA) is an award-winning combined zoo and aquarium located within the Southern Part of Sacrosanct. Situated on 92 acres in Sacrosanct's Hyde Park, the zoo and aquarium are home to over 9,000 specimens representing 367 animal species. Point Defiance is also widely known for its conversation efforts regarding the breed and release program of Red Wolves.

The Outskirts

Beyond the city limits and over the bridge lies the deep, dark, and almost impenetrable forest. Often seen as a way to guard this magical city against the world that surrounds it, many are entirely ignorant of the evil that may creep between those tree trunks. Many were-creatures use the forest for the transformations of their newest members and some even take to hunting here. It isn't particularly peculiar for people to go missing within this forest but once you get through, the rest of the world awaits.

The University of Sacrosanct

The University of Sacrosanct offers some of the top programs in the nation with its outstanding campus and specialized faculty. The University places a high focus both upon educating future generations but also on research to help revolutionize the world. The University welcomes the talent of students across the world to enroll and unlock their unlimited potential. With applications from across the nation, classes fill up quickly.

PhD in Plant Biology Abigail Hughes

I will be your super hero;

Posted on April 17, 2021 by Mira Ramos

Some fear fire, but I've become it.

Not a good role model? She swore there was a taste of bitterness in those seemingly innocent words. "Like it or not, some people think you are a big deal. There will always be people who look up to you." She huffed her truth at him softly yet not without conviction along with a nod of her head before the pair slipped into the car that he swiftly brought to life. Thankfully, it didn't take long before heat blasted from those vents and a soft sound of pleasure escaped the woman as that heat soothed the aching chill. In her animal form, none of this would have phased her, she was sure. So much was far simpler in that form, she was certain. Yet she highly doubted Tetradore wanted a wolf's nails digging into that precious, delicate Italian leather. Mira made a simple comment, admittance to her mistake of that choice of clothing. Well. Sort of mistake even despite the fact she grumbled... it was worth it for those few short moments. In a manner that was true to her boyfriend, he assured her that they were not going to be outside much. Always so practical yet anything else seemed lost on the man.. like why she would wear a damn skirt in the first place. She hardly was going to let her lack of suitable attire get her down especially within that welcoming heat as they drove through the foreign roads that she was certain she would get lost down. Any worries all but melted away like ice to her lava as a contentment in the comfort of that moment. Really, how much more did she need?

The world whirled by as the speed of that car pressed her further into her seat, that g-force somehow always brought a little smile of enjoyment to her lips. They could have been driving down those streets for close to an hour, she was hardly keeping score. That was when... they found themselves in dealership heaven and not the average run of the mill brands. Not when you saw a sign like Bugatti. They were in supercar territory! The suggestion to take a detour was unsurprising. Was it even a question? She hardly minded perusing the pretty cars, in particular the unique one that sat on display like it intended to be an irresistible lure to anyone who cared for supercars. That pristine white car appeared so different, it screamed one-of-a-kind like the Noir was.. It was no wonder that it caught the were-king's astute eye... It was magnificent from mere appearances alone, even from afar. Adding the name Bugatti to it only adding to the intrigue.

The pair had soon found themselves within the heated dealership, it only looked... more impressive up close to the point that she could barely tame the awe the rose to the surface. It was a wonder they let them even get that close to it.. especially with those intense stares they were receiving. Her golden gaze could barely stray away from the exotic care... with the only exception being the way she eyed her near mesmerized boyfriend as he took in every minute detail. It was like he wanted to mesmerize every last detail.

It was rare that she saw him so beguiled by anything. Not that she could blame him. The car was like perfection in a vehicle form... well almost, the Noir would always be her favourite. Yet she could not lie that it would look so good next to the Noir. Even better within the new garage. That temptation was so obviously clear from the very moment he had seen that car. It was like the sales associate could smell that every temptation as he approached, all predator, so vastly different from the people they dealt with in the mall. She wrinkled her nose, her inner wolf eyed the man like he was small. But his approach was inevitable. They practically watched them from the moment they parked, assessing, judging, waiting since the moment they parked.

She voiced her very thoughts that came to mind, Aiden's expression taking on a boyish grin that made her heart forget that was beating, that carefree expression was near contagious as her own bloomed in response. To see him disarmed was a thing to truly behold. How so few things seemed to spark true joy within the alpha that one would be blind not to notice it when it struck. If only there was a way to procure it. Yet she could tell, Tetradore was attempting to solve that very problem. He claimed that the car was perfect. She agreed with a nod of her head causing her warm brunette locks to brush against her cheeks so sweetly before her golden gaze returned to that car. Her boyfriend took to study it once more, as if in thought. Which only allowed that salesman the perfect chance to spring. Although he acted the predator, he was still human and completely oblivious to the true predators within his midst. Aiden seemed nothing short of calm even beneath such intense fixation of another man that thought he was in control. Yet he remained unaffected like he was with most things. It was impressive to see an alpha so... calm. How her previous alpha was anything calm even though he appeared to be. How she admired Tetradore's ability to be truly and impressively unflappable. But even he could not hide his own curiousity as to what the car was.

The car was beautiful... what it would be like to drive it.. or simply feel the alluring speed of that Bugatti prowess that Aiden so easily mastered. How that speed fed the adrenaline junkie that she was. It almost surprised her when she found those striking emerald eyes looking right at her, as he asked her a question. He wanted her opinion. It was rare that he ask for anyone's opinion, let alone an opinion for his passion. A passion he knew far more than probably those salesmen combined and yet it was her opinion he'd ask. It was a simple question. Her tongue brushed behind the back of her teeth before she answered him. What was there not to love? How impossibly expensive it was sure to be. As anything rare and exotic typically was. Mira moved toward him to find her place comfortably at his side. Yet... that salesman appeared to be far too smug with her response and Aiden's interest. Far too confident that he could manipulate the man to make a sale. She hardly seemed to like anyone manipulating her boyfriend even if the interest was palpable.

It prompted that very question.. silly as it was when they both knew she already possessed the answer. Was it fast enough? How she wanted to see him that salesman work. His expression shifted, from confident to... eager to keep that interest. He was willing to utter all kinds of information of the knowledge he possessed of that car and then some. Mira's golden molten eye shifted to her boyfriend, noting that smirk upon his face, like he knew exactly what she was up to.

Mira straightened, urging her pretty features to appear almost indecisive as a frown kissed her brow. Even as he spoke of those impressive stats about that gorgeous car, speaking of it like it was a woman. The reference to the word 'she' was almost amusing even though Mira had to agree that the car did give off that feminine energy by its sleek curves. She never understood why men referred to their cars and vehicles as women. It made her wonder how men spoke of their actual women. Was it with the same respect they showed their possessions? She shook her head to rid herself of the thought, far more interested in seeing what she could get away with. It was easy to play the part of the tough sell.
Mira nearly slipped at the mention of those stats.... Yet she prevailed as she crossed her arms loosely over her chest, giving him that business woman stare down. "She is something." Mira agreed and alluded to nothing... even though she failed to let her true awe... zero to sixty in 2. 4 seconds. How she wanted to experience that car at least once in her life. It was easy to tell the salesman was nothing short of eager. Her words only prompted him a little fire for the hustle under his backside at the promise of a challenge.

Mira insisted she needed to hear it. She knew vaguely what it would sound like and yet it prompted quite the look of Aiden as he rose his brow. He better not ruin this... Yet he remained silent, content enough to not to rid Mira of her fun, or perhaps a little curious to see how it would play out. She offered Aiden a little playful knowing smile that she reserved only for him, the look quickly faded when she returned her molten eyes back to the man that could deny her request. She allowed something expectant to fill her eyes and it seemed to work. The man sprang into action, at least willing to give them an even closer to look. Her boyfriend nodded in agreement to that offer that was voluntarily presented. Why not? "Yes, we would like that very much." It was hard not to allow that slight strain of amusement to break free. Or that sneaky laughter that threatened to spill as he rushed off to get the keys.

Victory flashed clear with the she-wolf's golden stare as she offered Tetradore a confident look... That's how its done..

It was that tease from her boyfriend about her need to hear the car... caused her features to slip a sound a laughter escaped her, unable to keep it in. "You think I was going to let him hardball us? Plus, tell me you aren't at least a little curious to get a closer look." She nudged him playfully with her shoulder, her words matching that gesture. "Plus.... If we are lucky, I might be able to get to sit in it before you." How unlikely that was! She bit her lip as that mischief flashed across her features before the hustling, eager salesman returned with keys chiming. How he wanted to hear every word that the she-wolf had to say! To make sure he could hook that very sale. He was probably already dreaming what that commission would afford him. Mira could only imagine.... This was no mere Chiron after all. The car was unlocked, the lights flashing. He moved like he had done this many times before, easily popping open the hood of that car with care.

At least now he had to work for the commission and she would forever remember the look upon her boyfriend's face. She was certain Aiden could spend hours assessing the exotic cars in this place. It was then the offer for him to take a seat. Of course, her alpha needed so little persuading. So much for being first. Yet she hardly truly minded. Mira took that moment to assess that engine too, to admire it as it deserved to be admired. Yet, this moment... was something special. Would he kill her if she stole a picture? She could hardly help herself.... As she covertly drew out her phone.. while Aiden was examining the interior after claiming his rightful place in the driver's seat. Mira attempted to be... fascinated with a view of that car a little ways away to snap that stealthy, stolen photo.

That was until she heard the price tag. She knew it wasn't going to be cheap but she hadn't expected nine million freaking dollars. She'd snapped that photo fortunately before Aiden had time to react. Mira could hardly help that sudden need to clear her throat. Yeah... so much for..... dreaming. She knew her boyfriend was beyond wealthy... but nine million after being financially drained through tragedy... that seemed... steep. At least she got that picture... pre-frown. She could not help that slight pout. How did someone price these things? How much did it really cost to make? Could she.. talk him down? Undoubtful. The she-wolf tried to not let that defeat show.. her expression attempting to be neutral optimistic and supportive for the veritable blow.

At least they got to play with such a pretty car.. even though she still had yet to hear it. Aiden exited the car before he offered Mira a turn. Even despite the veritable ice-water shower they receive about the price... She could hardy hide that look of delight as she rushed forward... the salesman willing to let her turn it on.

A victory in her books.

Tetradore seemed occupied with his phone for a moment as Mira all but slid into that driver's seat. Oh, that was nice she thought as she settled into the pre-warmed seat from her boyfriend. She eyed everything with careful yet appreciative scrutiny. Mira was content to actually close the door, to seal her inside as the salesman remained in the passenger side as if to prevent her from... doing something foolish.

Mira looked the salesman in the eye. "Hmm... but how does it sound." She added pointedly, unwilling to allow the man to forget. The salesman seemed to sigh at her and reluctantly but surely gave in. She didn't need his directions that were surely follow... as if she needed them. She knew her way around a car, even these ones. Within a single moment, the car was thunderously roaring. Her foot found that acceleration pedal... Mira could not help but let out an unbidden laugh as she placed her hands upon the wheel, content to pretend that she was driving it.

"Can't I just drive it a little?" She feigned a sulking look she only half felt. Before the salesman shook his head solemnly.

"I had to ask. Will you at least let my boyfriend into the passenger side... I would like to speak with him." Surely he would allow her that. It wasn't like... they were going to 'steal' the car... If only he knew that to do such a thing would have been far too easy.

She waited long enough for Aiden to join her, happily in a perfect daydream of open roads, sunshine... and warmth.

"I never thought I would see the day that you would be my passenger... in an unmoving vehicle.. but I won't be picky in my victories." She laughed genuinely, laughter lingered in her words.

"We can at least pretend for a little while longer... close your door... the car is still on and I want to press the accelerator again."