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but baby now, take me into your loving arms

Posted on April 22, 2019 by Dorian Ellington-Aragona

His Royal Majesty

Dorian Ellington-Aragona

The King of Italy

How readily that promise of 'tonight' so seemed to bring that bright grin to the Monarch's features, silly though it surely was. He spent near each and every evening at his lovers side and within his company and yet still that thought of just what they might enjoy later in the evening was nothing short of pleasing to his thoughts to consider. A veritable 'next time' of the very sort they had once near lived by in the early days of their courting when those required days of separation in between each visit had been very near torturous for them both. How fondly Dorian so looked back upon those early days of their courtship. Those stolen moments and heated glances, those first tentative touches that had become bolder each time until they had all but fallen into one another's arms upon each and every meeting. How little things changed. Even with their marriage his desire for his husband remained near as insatiable as it had always been. That very notion of so looking forward to enjoying his lover all over again after this veritable meeting a truly glorious thought to consider and one that, he knew, would not fail to excite him throughout the evening.

It was his own query of in just which state his husband might like to present himself to Her Majesty that prompted that near unanticipated request to go within his vampiric form. That surprise upon Dorian's own features surely prompting his lover to further explain those very desires and to the apparent collywobbles present within him at the notion of anything less. Collywobbles! Whom had ever heard of such a phrase before! The Fae King's own clear confusion over that very word so seemed to prompt within Sebastian that furthered effort to explain those metaphorical butterflies. Dorian rather keen to insist that, from now on, his husband so encouraged those butterflies over the collywobbles if only for how perfectly ridiculous he was sure the latter phrase was. That amusement at even the word finding his features all the same as he chuckled softly at Sebastian's insistence to try to remember. What a truly glorious evening it surely was to remain in bed! How much he would so have adored, in that moment, to merely nestle his warm figure agianst Sebastian's equally warm body and return to sleep. Nothing, he was assured, would be more pleasant and dally any further would surely put them both at risk of being late to a meeting he knew his husband cared so desperately about. Dorian determined, if nothing else, to assist in managing his husbands anxiety over that very meeting. Lateness, he was assured, would do little but prompt panic within the vampire and reflect poorly upon their own standards. Let alone those comments the press would surely make!

It was with no small measure of reluctance that Dorian pressed his lips but a final time to Sebastian's own before detangling himself from those sheets to make his way toward the wardrobe. Sebastian, in turn, and with equal reluctance, so at last seeming to manage to raise himself from that bed only to make his way into the bathroom in an effort to clean from himself what remained of those fluids in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Dorian wholly content to still feel that distinct pride once more at just how well he had managed to exhaust his husband. A true rarity in itself. His own thoughts shifted then back toward his clothing and too the Press whom had been alerted to this ery meeting and would, already ,no doubt be waiting. The public in turn equally likely to be lining those streets despite the weather. Sebastians 'fans' nothing short of dedicated. That very groan Dorian's mere mention of that public seemed to prompt from within the vampire however only returned that chuckle to the Monarch's lips. Sebastian keen to insist he hardly knew why those people showed such fascination for him. Dorian, in turn, quite assured he knew exactly what they desired as his husband so turned quizzically towards him while they dressed. The Fae King readily offered his very theory that those young woman, especially, surely harboured some hidden desire that Sebastian, struck by their beauty, would exit the car as they drove by and run into her very arms as if in some sort of fairy tale.

That near abrupt snort from his husband so prompted that sound of amusement from himself once more. Sebastian suggesting that, perhaps, they merely need to express their own affection for one another in public all the more- even at risk of a veritable riot at their level of sex appeal! Dorian's own gaze rolled playfully at those very words. The Monarch assured something so simple as kissing would surely not provoke that crowd and yet even he remained consistently surprised by the sheer....obsession those young women in particular seemed to find with their veritable existence. That mere consideration so prompting a frown of sorts to his features before those silver eyes so met his husbands own.

"Perhaps we might merely start with hand holding and if our hands alone fail to prompt a riot we might progress to that more notable affection."

The tease within his own words was surely clear as he chuckled that final time, reaching within that wardrobe then to hold up both pairs of shoes for his lovers inspection. Dorian, after all, was nothing if not determined to make that good first impression upon his husbands Queen. The very fashion in which Sebastian so suddenly stepped forward to cup at his features was hardly anticipated and yet that sweet kiss was nothing short of welcomed. Dorian eagerly returning that very gesture as he lent but closer to his husband once more. That very want tugging so potently at him all over again. How very unfortunate that they might so have to wait until tonight! Dorian remained near reluctant to release his lover then all the same, even as Sebastian so whispered softly upon that choice of shoes. Dorian so resound, with that sigh, to returning to dressing himself in a manner deemed acceptable. That lounge suit, in the least, not uncomfortable. His silver gaze shifted away from that room then and toward that nearby window. The cold, grey English weather only furthering his desire to remain inside. That continually, spattering rain so prompting the Monarch to attempt that decidedly British phrase he was assured he had heard Sebastian use on more then one occasion. His efforts falling nearly desperately short before Sebastian so insisted it was 'brass monkeys' he surely strove for. How quickly that look of pleasure so seemed to find the Italian's features. Dorian nothing short of pleased to be acquainted with the phrase. At least until his husbands insistence that such a phrase was rather more suited to the common folk- if only for its furthered meaning. The balls of a brass monkey?

That look of dubious distaste was quick to find the Monarch's features. Dorian so eyeing his husband near critically now as if to assess whether or not this was, in fact, some sort of tease. What a perfectly crude phrase! What a terribly strange people the British were! Who had ever heard of such a thing! That surprise surely as clear as that bafflement upon his face.

"Well I shan't say it now. That's terrible! I think from now on I shan't say any British phrases unless I have confirmed with you first that they do not relate to....anatomy."

His own head shook once more, that grin on Sebastian's lips coaxing his own to before he too reached for that box that contained his own less formal crown. This one far lighter and easier to wear for extended periods then that ruling headpiece so kept for formal occasions and affairs of state when his and Sebastian's authority was so required to be displayed without question. Dorian was, in fact, rather fond of that smaller crown and the way it sat so neatly atop his head, that gold nestled within his own darker locks. Sebastian, in turn, appearing equally as royal. Dorian rather inclined to admit that he adored the sight of that crown upon his lovers own head. It suited Sebastian. Though there was little, admittedly, that did not. The Italian's attention returned to the mirror then. Dorian adjusting that crown even so slightly more, the weight of Sebastian's gaze upon him in turn hardly missed before he so crossed that room to press his lips a final time to his husbands own. This kiss so veritably robbing the vampire of that life that had all but afflicted him moments ago. How very much he so loathed to take away that affinity! Yet, in turn, how determined he was to respect Sebastian's own wishes in this.

Dorian's hand so smoothly interlaced with his companions own then, the pair content to make their way through that stately home and to that waiting car. The crowd, as had been anticipated, had well gathered along the causeway. Dorian joining his lover in those polite waves, that smile upon his lips hardly faltering as those cameras flashed in turn. It was only upon reaching the very gates of Buckingham, however, that the first look of...concern so seemed to find the Monarch's features. How glorious those gates! That gold inlaid iron so stamped with the royal seal were, he knew, vastly superior to any of the gates upon his own palaces. Sebastian had, surely, made every effort to speak of the opulence of the British Empire and yet, until that moment, Dorian was wholly inclined to admit that he had, perhaps, believed his lover to have embellished those details. Sebastian so evidently having hardly done such a thing at all! That veritable pout, unbecoming though it was, so readily seemed to find the Monarch's features then. Dorian's arms in turn folding across his chest as Sebastian chuckled. His husband so insisting that those gates were merely the beginning of the opulence England was capable off. Dorian was nothing if not terribly fond of his own palaces, particularly their home in Naples and yet that they were in desperate need for full refurbishment was a notion never far from his mind. Caserta, in the least, so managed to still hold a sense of grandeur about it. Those mighty marble columns and staircases a marvel to behold and yet- they needed more. Surely such a thing was a sensible expenditure?

Dorian shifted easily from within that car in the moments that followed. A well-dressed footman hurrying forward to open their doors and offer them a veritable roof of umbrellas in some effort to shield them from the rain before those introductions of sorts were carried out and that itinerary was announced. That warmly offered 'welcome home' toward Sebastian furthering that simper upon his own lips. For all he knew Sebastian so enjoyed Italy and indeed his very place as Prince of that nation his husband always had, and no doubt always would, adore England. Dorian wholly determined in turn to continue to support that ideal. The Monarch himself having become rather fond of England in turn. Those double doors were opened a moment later, Dorian and Sebastian so following after the footman, Sebastian so taking his place at Dorian's left and ever so slightly behind as was so expected. That double staircase and to- the reception room that followed were nothing short of extravagant in every fashion. The sheer amount of gold that lined those walls readily ensnaring Dorian's attention. How he adored gold above all! How decidedly odd it was to find another royal home so capable of meeting the grandeur of his own. Few countries in the world so managing to rival Italy's own wealth and yet he was assured England had been near bold in its attempts, perhaps even having succeeded. Dorian so lent back just so to offer those whispered words to his lover only for Sebastian to near smugly retort he had not yet even seen those thrones. That devil. Could they truly be as splendid as that reception hall? Surely the Crown had run out of gold by this point? That look of baffled awe so surely giving away the Monarch's thoughts.

They were shown smoothly into that private lounge then. Dorian so eyeing what he was near assured was a golden piano beside and equally lavish mahogany writing desk before making his way toward that immaculate sofa and tea table the footman so gestured for them to sit at with the assurance Her Majesty would be with them momentarily before excusing himself from the room. The Monarch shifted but slightly forward within his seat then to eye that tea setting as neatly and orderly arranged as Sebastian's own within their own home. Those very similarities so prompting that simper to his lips before his gaze turned to his husband beside him.

"Ah, Mon Cher, I do believe she knows which biscuits you like."

Dorian's hand gestured toward that plate of biscuits resting upon the tray, the very sort they themselves so had at home. Dorian never before having considered that Sebastian almost certainly ordered those very biscuits from England itself.

"Has it changed very much, since you were here last?"

Just which parts of that Palace Sebastian had or had not spent time within all those years ago he hardly knew and yet the Monarch found himself distinctly intrigued all the same. How very many questions he found he had.

"We are going to have to get you another piano too. A golden one. I've no idea what I was expecting but it is far more than I was prepared for. I don't find im used to having to compare our Palace to others. It's terrible of me, isn't it? But I do not like being outdone and I am starting to feel rather outdone by England. I quite think you married the wrong Monarch."

That teasing grin so found his lips all the same. Dorian, despite that clear notion that he had, indeed, been out done to some extent, was nothing if not wholly good natured all at once. England having presented him with a veritable challenge if nothing else. The sudden opening of those doors once more readily prompted the pair of men to rise, as custom so dictated be done whenever a woman entered the room. Her Majesty walking smoothly in a moment later. Dorian was struck by not only how aged but to- how very.....little she was. The woman perfectly tiny and yet so neatly put together all at once. The Monarch's own head nodded politely, his hand extended to take her own in that brief, but formal touch.

"Your Majesty, it is a pleasure to meet you. We have both been looking forward to this visit."
"Your Majesty. The pleasure is mine. This meeting has been a long time coming. I am thrilled to have you both in my home."

Dorian stepped but neatly sideways then, allowing Her Majesty to move toward Sebastian and the man he knew she most desired to see despite that politeness and decorum having seen her engage within him first. Her hand extended warmly to Sebastian then.

Sebastian, Your Highness. You must find it a change to return to the rain of England from the sun of Italy. Please sit. I wish to congratulate you both personally on your wedding. I was delighted to hear of it. The Ellington-Brownlow-Cust Family has long been associated with the English Crown, an association we are delighted to continue and welcome the Aragona family into in turn. You still have your family estates do you not? Have you considered living in England again for the long term?