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Anacosta Heights

Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools, and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is a small suburban neighborhood settled within the serene portion of the southern portion of town. These four-bedroom, single-family homes feature back yards, porches, garages, and far more breathing space then the Village offers. This neighborhood often is more family orientated and even has organized events for children and the neighborhood as a whole.

Hawethorn Village

Settled in the middle of downtown, Hawthorn Village consists of several victorian inspired row houses just off the main street. Due to it's convenience to just about everything, the village can be a tad expensive to live within. However, the residents of this neighborhood often have two to three-story townhouses, often with a one to two-car garage. Many of the houses feature bay windows and/or rooftop terraces with a small fenced-in 'yard'.

River Dale

River Dale primarily consists of apartments that, despite their age and industrial appearing interior, still hold to the Victorian history that permeates the town. These apartments are often the cheapest option and sport scuffed, older wooden floors, open floor plans, visible beams, and the occasional brick wall.

I don't want to be the medicine;

Posted on July 15, 2019 by Adrien Westward
Another night in this carnival of souls

Lugging an unconscious body through the city of Sacrosanct was not how Adrien planned on spending his evening the night prior. Then again, nor was turning a civilian into a dark hunter he had spent hours playing nurse to until that accelerated healing ensured he was out of the woods. He remembered hoping he had done that process right, it wasn't like he was fully conscious when that magical blood was shoved down this gullet. He had gone through most of his gauze and bandages until that bleeding finally stopped. He had never seen a bite from a vamp that bad before, that abomination had truly mauled the man's throat to the point that it nearly claimed half his goddamn neck. It was a wonder he survived long enough to go through the turning process. That poor bastard... but he was a living one. He was certainly a fighter, he had to give him that. It would serve him well in the coming weeks. He was going to need it. Adrien was hardly prepared to take care a freshly turned hunter.... Hardly ready for that responsibility and yet he would do his damn best. There was no way he could simply leave him to his own devices, to survive that transformation on his own. It felt odd knowing there was another presence in that quaint two-bedroom, one room acting as a workout room, equipped with everything he could possibly need to maintain his usual routine. It was only him for so terribly long. Questions began to reel within the hunter's mind, more unanswerable at the present time. Yet his mind kept shifting back to the vampire, then to his charge.... And then her... He could hardly help the way his mind slipped back to her, far too easily. How damn frustrating it was to be so disciplined and yet have his mind wander about without a goddamn choice.. That pretty bouncy blonde hair and lithe frame of the fae that moved with a fluid dancer's grace, fading in and out of his mind. He was doomed... he could tell with a definitive ease. That fairy had done something to him, he was certain of it.

Yet now... How that run-in with that scheming southern vampire still irked him, even now as he was cooking dinner. Stirring that stirfry which contained a medley of copious shrimp, variety vegetables and rice. He mixed it on the heated stove with a little too much vigor as that anger assaults him, that vampires face burned into his mind, wanting nothing more than to track him down and claim his mark. He reminded himself, that thought alone soothing him just enough to keep him here. That there was a life safe in lieu of that son of bitch bloodsucker walking free, at least he could be thankful for that. That man still sleeping away the daylight hours as his transforming body healed away that near fatal abuse it had endured. Just how long it would take, was yet to be seen. Yet the wound at his neck when he changed out those bandages with fresh ones had healed enough that he anticipated would be sooner rather than later.. Those wounds kept near meticulous to ensure quicker healing time. The hunter remembered little of his own turning, despite that chaos. What he remembered were those vivid nightmares that had assaulted him that night as that transformation from human to something more than. Something that could help even the score against the vermin that wandered the streets. One memory the hunter recalled was the hunger when he awoke. He ate enough for at least four full grown men, that change had certainly worked up a voracious appetite.

He stared absently at his food creation, tasting it critically to see what it needed... more Soya sauce he confirmed determinedly, his hand reaching for it splashing just a little more into that freshly cooked food. It had everything he needed now.. including water and Gatorade for electrolytes waiting for him on that simple black table. The apartment was a small, absent of a truly lived in place save for that picture he kept to serve as a bitter reminder of his lost family. This place was efficient and located in the heart of city for those nights he couldn't return home. That home, his true home nestled outside the city limited was his true oasis, offering him that seclusion away from the hecticness of the city. He almost longed for it for a moment, simply batting it away before testing that food once more. Satisfied enough with the taste, keeping it mild, but not bland nor overly salty.

His sensitive ears were soon met with a loud creak of that older hardwood floors, it would seem someone was finally awake. He turned off the stove and overhead fan, tossing the wooded spatula into the stainless sink with a minor clamour. Adrien remained fixed on that task of serving up that food, two plates for himself and the newly changed hunter already waiting on that counterspace beside the sink. He wasn't sure if he was going to awake in time. Good. Perfect for awkward conversation over food.. it was better than fiddling with nothing. The man probably had a thousand questions running through his mind. It was only when he heard the footsteps stop then followed up by a hesitant... hello. That singular uttered word sounded like the man's throat was raw.. still, an improvement from last night.

"Welcome back to the land of the living.... I am Adrien.... The dark hunter that saved you. I hope you like shrimp stirfry... we have a lot to talk about.... But first.. take a seat.... Drink the Gatorade and lemon water, you will need it.. Your probably dehydrated a fuck and your body is still working hard at replenishing the blood you have lost..." Adrien advised, not really giving much space to get another word in just yet. The hunter grabbing the two plates with heaping abundant amounts of food piled high on those dinner plates, the cutlery already placed on the table. He walked smoothly across that room, two plates in hand, one in either hand. Placing the artist's on the table first, his hardened shadowy purple eyes raising to meet the man he hardly knew. This was.... Awkward. Just as he thought it would be and yet it was probably worse for the other guy. He woke up after being mauled in some strange man's apartment, it didn't get much more awkward than that. He noticed he had found the shirt he had left him, glad the man had put on some clothes. He had to throw away the other one... it was drenched in so much blood after using it to help stop the bleeding when he walked them home, some things were not worth saving and believe him when he says... that shit was not one of those things. It was a small price to pay considering he was still living and breathing.

"Don't worry.. I don't bite.. You have a name? How do you feel?" Better than dead, yes. That was a given.. He hoped he wasn't going to freakout, it was a high possibility given the circumstance. He moved smoothly to his own chair across the table, sinking into it, placing his own plate on the placemat in front of him. He bobbed his head in a directive nod toward the waiting hot meal sitting across from him, an expression that said go on... eat. Adrien leaned back against the back of that modern leather black chair casually, feigning patience, making not move to take a bite until he took up his seat. There was much to discuss.



These memories are like shadows

I can't seem to find my way home