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I can get by with a little bad luck;

Posted on August 22, 2019 by HARLEY WESTWARD

stuff us in boxes that's where you want us

cardboard is boring, we brought our matches - look how it burns

The music bled into the west, an unrelenting driving force that was sure to rouse anyone living nearby from their slumber. She could have almost pitied the vampires inside that concrete hell if they hadn't wrecked such entire havoc upon her life. It had been an impossibly long few days. But this was the cherry upon the ice cream sundae. Sure, she had to go through hell, to get to this apex moment. One could not have felt this particular feeling if they had not suffered for it first. Harley was so entirely grateful that those speakers had yet to give out, that Disney classic nearly causing the woman to hum to those near iconic words. Soon they were bound to blow, it would appear to be almost as persevering as her, as if even the inanimate objects of Syn somehow held a vendetta over the vampires. It was a pleasing silly thought; one she was willing to possess all the same as that smile played across her lush lips as Matteo easily slid off his perch upon that saddle. His movements fluid and near graceful that she was certain were part of his fae litheness, she was sure the man could fight with equal grace of that skilled dismount. That act he had done far more times than she could probably count as he offered that sturdy hand once more, she took it without much though, sliding down from her own perch upon that saddle, landing with two quiet feet easily on the ground with Matteo's hand to steady her and her own newfound balance. The woman had yet to test the boundries of those cat-like reflexes, part of her hardly willing to accept what she had become.

In that sweet surrender of night to morning, Matteo's accented lyrics spoke of that song and its meaning. Everything Risque was not. Why was it that the wicked ones that lived forever? The thought prompted in her mind. Wasn't that the point of every Disney movie... the villain got what was coming to them. An epic dramatic death. She hardly allowed to let her mind into the darker thoughts that plagued her. After all, tonight was a victory. Once she savored as that music still played as background music to the hilarity of the circus of vampires milling around the rooftop in a desperate attempt to regain control of their own kingdom. A kingdom she had helped coax into sweet, perfect chaos. That shared pride in what they had done seemed to radiate from them. By the time she had met that impish gaze of her companion once more, she had barely caught the tail end of what seemed like a wondering look. A look just as quickly as it was noticed, was snatched away within not even a fraction of a second as if it never existed. His silver eyes seemed softer perhaps even vulnerable. A decidedly rare look, she was sure to remember. Especially as it was framed in a god-like gold, the perfect imagery of a hero.

That mention of a hitting stick however.. perhaps should have been far more concerning to her than it was. The woman far more focused upon that image of him wielding such a dangerous weapon within his hands. She was certain no one was safe from. How that grin curled upon her lips at the thought all the same. "Why do I feel like the world would be a far more dangerous place with a stick you can thwack people with in your hands? No one would be safe." How she could hardly help that amusement that overtook her, that easy gentle laughter flowing from her own lips. To gift that fae that hitting stick would have been nothing short of regret, she was certain of it. But who was she to deny him, knowing very well the chaos it would have caused seemed to override the worry of her own self-preservation. "It is a good thing I do not plan on losing any of our bets anytime soon... besides, there is one that has yet to be settled." She pointed out, that first bet had hardly been conclusive... if that were ever possible. That challenge seemed to be open-ended, a dangerous game that neither of them seemed to be willing to give into. Of course, that very score was in her favour.

For a moment a silence... the dark-haired Frenchman seemed lost to contemplation before that inquiry of that offered nickname finally uttered. So he had heard, she was curious if he had.. the first time, it had slipped, the second simply flowed from her tongue with ease. Why she had thought that nickname was unique and yet wholly fitting. She liked how easy it was to say. Little did she know of that more potent meaning behind that moniker. "Its certainly better than Matt, don't you think? Teo... short, sweet and just seems to... suit you. Do you not like it?" Yet, that seemed to be a loaded question. That kittenish lilt to her own voice as though to say he hated it might have prompted that name even more.

It was suddenly when the commotion upon Syn had drawn her vibrant gaze once more. Risque in a fit of impatient fury had almost tossed one of her henchmen right off the roof's ledge into the waiting cement below while that song seemed to bellow even louder. That feeble peace that usually descended upon the west at this hour had been entirely obliterated, like a hammer to a mirror. It took far too long for Risque to note that her cats began to flee their caged existence and into the arms of freedom should they reach safety until night fall and when it occurred she was none-to-pleased. That Sun was the only thing keeping her from summoning her creatures back into their cages. Harley could feel that strange hum of power that lashed out from the hellish queen, in a last-ditch effort to stop them that ultimately had to be put on hold. Her powers seemingly hindered by that piercing music, unable to summon that focus she needed to issue that command. Harley could feel that powerful tug, the promise, the potency in it. It was alluring and terrifying all at once, that buzzing slicing through her mind as if her own will hardly mattered in the slightest. Her complete control waning at that pull. This she could fight, her hands tighten into fists as she watched some of those cats hesitate for a moment... they could feel it too, but that fortunately weakening sun and that chaos was stronger. That satisfying crunch of the expensive car was the final fracture that broke that hold completely. Darcy's shout escaping him, while Risque herself muttered something violently in french. It was complete mayhem. Harley could not help that sheer look of delight that crossed her features, it wasn't long before the sun's rising touch sent those vampires into their dark little hidey-hole. For as powerful as they were, it was entirely satisfying to see them run from something stronger than themselves. A reminder that even the strongest beings had weaknesses, nothing was truly as omnipotent as it seemed. A sweet little sliver of golden hope she could grasp if only for now if nothing more.

Even if the raven-haired woman so hardly believed it, she was willing to accept the lie, just this once. Finding a certain solace within it, a strength that flows freely though her. There was nothing in the root of existence to ruin this moment for her. It was then that she felt Matteo's arm reach around her shoulders to pull her in. She hardly fought it, relishing in that warmth embrace that finds her. She hardly knew if it was her own exhaustion or that high from that night, or perhaps it was simply that much needed contact she had been craving without fully realizing its weight. One that she had always seem so keen on denying herself. Harley allowed her head to rest against his sturdy form, that inner feline somehow demanding more, snuggling into that security that his body seemed to provide. If only for but a moment. How she was aware of his essence, ever aware of him, peacefully content to bathe within it. How entirely unaware she was as his own look of his eyes lingering upon the plush of her lips. As if that embrace could have led them down an entirely precious path. As if toying in the idea that had nearly echoed somewhere within the depths of her own mind. Harley spoke those words then, all of this, it had been worth it. That beautiful sky much more akin to a painting, not even she could have done this moment justice.

Finally, some good had been done within the dark world she existed in... knowing she could sleep well with the knowledge that she had aided giving some vampires some hell to pay for their sins. How unaware she was of that sudden look of surprise that crossed the French fae's features, her gaze relishing in the way the sky flourished in a frenzy of satisfyingly blazing hues. That compliment was spoken, along with her powers and perhaps taming them. That tease evident all the same sparking something alight within her. A hint of surprise ebbed into mischievousness as she rose to meet his gaze, vibrant eyes full of fire that rivaled the rising sun. Sweet suggestive playful sarcasm dancing within her words, clearly unhinged. "On the contrary, bigger is better. I would surely blast my way out of something with a bang than die out in a whisper." She may have shot out the door with a sizable blast that rivaled a small cannon, but she accomplished that very task, did she not? As far as Harley was concerned she had a pretty good grasp on those powers if she could unlock a lock... and blast open a door.. what more was there to it? Those incredibly powerful abilities within her grasp that truly no one should have possessed were entirely limitless, if only she was aware of it. Metal that was everywhere, in your bloodstream, the earth, the roads, within the walls of even this building...Like a lifeforce of its own that she was entirely unaware of before. "You worried? The world has never been able to handle me before, why should I start now?" That poised question offered with an easy shrug of her slender shoulders, her eyes noticing that petite cat down below seemingly content enough to watch the sunrise. As if he relished in that sunrise along with them, reveling in that battle they had firmly won solidifying that very thought that she had finally done some right in the world. Why be the weapon that those vampires could control? But the one that might blast their hand off if they so desired to shoot it.

Risque's distant yelling brought that warm laughter to her lips. That devil of a woman would surely have a bad evening once she awoke and slept away the sun only to realize what little surprises awaited her. It was a paranoid woman's nightmare after all. Harley was damn grateful that she wasn't going to be anywhere within reach of that vengeful nightmare. It was that mention of that... so-called icing on that cake that had put Matteo into motion once more. How cold it felt without his form nestled against hers. It was pushed away from her mind as she thought that the French fae was cutting it awfully close; those vampires would certainly be settling down for the day as the heaviness of it carried them away into a deep lifeless slumber. Matteo stepped back only slightly to bow, ever the flashy showman. How so very him. He rose his gaze to peer at her with his own remark. He had a point.. reckless and yet how daring it was to tempt fate itself. The very act alone was surely enough to take back a little control of a bad situation. Who was she to stand in the way of that? In the way of justice. Matteo and Harley content to be the karma police for the evening. A way to balance out those scales. That warm grin met his face before he suddenly disappeared. Damn fae was going to get himself killed. If Risque found him in her room, that starting a war would all be for not. She hoped his future sight was on the right channel, working as it should... She hated being left behind, left to her own devices. Alone... and unable to help. For better or for worse, she had chosen to trust the crafty fae. Apparently, part of that included, rescuing his French ass when he found himself in boiling water. Risque's room counted as boiling water, did it not? It was like she was born to play with fire.

It was then that she began to talk to Darius, who must have understood her intent. His equine gaze peered upon her with an eerie intelligence that hardly lingered in the eyes of a mere horse. That understanding looked almost human.. she wondered if she too appeared that way in her feline form. Did she still look sentient, or did she look lost to the beast she harboured. Darius began to chew at his bit, that same gesture he had made when that mention of biting, that action made her nervous. Yet there was something close to understanding in his dark eyes. It was that sharp issued snort that had the woman nearly jumping out of her skin, especially as the horse's muzzle rested firmly upon her shoulder, was that the press of teeth? Please don't let it be teeth.

In an instant, before she could whirl around and one expletive later, she found herself somewhere else. Somewhere... dark..... stylish and lifeless... and expensive. It was all a little boujie for her tastes. But there was no mistaking where she was. Undoubtedly within the confines of Risque's dwelling. Curiosity reining over her own terror in that moment. "Shit." She uttered with feeling, using that strange were mind connection to utter the rest. "Good call..." She turned to face the horse, a look of gratitude. It was the commotion of Matteo rustling together the last bit of his.. masterpiece by that massive king-sized bed that drew Harley's attention. She had to admit she was damn glad to find him in one piece. "Miss me?" Her expression looked damn near guilty but loving it, like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She took a few steps forward to observe his handiwork. It was a damn piece of artwork. The lamp turned on, a spotlight upon that keycard. Impressive as it was.. as much as this room gave her chills, she was wholly enveloped in inquisitiveness.

A room could say much about someone. Not that there could be much to say about psycho cat lady other than stay the fuck away. Such warning signs, Harley was forever content to ignore.

It was then that a sudden look of rare surprised appeared upon the French fae's features. Well, that wasn't a look she saw every day. But she was damn good at prompting it from a man with future sight. Good, someone had to keep him on his toes. Perhaps she could hardly take all the credit, that stallion had undoubtedly had a mischievous streak to rival his rider.

A frown on Matteo's face suggested he hardly desired them here, but his temporary ire seemed focused on the stallion rather than the mischievous accomplice. Harley placed her hands on her hips, standing directly in front of the equine whom seemed none-too-pleased with Matteo's promise for words. Harley aware of those ears pinning flat against his head. Horses were damn scary when they wanted. It was probably dumb to give him her back then... but she felt the need to defend her newfound equine companion after that promise for words later. "Aw come on, where is the fun in that?" She interjected, his own words offered right back to him. Didn't he just say that upon the rooftop moments before? "Besides, the idea was mine. You aren't the only one that can be... persuasive. Besides, wouldn't you rather have words with someone who can actually use them? Who is going to save your ass, this girl and wicked-looking horse dude right here.. that's who." She wasn't going to leave her new were-friend out to dry. After all, it was her idea, sort of. Thankfully, that flash of agitation was short-lived.

Harley had seemingly been swept away in that very moment, lost in her distracting surroundings. It wasn't every day you got to walk through the dwellings of a villain. She began to glide over to what looked like a coffee table, a book left purposely out, a bookmark sticking out somewhere within the middle of it by placed by the spine. The book looking far too old with the name of 'The Art of War' etched onto that cover, aka most boring book known to man. To imagine the vampire curling up reading Shakespeare or the Art of War, she would have never believed it. There was a bookcase full of classic and new titles.. there wasn't a single softcover in sight! But there was far too much to take in of that room than to judge the woman relentlessly on her choice of books, issuing a slight scoff she moved on to the next. Matteo seeming... hesitant in her presence and riffling around Risque and Darcy's personal items.

"Come on.. she stole my freedom, the least she can do is let me have a little looksie. Why such a worrywart all of a sudden? What happened to that fun you spoke of?" She cast him a look over her shoulder as she gave that room a quick but determined perusal, clearly evident that she had no intention of listening to him. There was much to be seen and little time to do it... Why waste it on the minor details? Hopefully, this would be the first and last time she found herself in this place despite its allure to prompt detective Harley to the surface. The furniture was lavish, much like her office. A little taste of Victorian influence along with modern flair. How she pulled that off she hardly knew. But it worked. It was like Risque created her own damn style, equally as conflicting as her and yet there was a balance. So much like Risque herself. An old woman in a modern world, trapped inside an alluring facade. Oh but Harley knew better. That bed was the focal point of that bedroom accompanied with two side tables and a massive tv 4-k screen that must have been at least doubling the size of her. the bed containing tall posts that looked like they had been plucked right out of medieval times meeting Vlad the impaler along. That dark hardwood, blemishless and crafted with obvious care. There was a whole other section to this room that she doubted she had access too, along with attached closets and an ensuite bathroom. It screamed expensive, those dark colours making the room feel nothing short of rich. If it wasn't so large, she would have felt claustrophobic, she was sure. Shit, she needed at least a full day to go through everything. Even though there was a horse standing within the room, it hardly made it seem small in the slightest. Thankfully he was standing on that rug or his hooves would undoubtedly scuff that dark hardwood flooring.

She moved her way to find herself next to Matteo. Harley's wandering gaze then lingered upon that bizarre photograph in a picture frame upon that wooden desk. There were paintings galore on the walls.... But this was the only photograph in that entire space. It was a photo of Risque and Darcy... even Princess making an appearance upon the rooftop that was attached to the bedroom. The trio were lit up by the moon. Was she entering the delirium stage of lack of sleep and stress? Or was she actually looking at a glam shot of the she-devil in a couple's photoshoot with jaws himself? " Even the fucking pet is posing for the camera... Pinch me... does she actually look... happy? Well..... as happy as their faces are physically possible." How.... almost human it was to see those old monstrous beings partaking in such a normal pose. If it were not for their eerily pale skin, she wouldn't have even thought them to be creatures coughed up from the bowels of hell. She could hardly hide that shock written as clear as day upon her feminine features. She then plucked a random bottle closest to her, unable to stop herself from doing the one thing she was not supposed to do... touching thing. Harley opened the lid with her gloved hand so she could take a smell of that floral smelling crème, the fancy bottle said made in France. She capped it before placing it back upon the table, it was a shame she had those gloves on to further examine the substance within it... knowing full well that the bottle alone probably cost more than her rent. Matteo spoke about mates... mates? When the hell did that happen? Swans mated for life, wolves mated for life... fuck even lobsters did.. but Vampires? Especially with her experience of being in a relationship with one of them, she hardly felt they were capable of anything so committal. "I suppose that goes to show you, there is someone out there for everyone.. no.. matter how disturbing it is.. But mate for life? I suppose that's kind of cute. It a fucked-up way. That's more than most people can say. Considering they are immortal, that's a damn long time to be with one person... High mortality rate maybe?" She teased at the end, unable to fathom that relationship being anything functional. Could someone like Risque even care for another being besides herself? Was there even a heart left in that shell of a human? Harley had looked into those eyes.. she had seen how... void she was. There was no humanity left in that woman, she was sure of it. But that picture painted a whole different story. It contradicted everything. A frown crossed her face as she further contemplated it, allowing her gaze to shift to Matteo once more. "Who would have thought? What do they even do on anniversaries anyways? A coffin built for two?"

Harley then meandered away from Matteo, who offered her the chance to have a look around. Not that she needed much prompting, she was already off and about the room, moving silently to observe all the secrets stored within these walls. The massive walk-in closet dark stained door was already wide open, that invitation for her snooping evidently clear. Who was she to pass up the opportunity to snoop through the closet of Risque herself? That room was almost the size of her whole fucking home to begin with, the closet was larger than her living room and kitchen combined. Honestly, who needed this much space and clothing was beyond her? It was like a showcase meant to be in a museum, but those outfits were all on display accompanied by a soft-looking sectional in the center, attached to a desk with multiple drawers. Fishnets... panties, bras, garter belts, you name it lingered within those copious drawers. It would have put Victoria Secret to shame. That insatiable curiousity led the were-woman further inside of the closet. It was easy to ignore Darcy's sad meager corner of belongings. It simply paled in comparison to the overpowering force of Risque's collection. It was like that closet had sensed her presence the moment she stepped foot inside that room, as she seemed to trigger a motion sensor. It lit up with hidden LED lights illuminating all those garments for easy selection... and Harley's eyes went impossibly wide. So.... Many damn clothes.. and straps... and chains... and things glinting at her... There were countless drawers full of lingerie too, the entire back wall loaded full of accessories from a-z. Who the hell knew what half that shit was. It was utterly astonishing. "I feel like I stepped into a cross between lingerie and s&m shop... But.. oo.. I wonder if my boobs would fit into that....." Harley declared with a personal inquisitiveness, muttering half to herself. Some of those items... she had to admit, the woman had taste. Those corsets were stunning. Harley could care less about those dresses, the woman felt far more comfortable in her favourite pair of jeans and combat boots than in a dress any damn day.

In that lavish closet, everything had its place, everything sorted by colour and fabric. Who the hell sorted everything? There wasn't a single shirt or dress left out of place. What the fuck was that strappy thing anyways? She peered at it in silent contemplative horror. How did you even know which way was the front? Did it matter? Did it even cover anything? Didn't she get cold? Clearly, that was never a concern of Risque who didn't own a single sweater or hoodie in sight. It was positively inhuman. At least from what she could see. Maybe there was some hidden in those drawers? She was wholly curious was lay behind that locked drawer at the bottom, maybe if she.... Used her powers she could. She thought better of it, desiring to see what she could. Matteo who was undoubtedly somewhere in that impressively large room lost to his own investigation. If the walls in this room could talk, she was sure those stories were not safe for children.

Harley still, so found herself lingering as if trapped between the corsets, leather jackets, and gloves. What she could do if given the chance to really do some damage. Devious thoughts entered her mind. Unable to help herself, she reached out to touch that undoubtedly expensive fabric with that gloved hand before a clouded leopard leaped out of who the fuck knows where with claws unsheathed and a resounding force. It could have come out of hell itself especially with all that spittle and hissing, barely missing her leg. Harley yelped moved quickly backward, scrambling to get out of the closet and away from the rabid feline. She was hardly satisfied until that door was all but closed shut, the rabid feline trapped on the other side with a certain finality. "Bad unfriendly kitty..." She huffed out at the door before turning her attention back to the fae in the room. "Watch out.. this room is equipped with traps with mean teeth." She grumbled a warning as she was met with an impish Matteo toying with what looked like chains attached to Risque's headboard. She drew closer, finally noticing those glinting handcuffs, her eyes widening in surprise. She certainly had her fetishes, she truly shouldn't be surprised that they expanded to the boudoir. But it was less of the surprise of the handcuffs and more of the question posed at her that has her searching for words. It took a little grasping here and there, but eventually, she got there. It helped not looking at him in the face, for fear that the slight blush that kissed her cheeks would have taken over. "You want to know if I like to play a little cops and robbers in the bedroom?" She so seemingly avoided the question altogether. Perhaps she wasn't opposed to it, in the right hands. She met the edge of the bed before flopping upon it, giving her legs a much-needed rest. The bed was perfection, it was the kind that you would never want to leave.

It was his next words though. Doing it wrong? What the fuck was that supposed to mean? A warning glance shot in his direction in the form of a fiery iconic glare. It prompted some elaboration. "Imagination wise, it seems like it would be totally hot. Like blindfolding... Reality.. not so much... it's like giving a 15yr boy free access to a sportscar for the first time.. you best be certain they are going to crash and burn. But I have never handcuffed someone." That wry smirk danced upon her lips as if amused by her own words.

Pft, doing it wrong. What did he know... Wait a second.. Harley's gaze slid toward the fae, hands placed on the bed on either side of her. So much for not touching things, in fact, the woman had might as well made herself at home, despite where she was. A question so loomed within her mind, one she was unable to not ask. Curiousity killed the cat they say and yet she was hardly a person to let something left unspoken. It practically burned in her mind until it all but consumed her. She finally conceded to it. "I know I am going to regret asking this... but what way is even the right... way?"

Harley Westward