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Anacosta Heights

Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools, and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is a small suburban neighborhood settled within the serene portion of the southern portion of town. These four-bedroom, single-family homes feature back yards, porches, garages, and far more breathing space then the Village offers. This neighborhood often is more family orientated and even has organized events for children and the neighborhood as a whole.

Hawethorn Village

Settled in the middle of downtown, Hawthorn Village consists of several victorian inspired row houses just off the main street. Due to it's convenience to just about everything, the village can be a tad expensive to live within. However, the residents of this neighborhood often have two to three-story townhouses, often with a one to two-car garage. Many of the houses feature bay windows and/or rooftop terraces with a small fenced-in 'yard'.

River Dale

River Dale primarily consists of apartments that, despite their age and industrial appearing interior, still hold to the Victorian history that permeates the town. These apartments are often the cheapest option and sport scuffed, older wooden floors, open floor plans, visible beams, and the occasional brick wall.

And out there there's a world full of people and so much evil;

Posted on May 12, 2020 by Mira Ramos

Mira considered the very offer of Dorian, the woman hardly wanting to be alone after all that had happened, they needed to talk, the understatement of the decade.... in private that much was clear and yet was it not wrong for them to find solace in one another? Tetradore seemed more than content to lose his voice altogether leaving the floundering Mira to fend for herself in this newfound predicament she was in. She could not find any reason why Tetradore would not want to share a room considering he brought her here, the pair seemingly refused to leave each others side except for the drive over and even then she swore she saw his watchful emerald eyes int the rearview mirror. Their 'relationship' had changed even more after that trip to China. It was like... some of those steel impenetrable walls somehow... became more pliable to her touch. Their nights spent together far frequent and how they seemed to seek each other out as if... unable to keep things casual. It was a slow progression, even she had to admit and yet.. She hardly shied away at the prospect. With all that had transpired, the Ark... and everything else. She needed a semblance of familiarity, of comfort... what she would give for a moment alone with him now. But Tetradore wasn't so much as looking in her direction, for that she would make the decision for him. "Yes.." Was all she said.... To sharing that room with Tetradore... There was too much to discuss, too many uncertain things left in this world that she hardly wanted to leave his side. Just what that implied only served to fuel just what and who she was to their beloved Tetradore.

That crash in the backyard seemed to break any further concentration upon Mira herself. Even though the prickle of fear that yet another terrible thing to go wrong.... Set the woman on edge, her eyes glowing embers. Another attack? Had they been followed? Ah, fortunately none of that was the case... well, unless you included the veritable hurricane that was this Frenchman. Known as Matteo. Tetradore had called him that earlier as if that name explained everything. She was beginning to see why. How could one man cause so much..... Chaos she hardly knew. Yet part of her was fortunate to have that focus off of her at least for a moment. But the cost was the chaos and carnage of Tetradore's Aventador and that once meticulous garden... was not really worth the cost. She could take the heat... but Tetradore has surely had his fill. All four swiftly moved to the window to take in that damage... She hardly knew Dorian, but she could hear the devastation within his words, that complete distress had seemingly spread. All while in the nucleus emerged the ever so calm man amidst the wake of his destruction. The room fell deathly quiet only to give the man the floor to wreck even more havoc as if that were not possible. How was this possible??

The tension in that very mansion was palpable. How... a home so large suddenly.. Felt so stifling was a feat in itself. Sebastian was the only one possessing any semblance... of calm, he stood so closely to Dorian as if he was ready to defend him if something went awry.. This was Tet's family? What a turn of events she hardly seemed prepared for. They did seem pretty chummy... for business associates, she supposed it made sense.. And yet why did he keep it such a secret? Why bring her here if no one seemed to know of her existence. Except for Matteo... who apparently claimed ignorance.

At the very least who everyone was... made sense a lot more sense... in some respects. What did not make sense was how... vastly different everyone was in that family. Everyone seemed from very different parts of the world, their accents betraying them. Even though it seemed to provide far more questions than not. But what did it matter? They were family... that was all she needed to know Mira finding that within the pack. But just as surprised as Mira was with them, they were equally surprised with her (not including Matteo because he is the all knowing fae). No one but him seemed to be in the loop... At least it gave for a pretty good dose of awkward.

Dorian and Sebastian equally perplexed as to why Tetradore hated his first name. But they all seemed to use it with such ease and were king didn't so much as flinch by it! So many indiscrepancies... to what she thought she knew. Just how many lives did Tetradore live? Did she know him as well as she thought she did? Matteo fortunately seemed willing to spare her, while the western king seemed to have his full attention on his father alone as if that fury could scorch holes! He was practically seething... all that anger a tangible thing all funneled toward the one man in the room that was the easiest target. That crashed car seemed to be the final straw. Later Tetradore would explain what the fae said.... But that would require Tetradore opening up when he was an otherwise sealed book... and answering some hard questions about that secretive life he led. There were so many questions all swirling about the confines of her mind.

That final remark before the fight seemed to fall at the sight of Tetradore's blazing eyes. Mon Cherie? His thick french accent sounding all the more... strong amongst his inquiry. "I was going to say... young... Considering you and Tetradore and your son seem more like brothers..." Even despite they didn't share a resemblance...Yet there were so many other words swimming about her mind... but that hardly mattered here and now.

She had never seen him so outwardly furious, that alpha energy seemed to spill out what he had tried so hard to contain until now. The inevitable fight had seemed to erupt and there was nothing to be done to stop it once that breaking point had been met. Tetradore easily included his own brother to team up on their father. It was... so odd to see these dynamics unfold right before her eyes. She had never seen him act like this with anyone. Sure he had a close relationship with Tobias but even then.. It was nothing like this and they were lifelong companions, brothers even. Did he know of Tetradore's secret family? It felt terribly like family even with the curses and the flared tempers. Dorian seemed near torn at picking sides and yet tried to be supportive of his brother. Matteo seemed less than pleased at being called out. His declaration that both his son's were narks almost tugged a laugh free from her. Wow.. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that they were... family.

Matteo was everywhere at this point.. Now somehow ended up on the couch where Tetradore joined him.

It was in that moment Mira chose to speak to Dorian which afforded Matteo and Tetradore that much needed time to hash it out. The couple drew in closer then, even though they all seemed quite aware of the arguing pair. Dorian seemed keen to assure that... they were not normally like that. Matteo was quick to chime in about that much needed alcohol. The fairy seemed to be handling that hot seat without a worry, handling almost two conversations at once. "He is not wrong... about the alcohol. After a night like tonight, I think we could all use it." She had hardly taken consideration at how her own nerves frayed. She gestured toward Matteo as she said those words, an approving nod. It did little to fix anything but if it could sooth the anxious nub in her gut she would seize it.

However, was was far more surprising was... the mention of Tetradore being affectionate. Now that was peculiar. He was a rarely affectionate man, especially in public. The woman had seen that tender side of him in private. "I'd like the tour though." She found herself curious of the man that was known as Tetradore's brother, surely he knew all the pieces he had neglected to share with her.

If she wasn't in for the shock of her life.... The fighting probably seemed the most normal thing of that evening. Families fought... it just came with the territory of being so close.

However...the term courting seemed to draw forth a strange look upon her feminine features. Say what? Sebastian fortunately explained.. What a bizarre question.. Who used the term courting? Mira curiously peered at Dorian.. As if.. He was far older than he seemed. Glancing at Sebastian.. "Courting, huh? That sounds very... formal." How was she going to answer this? Tetraodre seemed content to call out Matteo on his teleporting, now that was a low blow.... "Uhh... Its been... almost two years.. Since.." Perhaps that was not the way to go about it. "We have never really put any kind of label... on what we might be.." Couldn't Tetradore see her grasping at straws here? He could interject at any time but the man seemed content to remain painfully quiet save for ripping into his own father who apparently ended up back outside to help... fix things. It was impossible to keep track.

God... if this conversation had shown her something.. It was how much she had been deluding herself. Labels... were important for boundaries. Boundaries she didn't even know she possessed. To know... who belonged to who. Without them.. Tetradore could have been... seeing a harem at this point. Just how many lives did the man live? She peered over to look at the man she cared for... the thought of him with another seemed to concern her. How did it never cross her mind until now?

Yeah that drink.. Was appearing better and better by the moment.

There were simply too many dizzying questions that were left unsaid. How painfully apparent it was.. That they needed to be answered. Some far more prominent than others. Even if those titles had somehow.. In the matter of minutes were now... bestowed upon them. What did that even mean? Mira hardly knew.. Her world had been far from conventional.. Since she was turned.. Hell... she never thought she would end up in a pack... doing exactly what she had refused to do before. Mira was certainly a confident soul and yet now... she is entirely outside of her element in the face of questions she felt she couldn't properly answer simply because she didn't have the answer herself. Perhaps in her heart of hearts she knew... but with everything askew it was not enough. Yet even then, it wasn't enough to put an end to it. Even with all that hot and cold...

It was Matteo who returned the family's attention back to her... that title once again utilized. It certainly wasn't the worst thing to be called... even though she had very clearly.. Avoided being called anyone's girlfriend... Ever since she turned... it was far to risky. She moved into the room noticing that space in between father and son. Tetradore apparently had left her a space beside him and yet she could not help but imagine that seat in between being nothing short of... the hot seat. Perhaps she should have been far more nervous than she was.. She strode into that room before lowering herself onto that plush couch where Tetradore seemed more than content to just... finally sit after everything they had been through. He looked rather comfortable even with all those keys in his pocket... the never ending pocket it would seem. It paled in comparison to the rest of the night that Tetradore seemed content to ignore the comfortable jabby keys digging into his outer thigh. Maybe they were magical pockets? Anyways... But how could she focus on pockets beneath the scrutiny of his Family's watchful eye. After all.. She was hardly prepared for this impromptu gathering. Mira glanced at Tetradore who gave her that gesture to go ahead. He apparently was content enough to leave that only to her.

Matteo seemed all but struggling with fire, the man possessing some ability to wield it. He cursed politely as he struggled.. Mira pausing to observe the scene with amusement before that blue flame settled into pretty orange fire. That utterance of thanks...brought a curious grin to her lips. What an unusual man.

He abandoned his earlier question.. To explain who Alexander was. "Ah, so there is more of you." She seemed to muse. "I take it... he is the order to the chaos?" She questioned lightly, amused by all these people and yet knew so little of each of them besides a name. "You should see the chaos at family gatherings..... At my place.." Although who knew if they still continued that tradition still.

That title girlfriend seemed to linger.. Her leg almost brushing Tetradore's, part of her wished for that touch and yet... she kept her hands neatly in her own lap. "To answer the question as to how we met.... It's a little embarrassing... We met by chance. Tetradore found me.... In the forest... I didn't know those woods at all.. I happened upon Sacrosanct with the intention of passing through... Well.. my car broke down, well more like died... and I decided to go for a little run in my wolf form, I'd been driving for a while. I had no idea that those woods were unsafe.. I accidently got my paw stuck in a silver trap and Tetradore happened upon me.. I was more than capable of getting myself free of course.." she couldn't help that slight quirk of her lips as she glimpsed at the silent panther at her side. "Anyways.. Long story short.. He suffered a great deal of questioning that night and offered me a place to recover before convincing me of joining his pack. It wasn't long before I called the Ark my home.. And never looked back. I was wary of alphas... and packs in general... but... Tetradore... he's different.. I suppose he's always been different than any other to me."

Mira Ramos