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Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools, and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

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River Dale primarily consists of apartments that, despite their age and industrial appearing interior, still hold to the Victorian history that permeates the town. These apartments are often the cheapest option and sport scuffed, older wooden floors, open floor plans, visible beams, and the occasional brick wall.

so you can turn back to your rat pack and tell em I'm trash

Posted on January 01, 2021 by MATTEO

Two thousand years of life and he had never allowed another man to do as Sebastian did in that moment. Yet....Christ....the Incubus was good at it. The very feel of Sebastain's lips agianst that hardened length of himself was glorious those sensations just as good as, perhaps better, then any woman had ever afforded him. Some distant, vague part of Matteo's mind was vaguely content to consider that Sebastian surely had ample experience in using his lips in just this fashion. After all, he had seen, though those visions, just how much satisfaction Sebastian was capable of bringing Dorian and- hmmm Dorian. His own son had become a near distant after thought in those moments. With that venom all but drenching his bloodstream Matteo could so hardly recall why he was here in the first place- if not to find that utter satisfaction at Sebastain's lips. His own breath had become unsteady, his heart all but pounded within his chest as his hips rolled forward in time with Sebastain's expert mouth. Matteo, in that moment, sought only more of that pleasure. That very peak of satisfaction was entirely within reach as those moans fell softly from his lips. He wanted Sebastian. He needed him. Those doses of venom in succession so having obliterated whatever rebellion Matteo had felt agianst the idea of allowing another man to take him. It felt so...right in that moment.

Sebastian's lips increased that pace. The incubus taking all of Matteo between his lips (Matteo is sure that's quite a feat, a lot of women can't even manage it, that part of him is just so impressive you know- yes he made me type that) as the the Frenchman's head fell back against the sofa. Another groan fell from his lips. How close he was. One of Matteo's hands reached upward to nestle in Sebastian's brunette locks with a certain sort of forcefulness. The Frenchman encouraged the incubus to keep up that pace and friction as he lingered so close to that very edge! The sudden sound of someone else and too- that abrupt pause in Sebastian's actions prompted Matteo's silver gaze to flutter open once more as the incubus lent away. He hadn't finished! Matteo's mind was near slow to process that very scene before him. He had forgotten Alexander had even existed. His mind fighting agianst that lust and venom and desire that clouded his thoughts. Those faint tendrils of clarity so at last beginning to tug at the edge before Sebastian abruptly dropped that affinity for pheromones. That clouded veil of Matteo's mind seeming to fall all at once as the Frenchman was left blinking in confusion upon the couch. His current state of...undress only truly becoming clear to him as his Father tossed that clothing toward him with notable force.

Several French curses fell abruptly from the Fae's lips as Matteo made every attempt to replace his boxer shorts. He had fallen victim to Sebastian's....affinities far more easily then he had intended. That faint touch of pain at his groin prompted the Frenchman to glance briefly downward to eye those bite wounds. Matteo's gaze narrowed decidedly. That look of displeasure shifting from his Father to Sebastian and back again. Had he not warned Alexander agianst this very thing? Had he not told the Hunter not to let him get bitten? Fuck. Matteo reached for that clothing Alexander had thrown at his head. The Frenchman quickly dressed himself. Such a task hardly taking long given the notion that Sebastian had managed to remove most of his previous clothing. Some part of him was, admittedly, near...impressed with the sheer ability the incubu possessed and yet the very notion that he had allowed another man to use his mouth upon him was hardly one the Fae found any comfort in. Matteo's silver gaze glanced downward once more to eye that clothing Alexander had chosen, the Frenchman assured he looked as if he was dressed to attend Sunday service at Church! Alexander's insistence that he could search Sebastian's wardrobe himself if he was that inclined prompted a soft snort from Matteo's nose. That indignant look upon his features hardly faltered

"I am not going to his bedroom."

Not that Sebastian, it seemed, required anything so formal as a bed to achieve what he was after. Matteo's gaze shifted from his newfound attire, back to Sebastian and finally to Alexander once more. The Frenchman questioned why on earth Alexander had not managed to be at least a little faster as the Hunter saw to tying his shoes and Sebastian remained pouting within the armchair Alexander had regulated him to. Alexander's own features shifted to a look of distinct displease. The Hunter insisted Matteo should have kept himself under control. How readily those biting words rose within Matteo's throat once more and yet, for now at least, the Fae hardly uttered them. There was little to be gained by verbally jousting with his Father over the matter. Matteo, by equal measure, was hardly willing to give Sebastian the satisfaction of knowing just how very potent and regrettably.....incredible his venom was. Later, perhaps, he would make his thoughts on the matter known. Matteo, for now at least, offered little more than a snort in response. Those emotions within himself were nothing short of...turbulent. With both Alexander and himself finally dressed, that attention was returned toward Sebastian once more. The incubus content to reveal he knew more about Dorian then he had been inclined to let on. Hmmm. In the very least Dorian had not married a fool of a vampire and yet Matteo found himself hardly willing to allow Sebastian to meet his son in the wake of what had occurred moments ago. Perhaps he might seek to deny the plan of fate himself and spend the rest of his existence assuring the pair never met within this world. An eternity without his soulmate might surely prove...difficult for Sebastian. Matteo near assured such a punishment fit its crime and yet, he supposed, the Dorian of this world so hardly deserved such a thing.

His very suggestion, however, was met with a look of skepticism from Alexander and Sebastian both, the Frenchman quick to implore he had been violated. Possibly. After all he had so hardly said no to Sebastian and therein itself lay that moral...middle ground in all its grey glory. Sebastian's soft utterance that he hardly seemed to mind being violated saw Matteo's gaze narrow upon the incubus once more.

"No one is talking to you, Sebastian."

Ah, how pleased he was Aiden was not here to see him now! Matteo distinctly aware of his own...childishness, to a certain point. The Frenchman content to offer to turn Sebastian to ash if he ceased to be helpful before all but storming from that room and into the welcome fresh air of the front lawn. The Frenchman content to relish that momentary...peace as he moved to lean back agianst the house. His hand lifted, his thumb and forefinger pinched at the bridge of his nose as he struggled to....cast aside those lingering feelings of....want that persisted within him. Alexander, he knew, would never let him live this very moment down. His own body, in turn, was nothing short of sensitive in the wake of Sebastian's attentions. His groin all but ached with every movement. This was going to be a displeasing evening in every sense of the word and yet he could hardly deny that, in the heat of that moment, he had wanted.Sebastian. Desperately so. His usual control having faltered unlike it ever had before. The sound of Alexander and Sebastian following him out of the house prompted Matteo to lean away from the door in a renewed effort to conceal that....turbulence of his own thoughts. Matteo nothing if not a near masterful pretender.

Sebastian moved to lead the way up that street, Matteo and Alexander fell into step behind him as that trio progressed several blocks in relative silence before, finally, reaching a near obscenely large mansion. This.....was much more akin to what Matteo had anticipated. This certain touches that were so unmistakably...Dorian were far more notable. The gardens that surrounded that mansion were gloriously lush and flush with the life that so personified Dorian. The trio moved toward that guarded gate then, only for the men who guarded it to stiffen at their appearance- before staring at them with utter shock. Did the Matteo of this world not visit often? Was it Sebastian they seemed so shocked to see in his company? It was the younger guard, upon the right, that seemed to recover first. The man stammering as he did so, that shock, it seemed, so stemming from the notion that Alexander and himself were....alive? The very realisation that the Alexander and Matteo of this world were dead prompted a distinct lift of Matteo's eyes. Dead? For how long? To drop in on Dorian unannounced was one thing, to return from the dead was another. The guard was quick to push open those gates, welcoming them home, before Matteo could voice any further queries. His attention instead shifted back to Sebastian as the trio stepped forward and onto the drive that led up to Dorians home.

"Did you know I was dead in this world? That is to you know who I am?"

This, he suspected, was not a question Sebastian would truly understand and yet if Alexander and himself had died...recently and Dorian was still the King of Italy (as it very much seemed he was), then would not the death of the King's Father and Grandfather be news? Had Sebastian known such things all along? Then again, there was every chance the incubus paid little attention to global events or Alexander and himself had been dead for.....a long time. Those thoughts, for now, were cast aside as they reached that front door. Matteo, for the first time, momentarily hesitating. Dorian, after all, would so hardly be expecting them. The Frenchman's head shook ever so slightly before his hand lifted to reach for the door, his knuckles rapping agianst it. For several moments the trio were left standing upon that doorstep before a faint shuffling from within signalled the arrival of someone, that door opening a moment later to reveal a petite, pretty blonde Fae woman. Matteo's lips parted and yet those words nearly died upon his tongue as the woman shrieked! The sound was near ear-splitting as it echoed through the house, the poor girls legs suddenly seemed to give out from underneath her as she promptly collapsed, unconscious onto the ground in front of them. That silence seemed to echo once more. The trio left staring at the woman for several long seconds. Their deaths,Matteo suspected, were by no means recent. Not if this was the level of shock with which they were greeted.

"Well. I have finally done it Mon Amie. I have achieved a level of attractiveness so great woman faint at my presence. I did it without venom too."

Matteo's gaze shifted back toward Sebastain, that veritable jab tossed effortlessly at the vampire as Matteo moved to step over the fallen woman- only to be met with another gasp of shock. This time- from his own son. Dorian, it seemed, had appeared within the entranceway, no doubt brought by the cries of the woman. His son looked.....just as he always had even if dressed in clothing far more casual and modern then he was assured he had ever seen Dorian wear. The Monarch's black jeans fit perfectly upon his figure, Dorian having donned a sleeveless grey hoody that highlighted his toned arms. A pair of golden headphones rested loosely around Dorian's neck, his hair tousled in the wake of his...workout? Had Dorian been using a home gym? For several moments the Fae King seemed to merely....stare at them, the colour all but draining from his face.

"Dorian? I....."

That singular word was barely above a whisper, Dorian's eyes so quickly becoming glassy as the monarch all but ran towards them, his bare feet padding across the polished marble floor as he did. Matteo was hardly given time to react, the Frenchman managing to open his arms just in time to catch his son as Dorian leapt into Matteo's arms, his own wrapping around the Frenchman in a fierce hug. It took several seconds before Matteo moved to return that hug as Dorian all but clung to him. The Monarch sobbing into Matteo's shoulder as the Frenchman glanced near helplessly towards Alexander. His heart near...aching for the sheer emotion that seemed to overcome Dorian in those moments. How ridiculous it was that even the mere sight of his son crying was enough to tug at those...parental instincts. Matteo moved to gently pull Dorian closer.

"It is alright, Mon Fils. Shhhh."

That soft reassurance seemed only to prompt Dorian to cry all the more before a soft sound from Alexander coaxed the Fae King to glance upwards. Dorian seemed to register Alexander in turn. Grandfather!. Dorian moved to detangle himself from Matteo only to sweep Alexander up and into that same crushing hug. "I have missed you both so terribly. Where have you been!? We thought....we all thought you had both died. We searched for years! The army, the military, the Hunter Organisation- Clarissa said that-"

"Who is Clarissa?"

Dorian moved to step back from Alexander at last only to gesture to the unconscious woman upon the floor as if suddenly seeming to remember her for the first time before he knelt down beside her. His hand extended, Dorian moving to gently shake her shoulder, the young woman failing to wake before the Monarch glanced upward with clear bafflement. "You do not remember Clarissa? She is my wife, Dad." That look of confusion upon Matteo's features prompted Dorian's silver gaze to shift towards Alexander. "Did he hit his head, Grandfather? Don't worry I shall summon a doctor for Clarissa and I can have you both attended to as well along with your companion. We have not been introduced, i'm terribly sorry. Please forgive me this is an emotional day. I am Dorian." Dorian rose from his fallen wife then, his hand reaching up to brush the tears from his eyes before offering that dry hand politely toward Sebastian. That handshake, Matteo was certain, seemed to last longer than what was necessary, both men seeming to...stare at one another for several seconds too long as Matteo cleared his throat. That gesture seemed to spur Dorian into action as he summoned several staff to assist in moving Clarissa and calling for the doctor.

"I'm fine Dorian I assure you, Clarissa merely looked...different to when I saw her last. I didn't recognise her."

Dorian so hardly seemed as if he believed that excuse, the Monarch hurriedly summoning them further into that stately home. "Where have you both been?"

c'est dur d'ĂȘtre un dieu.