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but i'ma bad liar, a bad liar

Posted on August 12, 2019 by Matteo Devereux


It's tough to be a god

How very fortunate he had been, in some ways, to live a life so long. Matteo assured in each of those centuries he had seen far more than his fair share of glorious moments, great beings or unforgettable instances in time. He had seen the glory of Rome, the founding of Paris, the rise and fall of more leaders then he cared to admit, the introduction of technology, the dawn of the steam engine, the founding of new worlds and the conquering of old. He had seen that first television and mobile phone just as he had seen that first printing press and car. He Had witnessed the likes of Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Gandhi and Nelson Mandella and yet amongst it all, someway and somehow, this singular moment in time was so surely destined to present itself as one he was inclined to remember with every bit as much fondness. Perhaps, later, when the sun had set and he found himself alone within the depths of his home once more he might consider how utterly reckless he had been to coax Harley to follow him through that veritable hell hole from which she had only just escaped hours prior and yet, he could hardly bring himself to regret the young woman's company in any sense. She had proven herself a distinctly useful being in far more ways than one and indeed, despite himself, the Frenchman was not unwilling to admit he found her company....pleasing.

The pair had no sooner reappeared atop that building opposite Syn then that music seemed to rise once more. How the speakers so continued to hold out agianst that onslaught Matteo hardly knew and it was so hardly the speakers he pitied as much as the ears of any and all beings within the vicinity. Those vampires, with their near exceptional healing, surely forced to attempt to cover those delicate appendages from that musical onslaught as it seemed to reach only higher and higher. That final song chosen with a distinct care for all it might represent. After all, what better to assault Risque with then a song that celebrated life, love and faith? Ideals Matteo believed she had long ago cast by the wayside in favour of whatever darkened embrace so eclipsed her heart now- or that space that existed within her in which a heart had once sat. That very song too- so provided that connection to the felines Harley and himself had gone to pains to release. There was every chance she might manage to recollect some of those unfortunate felines in the next evening and yet each of them had been afforded a chance to flee her grasp permanently. A chance that was unlikely to come again for a number of years and one they alone were so destined to decide how to use. Matteo swung easily from that saddle then, his hand reaching upward for Harley's own to guide the young woman down to stand beside him. Those vampires decidedly unlikely to glance towards them. That sun that was so quickly beginning to rise behind them distinctly sure to punish the eyes of any undead whom might make that unfortunate mistake of attempting to spy them atop that building.

It was a simple thing, to offer the translation of those lyrics to Harley so she might fully appreciate the....amusement in them. Matteo, despite his age, the very sort of being inclined to find amusement in the ridiculous. The Frenchman, after all, was surely nothing if not the very epitome of 'Fae in every sense. At least, the way 'Fae' so used to be when there had been far more of them in the world and their species had not clung to existence so desperately as it did now. Fae, as a species, so surely having changed to some extent over time. Matteo assured they had lost some of that impishness and tricking spirit that had once made their race so proclaimed by all others as the most annoying of all. Ah, but how he missed such a title. Yet, perhaps it might better be replaced by that very one he strove to earn back today with his near ostentatious showmanship that Harley had been so helpful in orchestrating. That soft tease from the woman beside him so momentarily drew his silver gaze away from the rooftop of Syn and those rapidly gathering vampires. The use of that nickname once more seeming to prompt that ...pang of...something within him. Matteo so briefly allowing his eyes to flicker to Risque once more. A part of him inclined to wonder if she remembered him still, after all these years, such a thought dismissed before it could truly take hold. Teo....sounded far better upon Harley's lips. Perhaps it would not be a terrible thing that such a name might have use again. Matteo so allowing his features to soften as he met the young woman's gaze once more.

"Do you know, Mon Cherie? I always fancied that stick Rafiki carried. The one he so often hit others with. I think I should have liked a large stick to hit those beings whom did not listen to me. My sons included. It would have been an effective parenting tool. Next time it is so you lose a bet to me- I should like to be gifted a hitting stick."

That near teasing grin bloomed brightly upon his own features then. A ready, warm chuckle humming from within the depths of his chest as Harley proceeded to poke at his chest good-naturedly. That very gesture only furthering that chuckle upon him before he regarded that striking raven haired woman once more.

"No one has called me Teo in years and yet that is the second time you have done it. Why, Mon Cher, did you settle on that?"

That faint note of curiosity lingered clearly within his gaze in that moment, Matteo inclined to suspect Harley had merely chosen one of those more logical nicknames and yet how very.....fated it seemed that in all the world and of all the names it might be Teo she had settled upon. The Frenchman, for all his abilities with fate itself, entirely inclined to question his own. That commotion upon the rooftop so readily seemed to draw the attention of them both back towards it, Harley proudly proclaiming she had received the best seat to the circus as those vampires raced towards that generator. Risque, in her outrage, very near tossing some unfortunate soul from that roof as that song reached its planned crescendo and those felines poured out from those doors below. The car park awash with cats in but a manner of seconds. The mere sight seeming to render each of those vampires momentarily stunned as they merely...stopped to watch those animals flee into the rising sun and sweet lyrics. Matteo finding himself quite unable to prevent that simper from dancing upon his features at the very sight. Ah, how Aiden would surely have murdered him himself to know what he had done tonight. His son so constantly fearing Risque might discover his Father and yet how very, very sweet that revenge was. It was so hardly enough, not for what Aiden had suffered, not for what Harley had survived or indeed it so hardly covered that retribution deserved by any number of those cats below and yet for a single moment in time that vampiric queen might yet be made to feel the suffering of loss. Those felines surely all she cared about any longer, at least enough to dig deeply enough within what remained of her conscious to provoke some shred of emotion. How he hoped it hurt her. How he hoped she would remember it for as long as she lived- even if she so hardly knew by whose hands it had come.

The crunch and squeal of metal readily saw the near ancient Fae's gaze shift downward and toward that unfortunate Lyken as one rather large lion proceeded to trample across it. That shout from above to surely Darcy's own. That vampiric cowboy capable of mustering some thread of concern for that car it seemed, those cats perhaps having failed to move him in the same fashion and yet- his fear of Risque's wrath might yet prove pressing enough to coax some sentiment from him. That sheer delight upon Harley's own features was hardly missed as the last of those cats began to flee into the rising dawn. Tsoe rays of sun, like spears of heated warmth, driving back those vampires into the darkness of Syn itself. Matteo inclined to allow his gaze to linger upon Risque's own face but a little longer. The Frenchman determined to remember that very look before Darcy so sought to all but drag her away from the threat of the sun. The sigh that fell softly from Harley's lips near perfectly fitting as Matteo so allowed one arm to lift and rest about the young woman's shoulders. That gesture as affectionate as it was wholly satisfying and so designed to offer her that simple touch of...comfort- after an evening surely spent without. The Fae so gently pulling her agianst him then as Harley's head moved to rest agianst him in turn. That simple, innocent gesture so prompting those near....protective desires within the Frenchman once more. Matteo inclined to find his gaze once more lingering upon that near soft, all-too tempting cushion of her lips. That taste so hardly forgotten. Harley's very utterance that it was 'worth it' so perfectly aligning with his own thoughts in that moment, even if they had hardly been inclined to consider those cats and that very heist they had but moments ago so succeeded in delivering.

"Yes, it was."

How readily that sky changed colour in the wake of the on-coming dawn! Those colours nothing short of glorious as that painted the sky with muted radiance of blue and pink and yellow. How many of those felines had been denied that sight for just as long? Matteo prompted to glance but briefly sideways at the thought to eye but one single Fisher Cat whom had lingered in the streets below. A Were surely. The animal seated atop a trash bin within that alleyway to eye that rising sun with a look of near wonder. His pelt all but aglowin that sunlight. Someone else, it seemed, had taken pleasure in that sunrise in turn. Harley's near soft insistence that it felt as if, at least, she had done something right within that world so prompted that look of surprise to his own features. Matteo capturing those words that threatened upon his lips quote before they were spoken. Harley not yet aware of how very much right she had done and yet- such a thing was perhaps best discovered upon its own. Matteo, as was so often his way, inlined to keep that knowledge of the future to himself for now.

"You did very well. Very well indeed. We need work a little on the....force of your powers though, no?"

One eye lifted just so in that ready tease. The manner in which Harley had exploded that lock from its hinges hardly forgotten and perhaps not terribly....indusicve to silent escape within the future. Yet, with that knowledge of just what she was capable off so presented to her she so surely needed little motivation beyond it to continue that practice. The sound of Risque shouting from somewhere within seemed to coax that laugh from Harley once more. Matteo gently releasing his hold upon her now to seek that key card. After all, it surely need be returned to its rightful owner. Harley inclined to insist he was surely cutting that timing near terribly close. Matteo inclined to step but slightly back and afford his companion but one of his teasing bows of ostentatious grandeur.

"Ah, Mon Cherie, but is that not half the fun?"

How warmly that grin found his lips once more. Harley quick to assure him he had not rightfully earned the return of his title if he could not pull off this final act. Matteo nothing if not determined to see it through. The Frenchman disappearing but a moment later to leave Harley and Darius alone upon that roof. The black stallion allowed his head to turn curiously towards the other Were, his dark eyes resting upon Harley's own with a clear understanding, despite his lack of speech, for those words she offered. Darius content to continue to chew at that bit between his teeth as Harley insisted she would need his help to rescue Matteo if it came to it. A sudden, abrupt snort left the stallion then. Darius reaching suddenly outward to rest his muzzle on Harley's shoulder, that teleportation eclipsing them both only to transport the pair instantly to Matteo himself and within the very depths of Risque's most personal and private place. Her bedroom. The Frenchman had but only seconds ago so finished plugging in that stolen lamp. The key card resting beneath it and upon Risque's bedside table. A look of surprise finding his features at the sudden appearance of his steed and Harley in turn. That very look shifted to a frown as his silvery gaze rested upon the stallion.

"Darius- we will talk about this later, Mon Amie."

The Barb's ears pinned backward in clear discord, his tail lashing at his flanks and yet he remained standing upon that rug. Matteo's attention turned then to that near mystified young woman as Harley peered around that extensively large and lavish bedroom so decorated in black and red and mahogany wood. Those colours as deep and rich and lush as they had always been. Risques bedroom larger than even his own within that chateau. It truly was an incredible sight to behold. Her tastes had changed little over those years. The larger and grander the better. Matteo wholly capable of spotting but several of those decidedly human comforts Risque still maintained after all those years.

"Remember, Mon Cherie, try not to touch too much, she will know if anything is out of place in here- but I see little harm in looking. We have a few minutes."

His hand lifted just so to gesture at that room in silent signal for Harley to glance around it as she saw fit, his own attention turned upon that immediate and impending future to assure Risque would not appear unanticipated at any moment to find her once-friend, her pet and a horse within her bedroom. Ah! But how he might have paid to see her face all the same. Matteo afforded that lamp and card but a final glance before he allowed his own curiosity to prompt that intrigue within himself. It had been ...a long time since he had been within this very room. The bedroom seen mostly through his vision of it as they pertained to his son. So many of those memories far, far too...horrific for his mind to dare think on them now. Matteo moving instead moving to wander toward that dresser and mirror, the dressers polished surface adorned with those femanine products he had never truly understand. Those lotions and makeups women so seemed to adore. As if Risque hoped she might somehow coax some semblance of life into her long-dead, pale skin. A singular framed photograph upon that dresser so caught his attention then. Risque so hardly smiling within that photograph as much as she ...smirked with some hidden pleasure, her figure nestled agianst Darcy's own, her hand upon his chest. Darcy's own arm was wrapped about her, resting agianst her back as she looked over her shoulder and toward that camera. The pair of them atop Syn itself. That picture almost...intimate and by far the closest proof he had seen in years of Risque showing but any flicker of pleasure in another's company. That very imagine prompting a sigh from the Frenchman at those visions that lingered behind his eyes. Those accented lyrics finding him then.

"The bond of mates is very potent in vampires. Do you know, they often mate for life? I...did not think her capable of it. I do not think she understands that relationship entirely but- she would kill for him. And he would move hell itself for her. Sometimes I wonder at how fate allows such beings to find each other."

Matteo's head shook slightly once more as he moved away from that dresser, the man ignoring that ensuite bathroom, his gaze wandering across that wardrobe Harley had opened to admire those rows upon rows upon rows of clothing and shoes. Risque, he was assured, putting several department stores to shame with her collection. Darcy's clothes, at the end of that wardrobe, shockingly few in comparison and so many men's tended to be. The Frenchman moved past Darius then and back towards that giant four poster bed. Matteo pausing to reach for one of those silver chains and manacles that hung from one of those very posts at the head of the bed. The Fae turning it about briefly within his hand before affording it an experimental tug of sorts. That chain wrapped around that post before having been screwed into the wall. This, it seemed, designed to hold no manner the strength rendered agianst it. Some fetishes never changed. How unsurprised he was to consider a vampiric couple might....enjoy such things. Matteo so turned toward Harley then with a near impish look. That handcuff held upward.

"Tell me, Mon Cherie, where do you stand upon such...distinctive activities, hmm? Do you enjoy the handcuffs or are they not to your liking?"

One eye lifted just so, Matteo wholly curious in that moment as to how far Harley might indulge that teasing game in the wake of their victory tonight.

"Or perhaps, ah, you have never tried in the right way?"