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Anacosta Heights

Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools, and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is a small suburban neighborhood settled within the serene portion of the southern portion of town. These four-bedroom, single-family homes feature back yards, porches, garages, and far more breathing space then the Village offers. This neighborhood often is more family orientated and even has organized events for children and the neighborhood as a whole.

Hawethorn Village

Settled in the middle of downtown, Hawthorn Village consists of several victorian inspired row houses just off the main street. Due to it's convenience to just about everything, the village can be a tad expensive to live within. However, the residents of this neighborhood often have two to three-story townhouses, often with a one to two-car garage. Many of the houses feature bay windows and/or rooftop terraces with a small fenced-in 'yard'.

River Dale

River Dale primarily consists of apartments that, despite their age and industrial appearing interior, still hold to the Victorian history that permeates the town. These apartments are often the cheapest option and sport scuffed, older wooden floors, open floor plans, visible beams, and the occasional brick wall.

I was born to be making history

Posted on September 04, 2020 by ALEXANDER MACEDONIA

Alexander Macedonia

when I walk into the room there's nothing you can do
To stop me from making moves
I'm coming for you

Relying upon fate was a poor plan, Alexander was certain. They hardly had the time to simply wait for fate to decide to favor with them. After all, it had already been nearly two centuries and still, the pair had not found one another? How much longer would fate demand before their paths crossed in the inevitable way Matteo was assured they would? His son, after all, had been wrong before. That scowl upon his features surely gave away his thoughts on the very idea and yet...perhaps spending three days within Sebastian's company was not...the worst idea they'd had. The blue-green of his irises slid slowly towards the vampire, even in spite of the frown upon his features, that lust within him so demanding to be acknowledged even with Alexander's awareness that it was entirely the Englishman's own fabrication. Perhaps they might merely...indulge themselves in the forbidden for three days before finally returning to that world they belonged in. After all, Matteo had voiced before of those visions he had witnessed his son and son-in-law in...perhaps they should merely see what the incubus was capable of themselves. The very notion lingered so temptingly upon his mind, enough so that Alexander had to near tear his gaze away from the vampire whilst Matteo so sought to only further entice him!

Sebastian, on the other hand, was wholly inquisitive of those words so purposefully spoken in a language he was not immediately fluent within. That struggle the two men had to keep their eyes from him was hardly ignored by the Englishman and yet...still they did not seem to fall prey to his sway quite in the way that he was used to. Their age, it seemed, had granted them some minute measure of immunity against the ardor that the vampire was able to create. It would require all of his focus to take even one in the manner he so preferred and yet, he was sure if he was capable of getting his venom within their veins, they would be far more complicit. Those contemplations, however, were interrupted by the sudden presence of the Frenchman sliding onto the arm of the sofa beside him, the soft touch of Matteo's fingers upon his jacket drew his attention towards the fae. God, how potent that sent was, how utterly delicious the fae would be, of that Sebastian knew even before sinking his fangs into that pristine flesh. How he would enjoy taking this one...and with plenty of time to do it. Already he could taste his venom tainting his saliva in ready anticipation of all he intended to relish in.

The warmth of Matteo's fingers against his skin caused his head to tilt to the side ever so slightly in a subtle attempt to allow the Frenchman further access to his flesh. Nevertheless, he listened intently to the subtle insinuation of just how grateful the pair would be for his assistance. A soft breath left the vampire's lips as he inquired after this...'Dorian' they so feverishly sought, the vampire certain that it was a feeble request, all the same. The vibrant blue of the vampire's gaze turned upwards as the Matteo paused, the Frenchman's comment that he looked similar served to prompt Sebastian's brow to rise - at least, before the declaration that Dorian was a member of the Italian Royal Family. "Oh," Sebastian muttered quite before he could stop himself. They were looking for that Dorian. Though why they thought he would have any affiliation with the Italian Monarch was still...baffling, to say the least. Such contemplations, however, were interrupted only by that probing inquiry of his wife, Sebastian's gaze momentarily deviated towards the clock above the mantle place in a vague contemplation of just how long he had to enjoy the fae before his wife's return. That vague shrug of his shoulders, however, was near purposeful in the absolute lack of an answer he provided. After all, for all his certainty in his own capabilities, so too was he assured there was far more to this encounter then met the eye.

If the Frenchman was irritated, it didn't show, the fae so quickly shifting the conversation instead to a near teasing promise of those tricks he had picked up within Greece, the very likes of which Sebastian might be inclined to enjoy. He was, admittedly, inquisitive of the notion and yet, for all of Sebastian's intrigue, so too was there a healthy level of skepticism. That soft snort from his nose was accompanied by the vampire's certain declaration that Matteo had little intention of following through with that promise, the fae almost keen to press him on his own insinuation. For all of Sebastian's boldness, he was never one to truly be impolite. "Not at all, you have merely made it obvious there is far more to this when you are telling me." He responded, showcasing his own astuteness even in the face of the fae's continual efforts to distract him. A soft breath left Sebastian's lips before those dark blue irises turned back upon the fae, the vampire suggesting that if Matteo should prove worth his time, he might be inclined to assist in this endeavor, particularly now that he knew who this Dorian was.

The very suggestion seemed to prompt Matteo's brow to raise and yet, the Englishman hardly seemed concerned as he reached for his own affinity. It required minimal effort upon his part to pull back the touch of his affinity upon the Dark-Hunter, his powers so wholly redirected upon the man at his side, stopping that French lit mid-sentence as the full extent of that lust and need he was able to foster slammed into Matteo. How well he knew that simple look in Matteo's silver irises, the fae's hand's reaching for him in a way that Sebastian had come to expect. Immediately the Incubus took charge of that situation, his hand reaching upwards to sneak behind the Frenchman's head as he coaxed Matteo's lips downwards and against his own in a fiercely sensuous kiss. The vampire was more than willing to take advantage of that blatant surprise within the fae, Sebastian pulling him into his lap just as Matteo began to relax into him. He could feel the fervor of the fae's kiss, just as he was well aware of Matteo's hand reaching for his shirt, crumpling that once crisp material in his fingers as he so strove to pull Sebastian against him. How willing Sebastian was to give in to that desire!

Swiftly the vampire pushed Matteo down on the sofa, effectively pinning the fae beneath him without even so much as a break between those heavy, heated kisses. Firmly, Sebastian pressed his groin against Matteo's own, looking to provide the fae with some of that friction if only to encourage that hardness to his frame that the incubus so sought. It was only the bemused baritone of that Greecian voice that finally distracted his prey, Matteo drawing away and, in turn, both men's gazes shifted towards the reclining Dark Hunter. How visible that slight narrowing of the incubus gaze was! Sebastian loathed being interrupted when making such progress and yet Alexander met the darkening blue of the vampire's gaze head-on. Finding himself once again in control of his mind and body had brought back to the King a certain sort of regal assuredness. The very utterance of that Greek prompted a peal of soft laughter to his lips, "Prospathíste na min koimitheíte mazí tou enó écho fýgei." (Try not to sleep with him while I'm gone). Alexander waited only so long enough for Matteo's hands to reach up, burying themselves within the vampire's brunette locks only to ensnare the Englishman's attention all over again.

(experimental paragraph incoming...this will either read interestingly or drive us both insane)

His lips pressed eagerly against Matteo's own, his hips pressing even further downward while Alexander rose to his feet, the Dark Hunter hardly bothering to give the two any further glance as he made his way towards the spiraling staircase just to the right of the front door. Sebastian shifted with that gentle tug on the hem of his shirt, assisting in some way to have that clothing removed, even despite the watchful eye of the Macedonian King from above as he made his way down the hall and towards the room that had once belonged to his Godson. Those heated kisses broke only long enough for the vampire's shirt to be pulled over his head, the cotton material deposited upon the floor. That compliment he was afforded brought a hint of a smug grin to Sebastian's features. "I am excellent at other things, too." He commented, his brow rising with the clear innuendo he offered. Upstairs, another pair of brows rose, that small snort lost beneath the notes of that low groan as Alexander slipped into the bedroom, his steps wholly purposeful until he those visible differences of the home sent him abruptly stoping in his tracks.

(Well that's over now...let's try something else...)

How Sebastian relished within that warmth of Matteo's chest sliding against the cold pallor of his skin, his own fingers quick to push that safety vest off of the fae's broad shoulders. The Incubus was all too aware of the Frenchman's fingers tracing the waistband of his pants, his own body nothing short of ready to indulge all Matteo had to offer. One hand reached for Matteo's free one, his fingers intertwining with the fae's own as he pulled back from those kisses, bringing Matteo's hand towards his face. His nose brushed along the fae's wrist, simply smelling that blood running in those ancient veins just beneath the fae's skin. A single press of his lips was given to the artery of Matteo's inner wrist before his lips parted, his top fangs puncturing skin before the fae could even stop him, his intention entirely focused upon delivering that sweet, addictive venom he was so capable of. Immediately the heat of that delectable blood filled Sebastian's mouth, the very taste of it caused his eyes to flutter close for one singular poised moment as a soft moan echoed from the back of his throat. "God, you taste amazing." He murmured, his tongue languidly sliding over those very marks he'd made - the first, he was sure, of many he intended to make.

His tongue ran over his lips before Sebastian leaned down, his mouth pressing against the Frenchman's own. His hands, however, were otherwise occupied, the vampire near immediately reaching down for the button and zipper of the fae's jeans. That final kiss ended the very moment the slider hit the bottom stop of Matteo's jeans. His hands settled on each side of the Frenchman's waist as Sebastian leaned downwards, pressing his lips in a warm kiss upon the fae's chest. Slowly, the vampire allowed that trail of heated kisses to move down the plains of Matteo's chest, his hands shifting downwards with each sluggish movement as Sebastian shifted both pants and boxers down just enough to give him access to the fae. How certain he was that venom running through Matteo's veins might chase away the last of those reservations! Carefully that trail of kisses skirted over the fae's hipbone and down towards his thigh, Sebastian purposefully avoiding those more intimate areas as his mouth pressed in one final kiss upon the fae's inner thigh. The navy of his gaze fluttered upwards and towards the fae as his lips parted, those sharpened incisors flashing in the low light before all four of his fangs pierced skin. Dear Lord, that taste! It was nothing short of utterly glorious, that metallic hint near nonexistent as Sebastian relished within those rich notes that were so distinctly Matteo.

He could hardly help himself from enjoying several mouthfuls of the substance, his very feeding only serving to further dose the fae with his venom, his sheer proximity to Matteo's groin near guaranteeing the rapidness with which it might hit the Frenchman's system. His tongue once again licked at those four symmetrical wounds he'd left behind, his gaze shifting briefly towards the fae's other thigh. When he was done...he would feast properly upon that drool-worthy blood. Afterward. The vampire shifted, finally affording the fae his attention as his tongue ran down the length of the fae, so encouraging that hardness that his venom had already begun to afflict the fae with. It was only once he had so succeeded in arousing the fae to the point he desired that Sebastian finally slipped the Frenchman into his mouth, the vampire nothing if not terribly skilled at this...

...meanwhile, Alexander was struck by the visible differences of that bedroom he found himself standing within. The blue-green of his gaze traced over those distinctly feminine touches, only for a painting to abruptly cause the Dark Hunter to pause. It was old, of that Alexander could tell near immediately and yet it was the contents of that painting that caused his head to tilt to the side. Sebastian..with a woman? It certainly explained...well...quite a bit. Those suspicions were only confirmed as he tentatively stepped into the closet, a large portion of it filled with heels and fanciful dresses. The vampire lived with a His brow furrowed ever so slightly as he made his way towards Sebastian's orderly side of the room, the Hunter flipping through several of those pressed button-down shirts before settling upon a light blue one - the color so accenting his own irises. The Dark Hunter deposited that safety vest on the floor, pulling Sebastian's shirt over his broad shoulders. A soft sound of surprise left his lips as his fingers deftly worked at the buttons. It fit...surprisingly well. It was, perhaps, a little long but nothing that could not be solved by tucking the bottom into a pair of dress slacks.

The Macedonian easily flicked through several other shirts, holding up a few here and there only to settle on a white one that he was certain would fit his son. It took several more moments of rifling before Alexander was able to find those dress slacks, a dark blue pair easily tossed on the plush padded leather stool for Matteo before Alexander set about finding the shortest pair of slacks Sebastian owned (which were conveniently hidden in the far back of the vampire's wardrobe). His own loose fitting jeans were quickly abandoned for those dress pants before he pilfered two pairs of dress socks along with two pairs of shoes. Alexander gathered the garments into his arms, the hunter striding towards the hallway again only to glance briefly over the banister and towards his son and Sebastian settled on the sofa. The very sight of what had transpired without his notice caused his brow to raise, a low Greecian curse upon his lips. Sebastian Or Matteo had failed to hold the Incubus off entirely. His pace quickened, that wardrobe quickly transferred to one hand as he made his way down the stairs and towards the Great Room.

Near immediately Alexander reached out, a silver dagger materializing in his hand. His every step was purposeful, the aged old warlord hardly hesitating in the slightest as he leaned forward and down, the sharpened silverpoint pressing lightly into the vampire's skin just upon the side of his neck. The very sensation of it made the Englishman freeze as Alexander muttered softly in his ear. "I think that's enough of that, Sebastian. Let him up...and keep your pheromones to yourself. I have killed plenty of things I loved far more than your ability will make me care for you." It was, perhaps, an empty threat and yet the delivery of it seemed genuine enough that, sluggishly, the vampire pulled back from his position between Matteo's legs, his hands lifted in that near-universal sign of compliance. "Good, sit in the armchair." He commented, gesturing lightly towards the very seat the vampire had previously placed him within. The Dark Hunter waited only as long as it took for the Incubus to move before those clothes were tossed quite purposefully at Matteo's face, Alexander attempting to forcibly bring the fae back to his senses now that Sebastian had released the fae from his hold.

"Get dressed Matteo," Alexander uttered as he settled on the sofa by Matteo's feet, the King reached for those pair of shoes he had stolen for himself. "...are you wearing my clothes?" Sebastian inquired, his brows furrowed as he watched the two men with a clear hint of weary discontent. "Yes, you didn't think we were going to walk around in those vests all night, did you?" Alexander inquired, glancing briefly up at the vampire, "You know where Dorian is, don't you? You didn't argue it when Matteo told you who he was." The Hunter continued, finally revealing just how much he had been paying attention in turn. He listened to that audible sigh upon Sebastian's lips before the vampire reluctantly nodded in agreement. "Yes...I believe so."