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Anacosta Heights

Situated above the daily life of the city, Anacosta Heights is a tucked away suburb featuring extravagant neo-gothic inspired mansions. The inhabitants of this neighborhood often show their overwhelming wealth with sports cars lining their long, circular driveways, large pools, and manicured gardens. The homeowners of Anacosta Heights treasure their privacy as seen by the high iron gates to the security personnel present at every entrance.

Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is a small suburban neighborhood settled within the serene portion of the southern portion of town. These four-bedroom, single-family homes feature back yards, porches, garages, and far more breathing space then the Village offers. This neighborhood often is more family orientated and even has organized events for children and the neighborhood as a whole.

Hawethorn Village

Settled in the middle of downtown, Hawthorn Village consists of several victorian inspired row houses just off the main street. Due to it's convenience to just about everything, the village can be a tad expensive to live within. However, the residents of this neighborhood often have two to three-story townhouses, often with a one to two-car garage. Many of the houses feature bay windows and/or rooftop terraces with a small fenced-in 'yard'.

River Dale

River Dale primarily consists of apartments that, despite their age and industrial appearing interior, still hold to the Victorian history that permeates the town. These apartments are often the cheapest option and sport scuffed, older wooden floors, open floor plans, visible beams, and the occasional brick wall.

I need you to listen I need you to hear

Posted on September 05, 2020 by MATTEO


no matter where you go, I'll find you

How quickly that young woman seemed to learn, her lips finding those sweet places upon his neck that prompted a soft gasp from his own lips. How very sensitive those places were- and how quick she was to remember them, utilise them and coax his own accented words to hitch as he offered them. Harley had begun to unweave that careful control he so often kept in place. Matteo, after all, was so hardly immune to those touches. The Fae was unable to prevent the pleasure that came from them as he lent but further into her, offering her only more of his neck as she spoke those warm words agianst it. Her fingers so smoothly found the hem of his shirt, her intention clear. Matteo, for the first time, was wholly willing to allow her to remove it even if he was reluctant to release her from his grasp. His hands slowly slipped from her figure, his arms lifting upward to allow her to peel his shirt from his toned physique and toss it aside. Boring, she insisted, had never been their problem. Ah, but how right she was! Harley so surely one of the least boring women he had ever known. Her manner, her humour, her complexities, her beauty- each of them so decidedly...alluring. A ready simper tugged at his lips, that soft chuckle of amusement rising within his throat to hum within that quiet space. Little sae the sounds of themselves and that faint breeze so daring to intrude upon that moment.

Harley's fingers slid experimentally across his own physique, the woman seeming to readily explore each curve and line and muscle beneath her warm touch. How very much he adored the feel of her fingers agianst his skin and eagerly he desired her hands in places so far unexposed. That very want for her so becoming a near ache within and yet hw unwilling he was, for now, to prevent that very exploration of his figure that seemed to captivate her. Harley's fingers halted at the hem of his jeans, that fabric preventing her hands from trailing but any further downward. Matteo, for the first time, veritably cursing those jeans. That want for her hands upon those far more intimate places so already having resulted in a near....uncomfortable tightness to that denim agianst him. How he desired her hands agianst him, her figure, that sensation of skin on skin and the warmth to be found in it. Yet too- how very reluctant he was to spoil that near tender moment and the sweet pleasure to be found in that slower, more passionate intimacy. One he was near assured she had never been afforded. One Harley so certainly deserved. A woman such as her was made to be....savoured and oh how he intended to do as such. Harley's very desire for 'cake' prompted that simper to his lips once more before the young woman slipped from his lap. Her fingers reached for her own shirt only to pull it smoothly from her figure before casting it aside. Her femanine form, for several moments, so gloriously exposed within that moonlight. Did she have but any idea of how she looked? The faint breeze toyed with her raven locks, her skin appearing equally as flawless as her figure agianst that faint light, that sweet swell of her breasts so readily drawing his gaze as his silver eyes so roved unashamedly across her physique. That gentle utterance that eyes were so surely meant for gazing was very near a whisper. Harley was femanine perfection- in every way. An exquisite example of the female form and yet so uniquely...Harley in every fashion. Matteo content, for just a moment, to savour that very sight of her within the half light, her skin appearing near porcelain in that light. That very ache at his groin so inclined to become all the more demanding with that need to touch her.

The near ancient Fae slipped smoothly from the bench then, his bare feet padding across that floor to reach for her. His fingers so easily found her own, entwining smoothly with them before he gently spun her figure, tugging her into him, agianst him- that feeling of skin on skin nothing short of utterly glorious as her back pressed agianst the warmth of his chest. That maneuver near as old as time itself and yet how it so never failed to position them just as he desired. Harley's entire figure so readily pressed back and agianst him to explore. Her near gentle tease that this was his favourite position prompted a soft chuckle from within as his hands settled upon her hips, holding her to him, his chin resting softly upon her shoulder.

"One of many, Mon Cherie."

Those accented words were spoken as near an uttered promise as Matteo allowed one hand to travel smoothly up her side to cup at that neglected breast, his thumb finding that equally sensitive peak as his lips pressed smoothly to the flesh of her shoulder. The Frenchman nothing if not determined to explore every part of her, to relish in but all she had to offer with her exquisite physique. The near ancient Fae distinctly aware of just how very much this position so afforded him. Harley was so entirely at his mercy and oh but how he intended to utilise it for even a moment as her breath hitched sweetly within her body once more. Matteo so effortlessly siught to find those very places that stirred her heart and lust all at once. After all, to attempt to pleasure a figure he had not first studied would be a fool's errand. A boyish mistake. How he so intended to assure she forgot nothing of this night and but all he had to offer her. Matteo was near certain her intimate experiences in life had been of an entirely different kind and so conducted by men far too eager to take their own pleasure without working to satisfy her own. That end result, after all, that pleasurable high, was far more...intense, when achieved in just the right way.

His hands slid smoothly downward once more, the button of her own pants neatly undone, loosening them from her figure to allow that intrusion of his hands beneath that remaining fabric. That very position so kept her agianst him as his hands slipped to cup at her butt, to explore those more intimate areas even if he so hardly allowed his fingers to stray to that apex of her thighs just yet. Her body pressed eagerly back agianst his own, that clear want within her own figure nothing short of arousing in turn as his own body so eagerly responded. She had already seen his couch, she desired to see what she had not already. Hmm. Hos surely he could comply with such a want and yet still that question lingered. One that prompted but a final pause to his actions. His fingers so tormentingly halted and oh but how devilish he knew he was inclined to be. Want, after all, was but wholly key to what he intended. That softly uttered question seemed to prompt Harley to pause in turn. The young woman considered those very words for what he suspected was perhaps the first time. Had any man, ever, taken it slowly with her? Had even her very first time been a rush of hands and lips and want? A fumbling episode with but mild satisfaction? How such a woman as this was wasted on....boys.

Her hand settled upon his own, her fingers tracing along his knuckles before she pressed back agianst him once more. That subtle brush of her hips prompted that simper to his own features, a reminder not to forget her very desires and yet oh how he intended to be nothing akin to forgettable. That answer was just as he suspected and yet her near soft query as to whether slow was how he wanted her was near unexpected in turn. Her head turned back toward him then, her violet eyes meeting the silver of his own before he simply nodded. The Frenchman offered that single, confirming word.


How very much so surely existed in that word in all its singular simplicity. Harley's figure shifted from his own then.Matteo was near reluctant to allow it and yet his hands gently released her. Harley moved with an easy, simple grace to stride across that room then, her finger once more dipped into that shipped cream as if to savour its taste once more. The tattoos of the moon that adorned her back as exposed as those upon either of their own shoulders. That tattoo she herself had inked upon his very feet equally as clear in the half light. Harley seemed to linger there for a moment, the Frenchman watching her near curiously. Her she looked in that moment with her torso bare and her jeans merely hanging from her hips as she savoured the taste of that cream. A frown formed upon her features, Matteo near curious of what words she might offer. That query of his 'sex magic' so hardly expected and yet he could hardly prevent that near impish grin from finding his lips before his head so softly shook. Ah, but only if she knew how she herself looked in that very moment and the hardness that had settled upon his own figure at the mere sight of her.

"I think it is perhaps because I am French, although I think perhaps that too is a lie- I am Celtic, after all. Though I have not called myself that in a very long time."

His ethnicity, after all, was perhaps as close to that veritable extinction as his species. Those very words were uttered as near a gentle tease even despite that truth that existed within them. The world had forgotten his race. Perhaps some magic of old persisted still within him and yet how assured he was that it was unlikely to be 'sex magic'. That sentiment so tugging that soft amusement to his features all the same before Harley offered that singular, potent want. To be taken to his bed. How very rare such boldness was amongst women. How distinctly attractive it was. Harley turned but neatly upon her feet then, the young woman beginning to head for those stairs as Matteo effortlessly fell into step behind her. His hand reached smoothly for her own once more, his fingers entwining with hers as he moved to gently step ahead and lead the way back to those stairs and up that staircase. The Frenchman, this time, taking several new turns as they wound their way upward and through that grand chateau that had become near aking to a museum of the life he had lived. How precious few had ever....seen his bedroom. That place so intimately his own.

It hardly took long to reach those large, white double doors that dictated his own room.Matteo's free hand reached forward to press upon the polished brass handle of the left side of the door, pushing it open silently before gently leading Harley into the space. The door closed softly behind. That room was lit by the fire within the fireplace alone and yet just how large that space was remained clear all the same. That room was larger than Harley's very apartment. A singular chair rested before the fireplace, a book the Frenchman had read only half off lay resting upon its arm. Several strides away, that elaborate french writing desk rested with papers piled neatly upon it. Several french doors adorned the far side of that room- each leading out to be a tiny balcony- those french lace curtains that ran from ceiling to floor billowed softly in the breeze just as within the living room below. Though those lights remained off, the chandelier that existed within the center of the room was nothing short of as impressive as it was ancient. That entire room a veritable homage to forgotten French architecture. Those tones of white and black and faint cream persisting throughout. A singular door at the far end led to that equally expansive ensuite, another, opposite, leading to that walk-in wardrobe. An elaborate french dresser existed beside a near wall-long bookshelf. That room was as well-lived within and warm as that kitchen below. The singular focus of that room was so notably that large king bed, its soft mattress dressed in plush pillows and warm parisian blankets. That bed, perhaps, the neatest, most ordered, least used part of that room. Matteo near assured it was that which Harley's violet gaze lingered upon.

"I do not....sleep very well. It is fortunate beds have other uses. Come."

How he hardly chose to elaborate upon such a thing here and now as Matteo moved to guide Harley toward that glorious bed. How easy it was to tug her down and onto that plush mattress. The Frenchman, this time, near quick to position her beneath him before his lips pressed a single time to her own. How that firelight danced on her skin! Each part of her so...demanding to be tasted. His lips pressed to her jaw before beginning that slow progression downward, sweeping over her collarbone, her chest, right breast, patterning the skin of her stomach as his hands moved to follow,seeing down her curved sides before his fingers found the hem of her already undone jeans. His thumbs hooked neatly within either side before beginning to slide jeans and panties down in one singular smooth motion as he knelt beside her. That clothing neatly left to fall at the foot of the bed. How glorious that sight of her was! Her other tattoo was so perfectly revealed. Hmm, how very Harley. That mere sight alone so prompting a soft sound of want within himself. That every illusive Frenchman was unable to prevent that desire. His very body in turn so equally aroused, his own jeans hiding little of that blatant desire.

He reached but effortlessly for her right leg then, that limb lifted smoothly upward to rest upon his left shoulder before Matteo's fingers glided smoothly down that limb, his fingers tracing an idle pattern upon her inner thigh as if he intended to merely tease her once more! Yet- how distinctly behind mere teasing he was inclined to be this time. His silver gaze shifted from that limb he seemed to study near idly to meet the bright violet o of Harley's own.

"Let me show you what others have been doing wrong."

Those accented words had no sooner left his lips then Matteo's fingers so abruptly shifted to press to that most intimate place at the apex of her thighs, that lifted leg so affording him an entirely new level of depth so often unexplored. Harley was forced to experience that sensation entirely and without any ability to close her thighs agianst it. Matteo so at last gave her that very touch he knew she all but craved, the Frenchman entirely aware of that intensity. His fingers moved with an expert ease, coxing that needed wetness to her figure for what he intended. That feel of her so gloriously arousing. The near ancient fae shifted once more, Harley's limb gently returned to the bed, his hand so hardly ceasing its action as Matteo lent forward once more. His lips pressing to her own with clear desire. Matteo, this time, seeking to deepen that kiss in that uniquely...French style. His hand shifted slightly, his fingers increasing that caress, if only to steal another moan from Harley's lips. His tongue pressed forward in near the same moment. Matteo stealing that far deeper, sensual kiss.